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Justice Delayed for Kate -- Judge's Wife Dies

10/7/2009 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the judge in the Jon and Kate Gosselin war has canceled today's hearing because of a "family emergency." Court officials tell us Judge Arthur Tilson's wife died of cancer early this morning.

The hearing will be put off until at least next week.

Here's the problem -- as of now there isn't an order in place prohibiting Jon from spending the money he's taken out of the account without Kate's consent. It would seem her lawyers will go into court and get some kind of emergency order stopping Jon from spending the loot.

Stay tuned ...


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Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

it grosses me out that he always is scratching his crotch. They have crab cream for that! If you would stop w.horing around your balls would not scratch. He probably has an online porno addiction too, his eyes are just buggy and all perverted like. Too bad no chick stays with him long, they need the hubble telescope to find his little wee willie winkie.

1655 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

LMFAO at some of these comments! EPIC! All these fat housewives gossping and hating on Kate on a gossip site? I just had to add my 2 cents, ya all need to stop projecting and go get your own jobs, you could be putting your kids through college with all the time you fat cows spend gossiping about the Gosselin's. Go do some thing productive and for your own families and get your focus off of a family that has nothing to do with you when you are neglecting your own family financial needs and could be at a job (if you are at a job doing this you need to be fired and are no better then those you spend your time hating on!) GET LIVES you fat ugly housewives. Jealous much of Kate? You tell her to go get a real job, take a look at yourselves, you bloated up cows sit on your computer chairs with your cellulite rolls hanging over jealous of another mother in the spotlight and you have all the answers for how they should parent and work, well stop projecting that hate of yourselves and all you lack and are on to Kate and make a change in your own life. Before you pull the toothpick out of Kate's eye, take the dam.n telephone poll out of your own first. GET JOB'S Fat lonely cows. Or go donate your time to charitable organizations or making a difference to an elderly person in assisted living, anything but your gossiping hatred. It is so not attractive and shows most on here are losers no better then the two you spout on about and obsess over. If you spent that same energy working (or even working out), your own lives would not be so bleak and pathetic to where your hearts were filled with such hate. Go earn your own paychecks for your family and stop being hypocrites.

1655 days ago


I agree with you #39.

1655 days ago


Why do you state as fact that Jon took the money out? He said he didn't.

1655 days ago


This can't be good for ' THE LOSERS CHANNEL" ; They are losing money if they can't get their little cash cows back to work. Get those kids back to work before this family ends up homeless on the street.
Too bad Kate has no other talents to fall back on without her sad little children.

1655 days ago


My condolence to the Judge and his family. When it comes to Kate, she knew it was coming. I mean come on, you treat your man like crap for how long. Yeah he rebelled big time, even thou, he did screw up. I really don’t believe he took all that money out. There has to be another part to that story. I doubt he would ever let his kids starve or be homeless either. On the show, you can see that Jon loves his kids. Just because he screw up his marriage with Kate, doesn’t make him a bad father. Yes it was selfish of him for stopping TLC from filming. As Lisa Ling talked about divorce and TLC taping on the View when they called Kate. It’s just wrong, the kids need their privacy while their parents are going through the divorce.
I do feel sorry for Jon, because regardless what this man does, the media has already label him the villain and Kate the victim heroine. Regardless what Kate does, this woman cannot do wrong in the media’s eye. I don’t buy the crap, she doesn’t have money. She does paid appearances,best selling book and a separate show (talkshow hosting with Paula Deen). Who pays for Kate glam look, the limos, the bodyguard, hairstylist and the manicures? When you look at a photo of Kate and Jon. Kate is all glam up and Jon looks like a bum. Who really care how they look in the media eye? Kate, she doesn’t want the glam life to end. The only victim in this are the kids. Kate and Jon need to wake up and see how this is affecting their kids.

1655 days ago


I hope PhillipP was joking about it being inconsiderate of the Judge to postpone after the passing of his wife!
Please tell me you are kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1655 days ago


I have a comment for #70. I am not a fat housewife. I am a 64 year old great grandmother who worked helping to support her family for 25 years. Although, I am retired I still help provide for my granddaughter and two great grandsons, as does my husband of over 43 years who still works full time. So, watch who you are calling fat, lazy houswives.

We all have a right to our opinions on this subject no matter whose side we are on without being insulted by the likes of you.

1655 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Oh Martha, go take some more fiber, you are cranky you old toot.

1655 days ago


How is she going to survive on 1k for over a week? Guess she'll have to pull money out of her other 11 accounts!

1655 days ago


Between the 2 of them, someone is lying and will be made a public liar once the court hearing resumes. If he took the money out of the account there will be records, and it will show how much. If he really left her just $1000 and she has no other account to pay bills with, then Jon has really hit rock bottom. I really believe Jon is being duped by his lawyer. He is being given bad counsel and is too dumb to realize it.

1655 days ago


Jon & Kate are a couple of loosers that went out and created 6 babies at one time for money. Their freak show is coming to an end and now they're fighting over money (a lot of money). If he took the money he will go to jail. I don't really believe anything that Kate says...she's playing people for more "love offerings". They shouldn't have messed with nature and created all those kids. They brought them here...well hell, take care of them!

1655 days ago


#78 if you an example of the younger generation than I'm glad I'm old, as you put it. I rather be old and educated than young and a complete smart ass!!!!

1655 days ago


Ok I hate to say anything mean. But is this guy that dumb to see the people around him are using him to be in the camera? My god he needs to open his eyes to all around him. Kate is smarter then that besides her own family none of her friends have turned on her. Jon just needs to open his eyes and see a lot of this mess is from the people who are around him and feeding him this crap on what to do, but in the end no one will be there but Him, Kate and the kids.

1655 days ago


Is Jon preggy?

1655 days ago
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