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Justice Delayed for Kate -- Judge's Wife Dies

10/7/2009 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the judge in the Jon and Kate Gosselin war has canceled today's hearing because of a "family emergency." Court officials tell us Judge Arthur Tilson's wife died of cancer early this morning.

The hearing will be put off until at least next week.

Here's the problem -- as of now there isn't an order in place prohibiting Jon from spending the money he's taken out of the account without Kate's consent. It would seem her lawyers will go into court and get some kind of emergency order stopping Jon from spending the loot.

Stay tuned ...


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To #77, Martha.

Martha, don't waste your breath, someone like that couldn't begin to understand your response.

"Never argue with an idiot. They bring you down to their level and beat you with experience."

1844 days ago


i agree she has more money. ALso according to reports she wasnt giving him prob the login info to get access to the online accounts. I think she is lying. You can only withdraw so much through ATM.THey would have had to go inside

1844 days ago


To #70 – you freakin’ dolt, you just spent the time to write what amounted to a novella. Your post exhibited way too much passion. You’re just another weirdo projecting their own self-loathing and inadequacies onto those with a differing opinion. Do your family a favor and seek treatment. Now stick your obtuse remarks in the orifice that serves you best, your ass

1844 days ago


I am so sick of hearing how mean Kate was to Jon, quit being a cry baby and get over it! I'm sure she was like that when they were dating and he married her anyway. He must have liked it, he was married to her for 10 years. He said he left because Kate didn't want to be married anymore not because she abused him. If you watch the show she talks to him like a kid because he is a kid, he couldn't do anything on his own. It was Kate plus 9! Look at all the STUPID choices he is making now. He's a cheater, a liar and a terrible father to those kids. He can't even interact with them, he looks uncomfortable being with the children. But looks mighty comfortable hanging out with college girl at frat parties, hooking up with random girls all over the country! He's a loser and mad at TLC because they got tired of bad choices. If he can't be on the show he doesn't want anybody doing the show. So, I wish during one of these interviews somebody would ask how he plans on supporting his family. I watch the show and the kids are very well adjusted, the parents made the choice along time ago. And because it doesn't suit Jon anymore it's over. He better start looking for a job insted of trying to get on every talk show that will take him. GET A JOD LOSER!!! And so what #76 if Kate wants to get her hair and nails done. What woman doens't want to feel good about herself if she could. He's hanging out with 22 year olds shopping at Gucci and everywhere else, buying things for his girlfriends. He is renting a condo in New York, if he is so concerned for his kids why is he not closer! He wants his kids at his convience and that's all!

1844 days ago


Who is the hypocrite now Get Real!

1844 days ago

Witch Kate    

Yes Kate is a LIAR. After she left the talk show circut crying her eyes out she went shopping in NYC with her bodyguard. How did she buy all the stuff with what money? She always hated the dogs and she demanded that JON get rid of them. Obviously you never watched the show before where she never wanted them and then she refused to have them at the house. The kids know who wanted rid of them and it wasn't JON. On her latest episode where she hired the people to come organize her basement she couldn't wait to throw out all the kids toys because they were now used one time and had germs on them. Time to buy NEW. Even those women said Kate was really hard to work with and then Kate never heard of a lablel maker before.. Why don't we ever see the Chef cooking the meals why is it look like Kate is doing the cooking. She told the KIDS that daddy was stopping the show and they don't have any money and if they don't do the show then they are going to lose the house and all their toys and won't ever be able to buy anything again ever. Do you think the KIDS would NOT cry at that? What a mean mother to tell your kids that to turn them against their dad. And she said she was going to have to get a job at McDonalds. We would not want to touch the 2 million plus in savings she might lose a penny of interest if she touches that. And all YOU people that think fat lazy homemakers are the only ones who comment on here.. what you must be looking in the mirror. I happen to work full time and are none of those things. People who type in caps... guess you never heard of computers being accessible, you probably don't know what that means.. figures. Jon has done wrong but what does anybody do after getting out of prison after 10 years. Since TLC does totally pay for all clothing, food, lawn care, housing expenses, jewlery, Kates hair, nails, clothes, she can't even stand still in high heels look at her legs how far apart she stands. If she keeps it up she will lose custody and so will he. Maybe her parents, and father who is a preacher can raise them. What kind of a woman won't even speak to her own mother and father and siblings? Does this not tell you something about her? Like Kate said anybody who doesn't agree with the life she has chosen for her kids can go to he double toothpicks. It's all about the MONEY. She wants MORE MONEY MONEY.. and then to belittle the people who work at McDonalds, which no I do not .. but she wanted sympathy from her viewer peeps so they can send her money.. for her kids cuz they can't buy food or pay mortgate which TLC pays for since all for the show purposes.Yes her kids cried cuz they wanted to go to statue of liberty. She can take them, it doesn't have to be filmed. I was watching 18 Kids and counting the Duggars and I noticed it's exactly the same film crew. Kate says the kids consider the film crew their family cuz they have NO family of their own to relate to since doesn't speak to her family. Well the film crew, it's just a job for them since they film all these reality shows. She does not have her film crew not like her own bodyguard that is specifically hers. If that is strictly a business relationship and then that company has many bodyguards then when the rumors so called started why didn't she change to a different bodyguard???? I am glad she waived her fee to appear at the skating charity since she acted like a snob and was not allowed to speak to any other celebrities. She said she is under order from TLC that she can't be within so many feet of other celebrities. No stars would make movies or speak but I guess she can run her mouth on talk shows.. Just can't speak in person. Go away Kate move to another country when they have not heard of you yet.

1844 days ago


If you don't like the show or characters, why are you looking it up on the Net?

1844 days ago


Karma is a bitch, wait, so is Jon!

I don't know how Kate put up with "Fish Face," aka Jon, for all the years she did. She not only had to be a mother, but a father to the kids. Jon is a fat, ugly, feckless, pusillanimous S.O.B. The guy can't even spell properly, let alone put two sentences together coherently. He's dumber than a box of rocks. Jon would be pissing in the sink if Kate didn't tell him not to.

I wouldn't blame Kate for shagging the bodyguard. Not only is he better looking, but he's probably a "real" man, something Fish Face knows NOTHING about! Jon's fifteen minutes are about up, so hopefully next we'll be reading his obituary or he'll just fade into oblivion.

Team Kate

1844 days ago


Somebody needs to put a bullet in Jon Gosselin's skull and I'll even supply the round. I'm so sick of seeing his ugly, wretched face everywhere I could puke. Too bad the Washington Sniper isn't on the loose, so he could wipe out Jon and all his sympathizers.

I want to see you bleed Jon and will pray to God that you have a slow and excruciatingly painful death. DIE JON DIE!

1844 days ago


#97, if I were privy to your personal information I would use it to society’s advantage and have you committed. You’re mentally ill.

1844 days ago

J S    

Could someone please explain to me how these two are still are TV? How can a network calling themselves "The Learning Channel" continue to allow this circus to go on? I wholeheartedly agree with the comment in #5. These two are bigger media whores than that Montag chick and her sleezy boyfriend. If Kate can't pay her bills, maybe she should have held off on all the plastic surgery she has had ...

1844 days ago

Better Than You    

#79, you're a GREAT-GRANDMOTHER at 64?? You, your daughter, and your granddaughter all squeezing out babies while in your teens?

That's friggin' gross.

1844 days ago


To #100, although it's not really any of your business, I was 21 years old when I had my son. He was 24 when his daughter was born and she had two sons a year and a day apart when she was 17 and 18 years old. She finished high school and is in college.

1844 days ago


What's this I just heard about Jon purchasing a $70,000 Porsche SUV for girlfriend Hailey?????

1844 days ago

who gives a shit    

Don't believe everything that comes out of Kate's mouth. There is no way that he took that much cash out at once! He's a creep but she is no prize and she spends a lot of the money herself on all her travels to New York, etc. The clothes the nasty haircut, etc.

1844 days ago
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