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Letterman Suspect -- 'I'm Not Trying to Run'

10/8/2009 1:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Halderman, the man who allegedly tried extorting David Letterman, says he's not running or hiding from anyone.

Joe Halderman: Click to watch
FOX 5 WNYW got video of Halderman at his home in Norwalk, CT yesterday. Halderman said he couldn't talk but added, "I'm not trying to hide or run, but there's nothing I can say."


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1841 days ago

whats up Doctors    

That's better Kooky, Joe might be trying to get away, by driving like hell, very close to story..applause

1841 days ago


He's not going anywhere but to jail, for a looooooong time.

Crappy father, boyfriend and person. Pay your child support you looser!

1841 days ago

A. Minnitman    

Extortion? Is that anything like a boss implying that if a woman employee doesn't entertain his lust, that she might lose her job?? I don't know, I'm just asking. I do know that DIRTY OLD DAVE used his power to take advantage of women many years his junior and that's wrong and immoral. And all the morons that are supporting him,......just consider the workplace where your sisters or girlfriends or wives work, how sure are you that they're not being coerced into a compromising position?

1841 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

Halderman is trying to practice some niceness by not freaking out on the paps because he needs good karma in the bank before he heads to trial. And then to prison. Probably by summer 2010. Later, gator! You're ass is grass. Hey Joe, did you hear the one about the guy who tried to cash a fake $2 million check? Oh yeah, you did.

1841 days ago

Just sayin'    

It's a sad day when people are taking the side of sex whore dave letterman. Time to puke!

1841 days ago


He is a thief! Needs to be in jail. PERIOD

1841 days ago


In the USA... You are GUILTY until proven INNOCENT. Like everything else in the US.... they have it BACKWARDS.

1841 days ago


That was bad what Halderman did-- but what about the behavior of David Letterman? I guess he is like Bill Clinton-- Teflon Bill and Teflon David. Both come out Smelling like a Rose.. disgusting..

1841 days ago


Hey STFU, are you a Palin fan, or a perfect human being? Dave had consenting relationships with 2 girls, before marriage, and he's a whore?? And Philly, haven't you heard, age is meaningless anymore in relationships. Seldom will you find an older man that won't give in to a younger women. Keep in mind, the last relationship ended 5yrs. ago. And who's to say they didn't pursue him?

1841 days ago


Some people will categorize me as "sleazy" for what I am going to admit to right now. I was in the workforce for 30 years. Along the way I had 2 relationships with "superiors" and the opportunity for a third. Never did I feel "pressured" or that it benefited me professionally the 2 times I said yes. Surprisingly, the 1 time I said no (there wasn't any chemistry; I liked him as a friend but that was it) probably benefited me most. Whether I was given the opportunity to prove myself and "shine" during an extremely difficult & stressful time in the life of the company because of personal feelings, I can't say for certain but I guess so. I had the goods and could deliver professionally so even though I rebuffed his advances, the move benefitted me for years to come-even after he left & I was working for someone else-in that it gave me opportunities I might not otherwise have had. It has always been my experience in the work place that people who are well liked by their boss (whether male or female; regardless of the nature of your relationship: friendship, romantic, sexual - whatever) and who do a good job tend to excel in the long run. So I've said yes and I've said no. I remained friends with all of them. I never felt "pressured" or feared for my job. I was single, career minded, intelligent & enjoyed a challenge. It probably didn't hurt that I was attractive & a size 6. The most personally beneficial thing I learned in my career was that the corporate world works very much like the real world. If you are smart, motivated, have a positive attitude, are pleasant to be around, helpful to others, with a good work ethic, people in general are going to be drawn to you. I'm sorry to be crass but rarely is someone in a position of power going to be drawn to a "loser". And if they are shrewd, they aren't going to dismiss a valuable corporate asset simply for turning down an overture. Everybody assumes every inturn Dave hit on said yes. I would bet there were those he approached who were not interested who said no. I doubt their careers were in jeopardy as a result.

1841 days ago

gene yuss    

please run. off a cliff

1841 days ago

A. Minnitman    

Hey #13 that's an appropriate number for a "skhg". Why bring Sarah Palin into this? Judging by your comments I guess you'd have no problem with some 'boss' banging your mother, sister, or granny? Aren't you the poster child of liberal nihilism! That's a real Hollywood philosophy you got there. I'm wasting my limited typing skills on you, but here goes: Just because you CAN do or get away with something, it does not mean that you SHOULD. Society's rapidly dissolving morality and subsequent acceptance of immoral behavior does not imply that it is correct, righteous or moral. No, I am not "perfect" as you inquired, but I try to show restraint and moderation. I try to be mature and moral and act soberly. I don't go around abusing nor bullying people just because I can. Does any of that sound right to you #13? If not, perhaps your judgment is gone, and your mind has been ravaged by the venal and obscene culture of media. Or maybe you're just dopey?

1841 days ago

A. Minnitman    

#15 Sunrise: What about the women who were just as qualified if not more so? What about the ones that "could deliver the goods" as you put it, and didn't put out? What about the qualified women who weren't so attractive or a size 6? Women who sleep with the boss because they want to, and are willing, destroy workplace ethics and fairness just the same. Whether they intentionally or unknowingly stack the deck in their own favor, the result is the same. Your attitude is one of nihilism as well and ambiguous morals will hurt somebody eventually, even if just by accident.

In the case of Dirty Dave Letterman, he was married and had a kid at the time. We do not know what the women he involved himself with were thinking or feeling at the time that they accomodated 'ol Dave's needs. I do know that whistleblowing in the entertainment industry is frowned upon and it wouldn't be hard for these women to find themselves unemployed, unneeded and forgotten about very quickly.

1841 days ago


There are two sides to every story, just because the late night lover (loser) has more cash does not mean that this guy should be tried in the court of Dave's loyal audience. Let's hear what he has to say and then if dishonest he will be punished. Dave's privates are no cleaner than all of the people he puts down (mostly conservatives). He is right up there with Edwards dirty pants, he just chooses not to discuss this loser Democrat on his talk show. It would require a great deal of cash to sleep with dumpy Dave and I am sure the women benefited as much as this sleaze bag. Nice morals Dave, you are a stupid homosapien trick.

1841 days ago
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