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Method Man on Arrest - 'It's a Misunderstanding'

10/9/2009 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Method Man was arrested in NY for allegedly failing to pay four years of income taxes -- but when we spotted the rapper in L.A. yesterday, dude told us "everything will be resolved. Trust me, it's a misunderstanding."

Method Man: Click to watch
The "misunderstanding" at hand -- the $32,999 he reportedly didn't pay Uncle Sam.

If convicted, he could face four years behind bars.


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First....I think.

1808 days ago

o rly    

Get a better accountant, like ACCOUNTANT KOOKY, but don't let Simone near your money.

1808 days ago



1808 days ago

The Doc Is In    

If Congressman Charles Rangel doesn't have to pay interest or penalties and isn't getting arrested, why is Method Man? so much for equal protection under the law.

1808 days ago

London not England    

As a Black man, I have to ask: WHY WON'T RICH BLACK PEOPLE PAY THEIR DAMN TAXES?!?!?!?!? I HAVE TO PAY MINE, and I MAKE NOTHING!~! as a college graduate, I WISH I made what a Method Man, Charlie Rangle, Wesley Snipes, Sinbad and singer Dionne Warwick made in a month! PLUS the fact that these individuals SHOULD KNOW BY NOW that the "MAN" is going to make an extra-added example out of them because they are BLACK.....
Mel Gibson got a DUI in Mailbu, and cussed the police officers OUT, and it was expunged.....I got a DUI in February 2009, didn't cuss anyone, and mine will remain on my record forever....
I guess having lots of $$$ doesn't make you any smarter.....

1808 days ago

The Doc Is In    

Hey Kevin,
The example made out of Charles Rangel is that he is above the law.
It isn't a black/white thing. It is a politician vs anybody else thing.

1808 days ago

whats up Doctors    

We know method Man, When celebs owe money its always a misunderstanding, What you don't understand, you have to pay taxes like the rest of us..
And what do cooking recipes have to do with this story, absolutely nothing, Join in conversation or go away Klown, your totally annoying and out of place.TMZ please stop this Klown Krap

1808 days ago

London not England    

#7 THeDocIsIn

I wasn't speaking of the Congressman specifically...he's in the mix...
My point is that it seems that wealthy African Americans seem to shy away from paying taxes..A LOT!~!
I don't know why this is? Not that White Americans don't do the same thing, but we seem to do it a lot more frequently....
And it's MOST DEFINITELY a "Black/White thing"....
There is a double standard in this much as the average American doesn't want to believe it....some will admit to it, most still want to perpetrate that it doesn't live as an African American person for ONE day, and you will gain some VAST awareness of what the Average African American goes thru in this country.
it would be very enlightening.

1808 days ago


I be misunderstood. I thought that since Obama is now prez I don't need to pay no taxes.

1808 days ago

The Doc Is In    

Hey Kevin,
I am not white.

1808 days ago


Yeah, yeah, I been's paying my taxes to da man! WTF?!

Day got da wrong dude...sup wit dat?

Ya'll tripping! I'm out! Peace!

1808 days ago


1. Use his real name.

2. Put him in jail.

3. Lose the key.

1808 days ago

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