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West Wing Star Feels Heat -- Apartment Burns Up

10/10/2009 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the stars of the "West Wing" claims she barely escaped a roaring fire at her West Hollywood apartment building last month -- and the building happens to be owned by the same guy who owns the Los Angeles Clippers.

The woman who was smoked out is Kim Webster -- who starred on the NBC show as Ginger the secretary for several seasons.

The L.A. County Fire Department
tells us they deemed Kim's apartment "Unsafe -- do not occupy" after a fire tore through the place -- owned by real estate magnate Donald Sterling -- around 3:20 PM on September 28th. Fire officials determined the blaze was caused by faulty wiring on a 1st floor ceiling fan.

But Kim says she's now homeless -- and had to spend the following night in a shelter.

No word on when, or if, she can move back in.


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1808 days ago


IS TMZ FEELING THE HEAT FOR REFERRING TO USHER'S WIFE AS HIS BABY MAMA? how many white married couples have they referred to in that fashion? zip 0 nada.

1808 days ago


It's a complicated situation and can get worse if she doesn't have friends to support her at this moment. I hope she can come back to her home as soon as possible.

1808 days ago


I'm a loser babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

1808 days ago

Lady Z    

Why is she renting an apartment? What did she do with the money she made off that show?

1808 days ago


She must be some kind of super royal Beotch if she doesn't even have one friend to lend her a couch. This smells. How much you want to bet she is making it sound worse so she can sue baby sue. Yea get that money you greedy money hungry pig. Jump into the mud swamp, it's the American way.

1808 days ago


It's a little odd that she stayed in a shelter. Wouldn't you think she would at least check into a hotel?

1808 days ago


U guys are oblivious....she obviously hasnt had any good work since then and dont for get the fees and taxes that get taken out of that pretty check of hers...and if shes still living in an Apt and not a house obviously they didnt pay her that much....Try to use your brain.....after all it does exhist in that head of yours

1808 days ago


Since the building is owned by Donald Sterling and the fire was caused by faulty wiring, she could sue him. He is responsible.
I wouldn't mind letting her stay at my house for free.
(Alright folks, get your minds out of the gutter. I have no ulterior motives.)
The only problem is that I live in Texas.
I'm be praying for you, Kim.

1807 days ago


Yes, I wonder, too, why she didn't check into a hotel?? She must own a credit card to use..

1807 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Wow. Not a single friend who offered her a temporary place to stay? That is odd. And for those of you who know nothing about cash flow of MOST actors .......

1) a small part on a TV series usually brings in decent pay - but not the big bucks;

2) after a job ends - it isn't easy to get another gig quickly .... usually lots of time auditioning before landing anything with a paycheck;

3) LA is an extremely expensive place to live - so your money doesn't go far. Many more people rent than own ... not everybody there can pay $1 million for even just a tiny matchbox house or an old condo in a marginal neighborhood!

I hope she'll be back in a safe, secure home soon. She may have a BIG payday from a lawsuit against the landlord!

1807 days ago

Shannon Korb    

Any of you who are saying bad things about Webby do not know her. She worked very hard for where she is. And to think that she didn't have a friend that offered her a place to stay, money, clothes things to just live on is ridiculous! To know her is to love her. she is doing what must be done to this piece of crap.

1807 days ago


i worked in a famous los angeles resturant where donald sterling was a frequent customer.he is so cheap.he wanted to be preseated
intead of waiting in line like the average customer.never palmed
me with a five dollar bill,even though the wait would be atleast
thirty minutes.he would take his thumb and rub it next to mine
thinking i should be excited.he waited every time.

1807 days ago


Those of your that are bashing this young woman, obviously aren't actors. My sister had a bit part in a movie YEARS ago. They were going to pay her $200. It was for a STUNT. The stunt director jumped in and negotiated $2000 for her. It was dangerous and she was going to do this for $200? So you see.. the bit parts in t.v. shows or movies really don't pay much at all. And as previously stated, money in L.A. doesn't go far AT ALL!!! (and yes, I lived there ONCE years ago!). Rent alone can put you on the streets if you're unemployed. SO, I think you people that are bashing her need to step into HER shoes and think what would happen if your home burned with all of your belongings and memories, and then try to cope with that. Take the frame of mind that she DOES need help, or she wouldn't be asking. Most people are too proud to accept help, especially from strangers, but obviously there is a need here. So get you wallets out and send the woman some help, instead of criticizing her for what you have NO CLUE ABOUT!

1807 days ago


hey anonymous - there's this beautiful scene in The West Wing where a couple of gutless pieces of trash send a new employee a bunch of dead flowers. i don't know if you've seen it, but the character sam comes in and rips them a new one saying that he always signs his name to anything he writes and proceeds to write "you're fired" on a blotter. it's a great scene where someone stands up to the bully and gives them what for. so with that in mind...

you are an a**hole.

if you really knew anything - you'd be signing your name and taking credit or at least looking for a book deal. an out of work jealous actor? what, didn't aaron take your call? didn't playing pimp#7 in law and order that time pay off? my heart bleeds.

go on - put your name to your comment. i'm sure kim wouldn't mind adding your name to a liable law suit on the side.

1806 days ago
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