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Daddy, Is That You?

10/11/2009 11:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After a moment of uncertainty, one of Jon Gosselin's daughters finally concluded that the man in front of her was in fact her father.


Or, as her mother calls him, "That bastard."


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That's nice Kate if you are in fact calling him a bastard in front of the kids, your a real perfect role model aren't you!! No Jon is not right by any means going around with this Hailey so soon but Kate is nothing to speak of either as a mother. She is all for show and the camara's & using her cash cow's to gain more money for herself and then claims it's all for the kids BS!!! Wait until the cash cow's are big enough to tell her to go to hell!

1782 days ago


TMZ called him a bastard - not Kate. Some people are idiots.

1782 days ago


19. The Gosselin Girls will grow up to be Hailey Glassman! They will be dating older balding losers because their Daddy has made sure they feel as though EVERYTHING in his life is more important to him than they are! I am sure Hailey's Daddy was sooooo busy with his medical practice that she wasn't very important either. So sad for both Hailey, and the Gosselin Girls. Why do we as woman allow these idiots to reproduce. Please ladies lets not be so desparate and lonely that we NEED a man to complete us! JUST SAY NO! TO LOSERS! Our future children will thank us for only choosing good men to be their fathers.

Posted at 12:18PM on Oct 11th 2009 by Tammy

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Tammy...."older"? I mean I do realize there are 10 years between them which is a broad age difference, but John is only 32 years old. I hardly refer to him as an "older" man. all of the people making comments about Hannah, you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!! 1st of all, I have a "special" as you call it person in my family and there is nothing wrong with "looking" that way but what you are referring to is not the case with her, and to make fun of or critisize the looks of a 5 year old little girl is absolutely disgusting and disgraceful!! You are probably a fat hog sitting in your trailer eating KFC. How dare you talk about anyone!!!

1782 days ago


I think one of the boys- Joel? - definately looks like he has Down's Syndrome. Hannah looks fine to me....

1782 days ago


Hey Jon!!!!!!!!

What happened to your hair plugs?

Is that Karma? or just a bad hair job you got?

You looked like you went thru an awful lot of pain to still be looking rather thin on top!

1782 days ago


You all are efing idiots slamming Jon. Anyone who has been through a divorce with kids will know how the ex-wife plays games..."it's all about my kids", play any kind of sympathy card, bla bla bla. The ex-wifes are SHEEPS IN WOLF CLOTHING!

Notice one thing for sure...the ex-wife will always say "MY" kids, and "MY" money. Not "OUR". Big sign of evilness at work.

Too bad Kate is so damn hot, but she's making things up.

1782 days ago


Nasty DisGrace is also an efing idiot. She had one intention...come out with both guns blazing. Lets see how she treats Kate if they ever have a face-to-face.

1782 days ago


What proof do you have that she calls him that? Especially in front of the children. That little Mady is a tattle telling ass. She blab it no doubt!

1782 days ago


A photo of an innocent child who loves her father and of a manipulative man/boy who knows the paps are photographing him and is incapable of loving the child back.

1782 days ago



No one knows how to brush hair. Guess they're back
to eating goldfish and carrot sticks for dinner.

1782 days ago


I don't usually rag on kids, but the 6 look "special", esp. the boys

1782 days ago


Anyone who supports Kate obviously never even watched their show. After the way she treated him Jon deserves to do whatever the hell he back time!!

1782 days ago


Please people . Has anyone ever watched the show. Kate is and always has been a bitch. She drove the man out of the house from emotional abuse. She is far from a sad lonely divorcee/ housewife. She is a miserable human being who is set to destroyed the man she supposedly loved. Screw Kate she is a biotch. Move on people , divorce and focus on the kids.

1782 days ago


That whole comment was hilarious TMZ. Laughed my ass off! The kid is actually thinking "Hey dumbass...please stop spending all of our money, leave the little blond bimbos half your age alone, and by the way, you smell like beer and skank!"

1782 days ago


Yes that is your loser nasty bald headed douchebag daddy................

1782 days ago
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