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Jenner's Nobel Attack -- Obama's 'Done Nothing'

10/12/2009 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize win isn't just being criticized by the political community -- now, Olympic champ-turned-reality-sell-out Bruce Jenner is weighing in ... claiming Obama did "absolutely nothing" to deserve the award.

Bruce Jenner: Click to watch
Brody's dad ripped into the President at a gas station in Calabasas this weekend, slamming the Nobel people for picking Barack.

If there's anyone who knows a thing or two about gaining praise for doing nothing, it's Bruce -- just look at his stepdaughters.


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A. Minnitman    

The people did not pick Obama. The media picked Obama and brainwashed people into voting for him. Obama is nothing but an empty suit that the media can use like a puppet. Obama is now aware that he was used. They send him on little trips to keep him out of the way of the big boys in the White House. Why else is Obama always out of the office vacationing or speaking? Rahm Emmanuel and his media mogul brother are really orchestrating everything. They fooled EVERYBODY!! Wait until you see what they really have in store for the U.S. people.

1802 days ago


I like Obama, but it was too soon to receive an award like that. But unlike people who believe he's done nothing, I think Obama has accomplished something huge...I think he and his adminstration have avoided the Great Depression part 2. And, if for nothing else, we should be thankful for that. As far as a Peace Prize...nope, not yet... just way too soon.

1802 days ago


uh, huh...same thing your step-daughter and the rest of your family did to obtain celebrity status.

1802 days ago


28. So yes Obama deserves that award just for freeing the world from the actions of the freaks that have had helped create more KAOS.

Posted at 3:25PM on Oct 12th 2009 by Patrick

Really? Glad to know the world is free...because we here in the good ole U A of A are going to be screwed over for generations to come because of what Obama and his Czars are doing...

1802 days ago

Canadian bred    

here's my theory Bruce Jenner is the grand wizard, he's got 3 daughter that have names begins with K..Klohe, KIM, Koutney,..who spells courtney & klohe with a K?? ..therefore KKK..and as for lamar odom, and reggie bush, you suckers are getting pimped

1802 days ago


"And those people slamming Obama are the American version of the Taliban."
You dear, are delusional and need to stop talking before you further embarrass yourself.

1802 days ago


Bruce, you better watch what you say about BO or it's going to be mighty uncomfortable around the Thanksgiving dinner table with all your step-daughters mates. And don't even think about having a white Christmas.

1802 days ago


Bruce Jenner is a nothing who married a nothing and who has stepdaughters who are nothings.

1802 days ago


so judging from most of the comments her, only good looking people can have intelligence or an opinion that is respected...

Says a lot why reality shows are so heavily watched by us Americans, huh?

1802 days ago


Bruce Jenner should know about doing nothing and getting awarded. Him and his no talent family just have to look in the mirror.

1802 days ago


What has Jenner done besides raise money grubbing sluts?

1802 days ago


1802 days ago


I think he has no right to say anything since he can't control his wild bunch of whatever u wanna call them.. I agree to an extent that maybe the President should not have won unilt after his presidancey.. but he did a lot before he be came to be our President.. his books are Amazing and he worked very hard help those who have less then him.. but at the same time there were many great people who were up for the Award..I do belive Michael Jackson was up as well and althoought they don't need the money the Award is more than well deserved.. he did a lot for millions and millions of people he belived in healing the world and helping man kind he was always very dignfyed even going threw what he whent threw he did it with grace. not very many people would have handled it the way he did and all that aside the only celebrity in history to give that much time and money... out of his heart.. it should have been Michael.. but since it can't be MJ oboma for his work before is well deserved...

1802 days ago


He seems to have a low opinion of Obama winning the Nobel Peace prize, yet his own family foibles show he is what? A perfect dad, with perfect children, what prize could he win? Oh yeah, worst plastic surgery of all time.

1802 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Bruce Jenner has been married three times and whores out his family for money - his opinion means nothing.
#32 Sandra is absolutely on the money.

1802 days ago
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