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Lohan & Gosselin: Father Knows Worst

10/12/2009 11:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There was a d-bag dad summit in Pennsylvania this weekend, as Michael Lohan paid Jon Gosselin a visit.


Topics covered during the momentous meeting included: alienating your children, fame-whoring your way to the bottom and how to bad mouth your ex and come out looking worse.


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I wonder if Jon and Lohan split the $$$ from the paps for parading the kids out to the front of the house for this photo op? Good think Kate filed for alimony - now he has to declare his income and she will see how much money he's made pimping out the kids since he canceled the show.

1846 days ago

steve allen    

I'm speechless...I haven't seen this much wasted human skin since Paris and Lindsay were last seen together in about a perfect storm of paternal discord...douch bag...douche bag...

1846 days ago


"12. If you hang out with a bigger d-bag, you look like the lesser of two d-bags. It's all about marketing yourself."
Hi #12! I like your comment but am confused as to who is the lesser of the two d-bags?

1846 days ago


1846 days ago


D.bag doesnt begin to cover these losers! #5 ..excellant ratings! is jon g. going to explode? Ill pay per to view! does he have any idea how bad he looks,sounds,seems,is? I hope Kate finds a hot cool MAN to date,etc. someone should stop him legally before he finds his children in WAY bigger messes than they are at this age! take a look at Lindsey! Take a look at Michael J.!! dummy...wake up! this is your life...and its AWFUL..because of you!!!!! Kate, just wait...karma's coming & it'll get him...if it comes for you, you probably wont see it cause you heading up the herd for food!

1846 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

I'm kinda glad Jon put the brakes on the show, he only did it so he can get busy with these other reality THAT will b hilarious to watch. Kate will get her gig and the kids can still live in the nice house. Unfortunately, it isn't going to go down that way, Kate is headed for a nervous breakdown, Jon will fall flat on his face from making such a fool of himself and no producers will want him in the end, cause he has turned off just abt everyone on the planet by now..and they will lose the house, I give it about a year tops. Sad..oh ya, the younger kids will be fine..but that Mady is gonna b one messed up girl..yikes..

1846 days ago


#18. Good question. We might have to wait and tune into d-bag divorced dads club to pick a winner. I am betting it is Michael because, as someone else said, Lindsay is liable to end up dead from boose or drugs. The G-8 will probably just be psychologically screwed up.

1846 days ago

Missouri Momma    

Can we hate Kate too? How the hell did he get a cake w/his childs' name spelled wrong? is he thinking when he's hanging around Lohan man? I wouldn't worry about his pot smoking-I'd worry more-so about stronger drugs.No one in their right mind "hangs w/Lohan" on purpose! We've always preferred Jon...but now I'm starting to wonder/worry.Maybe the courts will do right by the kids and give them to a new family!

1846 days ago


Thank God MH stopped by...reminder to all what Jon is. Video on radaronline shows Jon putting pumpkin on front step while being filmed by cameraman!!! Jon totally ignores him & body language doesn't indicate they are friends. Looks like professional!!

1846 days ago

Denise Epke    

Jon makes me ill seriously! I don't understand what women see in this egotistical attention vampire/media whore! Greedy ass He is...Ewwwwwww!!

1846 days ago


Ed that's funny!! I have an idea for's been reported that they still haven't sold their old house. Why not let idiot stick live like the celebrity that he THINKS he is in the current houe (with the hefty mortgage), and Kate should move into the old house, and start over. Clearly it worked before. She could start a new TLC show called Kate..Starting Over.

1846 days ago


TOOL X two!

1846 days ago


Jon appears to be wearing a picture of his new love interest on his t-shirt.....baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!

1846 days ago


You just need K-Fat and Nick Hogan here and you have a whole toolbox.

Seriously, why haven't these wastes of space died or something by now? Ugh. If I woke up tomorrow and was cursed to be Jon Gosselin, I'd hang myself.

1846 days ago

katie lady    

is Jon preggers?????

1846 days ago
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