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Lohan & Gosselin: Father Knows Worst

10/12/2009 11:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There was a d-bag dad summit in Pennsylvania this weekend, as Michael Lohan paid Jon Gosselin a visit.


Topics covered during the momentous meeting included: alienating your children, fame-whoring your way to the bottom and how to bad mouth your ex and come out looking worse.


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Hi Jack and #18 and #22! Thanks for responding, you understood the question. Have you read this story yet? It is a hilarious interview Jon did with parent dish and it was posted on 10/9/2009. I found it yesterday. Your thoughts? Anybody else's thoughts? Jon proclaimed during the interview that he is half Jewish / half Korean. I know, I know but I didn't write it. I'll check back later. Thanks again!

1780 days ago


Audio from the d-bag summit:

Michael: So Jon, you shot your goo into a plastic cup at the fertility center, got six kids, failed as a husband and father and now you are a celebrity.

Jon: Yea, pretty much. And your daughter was a child actress who became a coke sniffing, boozing lesbian, you also failed as a husband and father and now you are a celebrity.

Michael: Yea, pretty much. Isn't this country great.

Jon & Michael: Roaring laughter

1780 days ago

polly purebred    

Pretty soon, Jon is going to look like Kevin Federline! Maybe he'll be next on Celebrity Fit Club!

1780 days ago


#22 I don't think that Kate is heading towards a nervous breakdown....I think she is handling things as best as she can and until you have been through a nasty divorce I am not sure a person can understand that.My ex pulled a lot of crap during our divorce that left me frustrated and in tears on many occassions.This was a man who beat me and my beat my daughter and yet he was being allowed to get away with changing court dates every time one was set(which of course caused my legal bill to skyrocket),he was allowed to make harrassing phone fact he would sign papers saying he would not do xw&z and when he did do xy&z he was not held in contempt.I think the only person here about to have a breakdown is Jon. Although you are right on about Mady.This is a child that could benefit from a good spanking and I am not a fan of spanking.Her behavior is awful and it is hard not to become frustrated with Jon&Kate when they do nothing or when they justify her behavior because they are doing her such a disservice by allowing her to think it is ok to act the way she does.
As for Jon I think he may very well be at risk of having visitation only,possibly even supervised visitation until he can straighten up his act. If this was the father of my child you had better believe I would be in court asking for full physical and legal custody of the kids.Jon is surrounding himself with some real shady people.Does he really think he scores points by hanging out with Lindsey Lohans father when she turned out to be a disaster?And didn't her father spend some time in jail? Jon you are going down fast!

1780 days ago


Who is watching the kids while the 2 asses walk around talking to the paps? Jon doesnt seem to care what they do as long as they dont bother him when he is looking for the highest bidder paps to take pics of his kids. Kate needs to get a Shut up Jon card and a no cameras of any kind near the kids, no visitors to distract him when he is with them. That is if he keeps custody, he should only get supervised visitation after the crap he has pulled. There is enough evidence against him because he spends every waking moment with his buddies the paps.

He invited ET for the 2 + hours drive to the kids party and shot off his mouth the whole time, that could sink him. He will need to learn to keep his trap shut if he goes to jail for contempt of court. The buddies in jail will walk all over him.

1780 days ago


Two disgusting creeps who are famous for just being sperm donors. What do the young women see in Jon?

1780 days ago



Kate Gosselin: Gold

There are no mothers in the same category with Kate Gosselin. She takes the gold, silver and bronze.

1780 days ago


TMZ,your sentence under these nauseating men's picture said it all, & so has most of these posts.Their reality show is domed to be a failure like them.

1780 days ago


#38 - Who watches the kids when Kate has visitation? Nannies. She is definitely no better a parent than Jon. I let me kids run around and play in our backyard all the time. What do you expect Jon to do? Stand over each and every one of the kids all the time? The kids are simply playing outside and looks like they're having fun.

1780 days ago


Kate G and Jon G are both horrible parents. Kate only goes out in public with the kids when TLC was filming them. She said on the Today Show that the kids were distraught when they found out they wouldn't be going to the Statue of Liberty because filming had stopped. She could have taken the kids, with the help of her nannies, to the Statue of Liberty. Kate, you don't need to be filmed to have fun with your kids and take them places!

1780 days ago


No more reality shows my ass...

1780 days ago


Jon needs to pick better friends. That's all. He's doing nothing wrong. He stopped letting TLC exploit his kids. Kuddos to him.

1780 days ago


Jon and Kate can do all the reality shows they want as long as the kids are NOT on the shows. Parents need to stop letting TLC exploit their children. It's digusting!

1780 days ago


Kate and Jon couldn't have a successful reality show without exploited their "money makers." Any show without the Gosselin eight would fail.

I don't watch networks that exploit children. Period.

1780 days ago
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