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Paul Anka -- Michael 'Stole' from Me

10/12/2009 9:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the quickest resolution in Hollywood history: Paul Anka says the special administrators of Michael Jackson's estate gave him a 50% cut of "This Is It" ... after he said Michael "stole" the original recordings from his studio back in the 80s.

Paul also said John McClain told him, "Now we know why the song was so good ... it wasn't the type of Michael Jackson song that he could write."

Anka said he was humbled by the compliment.


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Ok Who ever said No wonder this song was so good is an absolute idiot.
Michael would have never written a song like this. This was one of the weakest songs sung by him. I am a huge michael jackson fan but even I can admit I only listened because I absolutely love his voice. If it was someone else i wouldnt even give it a second look. Michael has wrote some of the greatest songs of mankind. How can they just insult him in that way. Thats like telling Michael Jordan he sucks at basketball. Or telling Leonardo DaVinci he was ordinary at painting and inventing.

1844 days ago


Paul please take your money and go away you said he "stole" the tapes....well buddy I got news for you he co-wrote the song so he is a "partner" he never did anything wrong he never released the song he kept it on a hard drive. The other comment about getting a compliment about no way Michael could write that song I have news for you he wrote a lot better songs then you ever did even if in different generations.

Now that you got some more money maybe you could help Jacksons kids get that dog a harness........

1844 days ago


Way to go Paul you deserve every dime.

1844 days ago


This is a joke how long have they been talking about this song? for a while now and we have never heard noithing form this guy now that he think he can make a quick few million is really sad is there no statue of limitation on this kinda stuff? he claims Michael stole it way back when why didn't he do something when Mj was alive and they could hash it out like men ...if the two of them wrote the song together then yes he should get something but it was no need to call Mj a cheat.... This is the first I have ever heard of anything like this before Micheal is the king an Icon why would he steal this song it really aint up to par with What Mj dose he should have taken it up with Sony first becasue they released it Not Mj I think he could have been better with they way he approached this situation..I heard he has had a few good song but not no where near Michael's level and He should have been Greatful to be working with Mj.. seem like Micheal really put him on the map just like he did a lot to starts in hollywood..this is not Michael fault its Sony..and Anka becsue he should have taken care of it a long time ago...I think he had no intintions of taking action unless one of his songs is going to do well and he can make money off of it...

1844 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Since we don't know how either Michael or Mr. Anka contributed to this song, we must give each 50/50 credit to the song as co-writers. It sounds like Mr. Anka started the musical end of it.

But Mr. Anka says that he gets 50% "of the whole project"... which project? The movie? The CD? Both?

I think it's great that there was a quick resolution and that Mr. Anka might help with the promotion.

Hopefully SONY will wake up and put more effort into anything they do in the future. Micahel's fans are watching VERY closely--as this song has just proven.

1844 days ago


P.S. Don't forget that Jackson bamboozled Paul McCartney in matters of the Beatles song catalog, also: innocent, angelic, perfect little Peter Pan that he (pretended) was alleged to be.

1844 days ago


Thank you.

1844 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Damn-- forgot to post about the title of this post... "Michael Stole from me".........

Oh C'mon TMZ. Mr. Anka is trying to push this under the carpet, please don't sensationalize it with this title. They resolved the tape issue back in the 80's ... let it stay there. (Notice I didn't say remove the video-- just the title).

This wasn't MJ's doing this time.

1844 days ago


How did he bambooze him? Paul did not want to pay the 40 some million so he tried to get it cheaper Michael bid the full amount.........looks goo don him

1844 days ago

The Seer    

GOOD FOR YOU PAUL ANKA. You have preserved the creative integrity of thousands of songwriters everywhere.

Paul Anka is an amazing artist with a formidable career. To clear things up a bit for those of you unfamiliar with the music business, most "artists" use songs written by other people. There is an entire branch of law called "entertainment law" largely for situations just like this one.

And if you know anything about drug addiction, anyone ingesting the magnitude and variety of drugs MJ was on couldn't possibly focus long enough to write another masterpiece. MJ was very ill. He was shot. His chance of writing and producing another hit are like your chance of winning the Powerball. Not likely.

Instead of carping (complaining) and whining about MJ, why don't you read up on entertainment law? Motown is a good place to start.

1844 days ago


Mclain who side are on, how dare you insults MJ, Paul there is no need diminish the massive talent of The Emperor of Music. Michael Jackson crossed artistic genre’s with his innovative music videos, constant change of musical styling ie rock, hip-hop, r&b, classical,…I think you get the point. As far as bringing together different races, genders,ages, social-economic, and ESPECIALLY International people, Michael Jackson had and still has some of the largest following in the music industry today.

He has also been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, BOTH WHILE HE WAS ACTUALLY ALIVE. You cant deny that Thriller is the biggest selling album of all time by a solo artist, and no other album has been able to come close to it other than the Eagles and theirs was just a greatest hits album.

And Jackson also was a great humanitarian, even going as far as doing a world tour and giving millions to charities from that tour. He even spoke at Oxford University to raise awareness of the downward spiral of family life today, among various other charitable acts. $300 million given to charities all over the world cannot be denied.

Michael Jackson’s music from the start was in depth and meaningful to life. Let’s not talk about his dancing which he imitated the best and than turned around and perfected what we imagined was already perfect, no wonder Fred Astaire one of the greatest dancers spoke of Michael as being a great dancer.

Paul you need Listen to Michaels’ music and than stop and listen to the WORDS, he sings WORDS, just a WORD becomes a song. Listen to the song “Music and Me, Heaven Can Wait” “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone” “Speechless” “Butterflies”. At the end of “Speechless” you think you are listening to an instrument listen closely because it is his beautiful voice. In “Heaven Can Wait” listen to how he sings the word “No”, you never knew that word could sound so beautiful. Michael songs all tend to be of different subject matters crossing the vast interests of peoples hearts. His songs cannot be predicted in what they are going to be about. I my self am still discovering his music and the DIFFERENT sounds and meaning his songs take on.

Paul you could never match Michael in singing, in sound, in dancing or in humanitarian actions and simply loving people.

1844 days ago


FYI - I did a little checking on this issue.

Facts - In 1983 Michael Jackson & Paul Anka recorded this song together. It was rejected by MJ.

MJ didn't like the song. However, he didn't want his vocals used or released. So he placed them in a Vault.

Sony & The Michael Jackson Family Trust found the song without doing any due deligence. It was never MJ's intention to release the song and he wasn't STEALING the song. He was simply protecting his vocals from unauthorized display.

What Paul Anka didn't say, was that he had to sign a NON-DISCLOSURE before Michaels vocals were returned(years ago). So he should stop suggesting that the song was "STOLEN ".

1844 days ago


Michael Jackson -- Song Thief?
Yes 66%
No 34%
Total Votes: 25,735


1844 days ago


Yeah, REAL humble Anka.. Where do you get off saying Michael "COULDN'T" write songs as good as that?? First of all, Michael has written better. There was a reason he chose not to release this back in the 80s. Michael has many amazing songs written by only him. He did not need you or anyone to produce a hit. And second of all, even if it was Branca who made that statement, is it necessary to repeat it? really ? ego boost much? GTFO

1844 days ago


How many articles are you going to put up about this?!!!

1844 days ago
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