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Anka on Jackson -- They See it My Way

10/12/2009 7:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul AnkaPaul Anka tells TMZ the people handling Michael Jackson's estate are falling over each other ... apologizing for "ripping-off my song" and offering "anything you want" to make the mess go away.

And, John Branca just told TMZ, "We acknowledge that Michael and Paul wrote this song together."

As we first reported, Anka claims the new Jackson song, "This Is It" is the Michael Jackson track Anka co-wrote with Jackson in 1983, which Jackson originally recorded under the title, "I Never Heard."

Anka tells TMZ he just got off the phone with John McClain, the co-Special Administrator for Jackson's estate. Anka says McClain apologized profusely, saying he knew "Michael couldn't have written this song alone. It's not his style."

Anka says McClain now acknowledges that "This Is It" is really Paul's song, and said, "We'll give you whatever you want, whatever it takes we'll do the right thing."

Anka says he's not trying to hold the estate up but he wants them to be fair.

And how's this ... Anka says McClain asked him to do promotion for the song.

It's Hollywood, folks.


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hey guys...i love mj .paul anka is a respected songwriter for years and years.i think pupy love.he isnt embarrasing mj.mj never would have put this out.he is exposing tommy mattola...remember him,mj called him the devil..and sony ..who he also called out.for being exactly what mike said ...a bunch of greedy thugs who dont care about the srtists and who pit artists against each other and only care about money..if you ask me this is mj revenge from the great beyond.they have finally been exposed for what they are .mj is smiling for the first time in months there is nobody better than mj and he had the biggest balls in town to stand up to sony

1650 days ago


'Yeah micheal hated sony so much he singed there'

I think you might have meant 'signed'...just wanting to point that out.

1650 days ago


MiMi post@ at6:28pm. EXACTLY. Why did they try to sell it to the fans as Michael's song, if McClain himself acknowledges it wasn't Michael's style? They promised to make $$$ for the estate without tarnishing Michael's legacy while doing so. The lawyers and Sony need to man up and take the blame for this blunder, before the media starts bashing Michael for this too. As for Anka, how can Michael steal something that was part his? Okay, then Anka, you can own the sh*tty part of the song...the half you wrote.

1650 days ago


Believe me, heads are rolling on this one and McClain most likely regrets ever making that statement.

The question at hand is who gave sony the recording???

1650 days ago

Jill Why so angry? Boy crush on Paul? In the future smart azz, if you are going to correct someone else on their spelling...learn to spell yourself. They wrote the song together. So, technically, Paul stole from Michael too? Paul probably wrote the bad parts of the song so I'm not too worried about Michael's creative reputation being ruined on this one.

1650 days ago



Thankyou your posts are always very interesting too.. Did you see the part of my post about Randy Jackson and MJs missing hardrive?? Lets also not forget Randy and Jermaines recent affiliation with AEG, i wont say employment as of yet. Katherine is going to be torn in a future wrongful death lawsuit against AEG, its going to be in conflict with Randy and Jermaines present situation and she wants them to be able to make money.. Just food for thought!! My back post is #28.

1650 days ago


It was so nice and peaceful until TMZ opened the doors to the MJ fans loony bin

1650 days ago


Of course he wants money. He is due money. He wants his 50% share of the songwriting royalty which he is suppose to get.

1. WTF EVER!All he wants is $$$$ or he wouldnt even put it out there he would have delt with it in private.

Posted at 6:26PM on Oct 12th 2009 by Karen

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1650 days ago


He will get the normal 50% of the songwriting royalties he is due. If he wanted to, he could sue for damages, as all these CD's, etc., are already pressed crediting this song to MJ alone. But that's not Paul Anka's style. Others would have. Why do you think everyone is bending over backwards for him? They know he has a legal case for more than just the fair royalties shares.

21. 8. I agree - since McClain understood it was not Jackson's style, why have it in the movie?

I don't want Anka promoting the song. I want only MJ - without Anka.

Branca and McClain are showing some style apologizing. I hope Anka will be doing the same by not asking millions and millions for his part of the rights.

Btw, Anka has an obnoxious Swedish wife who is now on Swedish television and Swedish tabloids making a fool of herself by being unfriendly and displaying stone age opinions on the duties of women.

Posted at 6:35PM on Oct 12th 2009 by A.B.

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1650 days ago


It's also MJ's song!
Paul Anka should be grateful he's being put back on the map.

1650 days ago


The song is in the movie. It is going to be played over the closing credits. It is also on the 2 disc cd being released, not one but two different versions of the song. Then there's the single, then there is the DVD of the movie being released.


The song is a single' and not in "This is it" Movie or production' so Paul get half {lifetime} only when the single' makes money, Michael's children {Trust} receives the other half, it's simply a co-written song.

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1650 days ago


And they now want him to promote the song? What the he**?????

This song has been laying around forever, dumb nuts Sony decides to release it, change it's title and a few words around, pay Anka whatever he wants and then really kiss a** to Anka? I suppose he'll want a promotional fee too! What is there to promote? It's not even being released as a single (I suppose that's next because they need to re-coup what they gave to Anka!)!.

Why can't we just have one thing from Michael that doesn't have something tied to it? Maybe Sony shouldn't have been so greedy!

Love you Michael!

1650 days ago


Paul Anka - eh? Memba him???
No wonder he's 'humbled'to have this released as MJs -personally I was so disappointed - MJs usual stuff is so much better-no wonder he didnt release it-if Sony are going to keep on profiting after his death they need to respect his own high standards and quality control.

1650 days ago


First off, it's not "his" song. If they wrote it together, it belongs to both of them. End of story.

1650 days ago


I don't think I get it, TMZ. I'm not sure there were enough "articles" about this ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

1650 days ago
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