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Arnold: My Wife's in Trouble Now!

10/13/2009 9:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver's in hot water....

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has finally caught wind of his wife's illegal -- and habitual -- cell phone antics ... and now he's finally gonna do something about it!

Ahnald just went on Twitter and dropped the following note to Harvey Levin:

"Thanks for bringing her violations to my attention. There's going to be swift action."

Those Democrats -- they never learn ... right Arnold?


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Dick Jones    

Just tint the damn windows and tell the busybodies to stuff-it!

1844 days ago

Stephen V    

Who cares....Government and most of the laws in this country is made of and created by hypocrites!

1844 days ago


Looks like she's driving a GM or GMC SUV, so WHY doesn't she use hands-free ONSTAR? Too cheap to buy minutes?

1844 days ago


"13. I have an idea for punishment: make her eat a full meal! She looks malnourished as hell. She's probably on the phone
constantly to drown out the noise of her stomach growling.

Posted at 6:07PM on Oct 13th 2009 by CriticAl"

Al, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

And another thing - these people are gazillionaires. Can't they afford Sync or some other hands-free technology? I think it's about $300, installed!

1844 days ago

Allred Tree    

Maria Shriver IS A ROTTEN MOTHER and I wonder if she was alone in her car or was she ENDANGERING HER CHILDREN? If not this time, she most certainly has done it other times and was not caught.

She is a rotten wife and mother imo and Arnold should get a divorce and custody of their children. Let her join in with Oprah and Gayle in their menage-a-trois they seem so fond of.

1844 days ago

Boss Hawg    

Yeah, Arnold ride her like a pony, she's a badddd little girl. Spank her and then give her a big fat...errr....ticket:P

1844 days ago

ken lucido    

The $20 fine is not a deterrent. Cell phone drivers should be stopped, warned, then shot with a tazer! that they will remember!

1844 days ago


You know that first ticket that is $20 plus fees? Well those fees add up to ONE HUNDRED dollars for the offense. I can imagine the state could cut the defecit in half, starting with the Gov's wife paying for her offense.

1844 days ago


Typical of the Rich and Famous, they're above the law, with a, "Do as I say, not as I do, attitude". Remember the regular citizens are just peasants throwing our hard earned tax money to these idiots. Do I hear "double standard"? I hope Arnie sets her straight once and for all. I mean how many times does this woman have to get caught? She obviously doesn't give a hoot about the law.

1844 days ago


This actually really pisses me off. Here her husband was the one who made this law and she's yacking on the phone without a bluetooth....numerous times. She should be given 3 tickets and Arnold should pay up since there is proof. Califorina needs the $.

It makes me think of the recent cases where the cops are driving while drunk off duty.

1844 days ago


This is not funny. The best way to have laws followed is to follow them yourself. She is not above the law. My brother-in-law got one of these tickets 2 weeks ago - $275 - Maybe if we all took the laws seriously there would actually be law & order. Everyone thinks they are beyond the law. I have thought of driving around taking pictures of people talking & driving & turning them in. Everybody doing it doesn't make it ok. Ticket her! We know who she is, and she broke the law!!!

1843 days ago


while i do agree, that she is not above the law and should get a citation. ( and by the way, thats chump change for her)She still looks like, she wears the pants in her house. And arney is gonna be the one saying O.K Maria you got an extra blanket and pillow?

1843 days ago

KATHY =( ^-^ )=    

Rich bitch that knows she can get away with anything,and her blow hard husband too. Total disgust over this. Thanks for this TMZ. To bad nothing will be done to punish these losers.She should be punished by community service for a Republican by digging a ditch in a backyard,and then jumping in it,and hopefully someone will come by,and shovel the dirt back in the ditch.

1843 days ago


Just another example of democrats legislating against us and our actions, while they ignore their own laws (ok of course). Just one more example.

1843 days ago


I heard he beats and demeans her something awful. I'd hate to think of what that "swift action" might be.

1843 days ago
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