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Oprah Grilled Like a Cheeseburger -- Over Dr. Phil

10/13/2009 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey was blindsided on the set of a live TV newscast yesterday -- when a local Dallas newsman suddenly blasted Queen O with a super-awkward question, "Would you like to take this opportunity to apologize to America for introducing us to Dr. Phil?"

Oprah: Click to watch
Oprah squirmed a bit, but she was saved when the anchor got even more awkward -- asking O if she wanted to "touch my hair."


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Dale Hansen the greatest nutcase tv Sportscaster ever.

1745 days ago

Bobo Frog    

That was pretty funny...but there was no squirming or grilling...Oprah took it as it was intended. As a JOKE. Too many tightasses in America.

1745 days ago


i can almost gaurantee that news station will not see oprah tacky, there is a big difference between tacky and funny.

1745 days ago


I saw it live yesterday and laughed my @ss off! Too funny Dale! I think O was taken a little off guard, but handled it fine.

1745 days ago


HA!HA!HA! That is what she gets,she is so fake i remember when we attended the same church, she would walk right by you and not speak.O would sit up in church nose up in the sky ! That is when she was on channel 13 with Richard.You remember when she did the interview with Michael she did not care about his feelings she just wanted a story,and the same when she interview Whitney ,Whitney was hurt.Somebody needs to put her on blast and stop acting like she is a saint.What has she done.

1745 days ago


awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! and so true too.

1745 days ago

think about this *******    

She needs to keep her mouth shut (not only for weight purposes).
she has introduced to us a lot of no-no's:
Dr. Phil being one, and OBummer too!
Watch and see!

1745 days ago


I didn't think it was awkward. Everyone who saw that here in Dallas knows that's how Dale is. And he speaks his mind no matter what and he'll never get fired because people love him. Even if he can be a huge jerk. Which he can. This was tame and meant to be playful. Oprah took it that way. Kind of a stretch there TMZ.

1745 days ago


why is tmz all of a sudden covering oprah?ratings n the toilet .havent watched her since the mean mj show .i think her ride is over

1745 days ago


#19 Khloe,first of all, before i write my comment, I am not black, second,learn how to spell, you ignorant moron. Third, it's people like you who should commit suicide or die tragically. There's no place on earth for such a stupid human being such as yourself. Wait did I say human being when describing you? I meant dog. Please, please consider suicide....

1745 days ago


blackbeauty 1962 ~ No, I think the quwation should be.........what the hell have you done? You ignorant, jealous sl*t!

Go enroll somewhere and get that GED and then promptly get a grant from the government (your buddy Obama) and enroll yourself in college.

You are one of the reasons I don't come to this site very often! Ignorancy!

1745 days ago


Dale Hanson is awesome! He is never scared to speak his mind! He's actually a sports reporter and you should try watching his comments after Dallas' games! Greatness!

1745 days ago


I hate to say this but it was an incredible embarrassment (and I sank in my seat) when watching Dale.
I have been watching News 8 for 30 years and Dale has always been abrasive, but this takes the cake.
I believe he was truly out of control. I don't know whether he was nervous but that's no excuse and you could
see it on the faces of Gloria and Oprah that they were embarrassed for him.

1745 days ago


Oprah wasnt squirming, she answered immediately .. you guys need to stop

1745 days ago


So my comment wasn't mean or insulting enough so it was taken down? F you TMZ!!!

1744 days ago
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