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Khloe First To Blink in Prenup Negotiation

10/14/2009 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We have the inside poop on the prenup negotiations between Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom, and Lamar is holding firm -- for the most part, what's his will stay his and Khloe's gonna cave in.

Khole Kasdashian  and Lamar Odom

Sources tell TMZ Lamar won't budge an inch ... his income will stay his separate property. Lamar could make up to $33 mil over the next 4 years with the L.A. Lakers and he's not going to make it community property.

We're told Lamar is willing to give Khloe a yearly chunk of money and the amount will remain static, no matter how long they're married.

Lamar will pay for all the couple's expenses by funding their joint account -- and with Khloe, that could be a bonanza.

So why would Khloe go for this? Sources tell us she wants to get married to Lamar ... period. We're told Khloe thinks she can change Lamar over time and believes the deal will eventually become fair.

Khole Kardashian and Lamar OdomWe're told the prenup is almost a done deal.

Once it's signed, the couple will make the marriage legal.

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No Avatar


Balance the cost of the soul you lost and the dreams you lightly sold ,and tell me are you under the power of gold?

1806 days ago


Just another gold digger..she deserves nothing..he has talent - she's a hack that got lucky..earn your own money woman. Don't cave Lamar..

1806 days ago


What ever happen to getting married for love? Am I so old that it isn't something that happens anymore??? Now days it get married and see what you can get in the divorce. I sometimes think the divorce is planned before the marriage. So sad

1806 days ago


why bother about who gets what if they truely married for love like they are saying? does that mean they dont believe their union will last and so they are both protecting what they've got? so pathetic.

1806 days ago

steve allen    

who gives a rip...and by the way...I know for a fact that Wendy Williams is Arsenio Hall in drag...look closely...hey berta!!! make mine a double...

1806 days ago


Well, it seems the postnup negotitations are going on as long as these two dated prior to their staged TV wedding. Lamar just promise her some bon-bons and bottle of rum and she will sign on the dotted line.

1806 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Sigh......it's all so romantic!

1806 days ago


She is a gold digging scank. Lamar...do yourself a favor and bail as quick as possible and concentrate on basketball. You could attract many awesome girls, why settle for that money hungry hedge hog. Peace out...tim in dallas

1806 days ago



"Eventually become fair"??????

The guy is totally independent and now is taking on a new financial burden. Yeah, he should just hand over his income like the other shmucks who get taken to the cleaners by these bimbos. Frankly, anyone who has these issues during a prenup should bail...not that he shouldn't have already seen the signs...

He is an adult and can make all the stupid mistakes he wants to, but it is beyond me how stupid these guys can be such idiots. When she jets and sues him to break the prenup, I'll be the one laughing again.


1806 days ago


I think Lamar is smart on this one.On the other hand,he is dumb for marrying what appears to be a gold digger.

1806 days ago

whats up Doctors    

Lamar, Get ya a condo for the first year or two, to see if it works out. If her mother wants her daughter the that $5mill mansion Momma ought to buy it for yall as a wedding gift.

1806 days ago


Is this a marriage or something else?

She shouldn't be looking so far into the future to see what she will "get" from him if there is a divorce. If she is doing this, they should stay single.

What happened to a joint bank account (checking/savings) and life insurance? GGG

Can't this broad earn her OWN money? She doesn't have to put her own money in a joint account, nor does he.

1806 days ago


re: "We're told Khloe thinks she can change Lamar over time and believes the deal will eventually become fair."

Seems fair enough to me right now.

1806 days ago

The Seer    

"..believes the deal will eventually become fair."

Huh, TMZ? What is that supposed to mean? You really do need an editor. Your posts don't even make sense enough to be sensational.

Better to have the money matters straight and up front going into a marriage. Fighting over money and divorce court are very unromantic. As for the poster who believes marriage is romantic, aw, shucks. How quaint. In fairyland, you marry for love and romance, and finances and hardships and kids all work out because of that love and romance, right? Um, hello?? NOT!

Good for the groom. He seems to have good attorneys and a good head on his shoulders. And I hope the couple will be very happy and loving and romantic bla bla bla. But should the bloom wear off the rose, at least the financial fighting will have its limits.

1806 days ago

Lady Z    

This dude is way smater than Kobe. That guy is beyond stoopid.

1806 days ago
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