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Marilyn Monroe -- The Fight for Sloppy Seconds

10/14/2009 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Since the first guy wasn't able to, er, finish -- a new guy (or girl) will now get a chance to spend eternity on top of Marilyn Monroe ... if they've got half-a-mil layin' around.

The people who own the burial plot directly above Marilyn at the Westwood Village Memorial Park and Cemetery are putting their little hole in the wall back on eBay on October 19th ... and since they've already been burned by a guy who promised to pay $4.6 million for it -- this time, they're making sure the bidder can pay up.

A rep for eBay tell us, "The starting price will be $500,000, with a hidden reserve. Bidders this time will need to prove they have the funds to pay for the auction if they win, including making a refundable deposit of between 1 and 5% of the amount they would like to bid."

FYI -- the winning bidder will have to share dead space with Hugh Hefner ... dude reportedly paid a cool $1,000,000 for the plot directly next to her.


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1774 days ago


I think that Marilyn Monroe would much rather have me on top of her!



1774 days ago


Who cares? when you are dead, you are DEAD!!! Do these people really think they will be close to Marilyn? She has been dead for 47 years. Just imagine what her body looks like!!

1774 days ago


If I had the money, I would do it. I love Marilyn Monroe.

Could TMZ please ban the idiot who keeps posting "balls"? You have his email address.

1774 days ago


i read several years ago that paris hilton buried her pet goat next to marilyn monroe.

the story was something like she bought the spot, said it was for a billy hilton, the cematary thought it was some relative, and nobody knew till the goat was already there.

i was never quite sure if it was true story or just another internet hoax.

1774 days ago


Geez, who wants to be stuck in a cold marble box in a cold marble hall in a cold marble building?

And pay a huge number of American dollars for it?

I would much rather be cremated and have my ashes scattered in the Pacific Ocean here in Bandon, Oregon on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

1774 days ago

J C    

The woman's name was Norma Jean Baker.
Marilyn Monroe was a false identity.
It was a phoney persona she concocted to get fame and it trapped and killed her.
What a sad statement to have that name on her gravemarker.

1774 days ago

Mary Contrary    

I don't know what is in worse taste, the headline for this story or spending that kind of money for a 'resting' place.

1774 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Yeah--After the bids closed I saw the "winning bidder" tagged as "not a registered user".--OOPS. Thing is, Ebay has "second chance" where, after someone chumps out they offer the second highest bidder the item for what he/she bid on it and the bidder can either buy or refuse the item. They go down the line of bidders until they find one that pays at least what they are looking for and accepts. I suspect the other high bidders figure they can get it cheaper next time around without some dirtball overinflating the bids. Could feed a lot of starving kids for the price you'd pay for that tomb. I know my dad and his buddies sure were sad when she died. Perhaps O'Reilly will call the winning bidder a "pinhead" on his show-lol.

1774 days ago


If someone has $500,000plus to spare, then why not give it to charity and do some good for the living. The poor woman was hounded in life so PLEASE let her rest in peace.

PS her name was Norma Jean Baker NOT Marilyn Monroe. MM didn't exist. RIP Norma Jean

1774 days ago


TMZ, you guys really have no respect for anyone. Not even the dead. We appreciate being made aware of what is going on w/ MM etc, but your tone is quite inappropriate. MM deserves and has the respect of her fans due to her enduring appeal. You dont have to be a fan to know that this line of reporting is just sick and distateful. Very sad.

1767 days ago

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