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Katherine Jackson -- Those Kids Won't Be on TV

10/14/2009 2:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson says Michael Jackson's kids will not appear on any TV reality show in her lifetime.

Katherine tells TMZ Michael would never want his kids to appear on TV, much less on a reality show. She says her son went to great lengths to protect the kids from TV cameras, often shielding them with masks.

There are reports A&E's Jackson reality show will include MJ's 3 kids. Katherine, who is the legal guardian of the kids and ultimately makes the decision, tells us it will NOT happen.


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I do want to see them occasionally but most definitely not on a reality show.

1805 days ago


I actually like Debbie. She is nothing like the media has portrayed her. They did to her what they did to Michael. Her and Michael were friends for many years. I hope she and Prince and Paris can form some sort of a relationship. I would trust her before I trust any of the Jacksons, including Katherine.

Posted at 3:11PM on Oct 14th 2009 by truth

I also like her and she minds he own business and is not out there talking to the media all the time.

1805 days ago


81. If you seriously would get with it. Did you not know every blessed Jackson, every person who spoke at the memorial was in fact paid the going rate as dictated by AEU that would be actors equity union. The final funeral was also a paid gig.
Where is the proof of this?

1805 days ago


Michael knew what he was doing when he left the kids in his mother's care. Still, I have trouble believing that anyone in the family would make those children do anything they didn't want to do. In fact, I can see the kids wanting to be on the series and the family saying no before I can see the family forcing them to do it. Absolutely there is dysfunction in this family (exacerbated by fame), but there is love there too and always has been. The kids clearly want to be with the Jacksons and I hope they stay with them until they're grown. That's where they belong and I feel that all members of the family love them and don't want to see harm come to them.

1805 days ago


Good that the children will not appear on TV. I'm glad they are protected.

1805 days ago


Please let them alone, with their real pain for the lost of their Daddy!
Love from Italy

1805 days ago


Way to go Katherine. That is what MJ would have wanted.

However, great job with that keeping them off TV thing with the Memorial and the Funeral... and taking them to karate lessons... and around Las Vegas...

1805 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Of course Debbie is shutting the heck up, for all that money she is greedily getting, are you for real? See real people dont understand the operations of how people control other people. I bet OleDeb could tell everyone the hwole 9 yards, but when you get $275,000 a month in hush moeny, and more from a former boss, and then social security on top of that...yea, my mouth would be shut forever too.

1805 days ago


Posted at 3:19PM on Oct 14th 2009 by Cathy

Chatty Cathy you are wrong again.

1805 days ago


"The latest: Despite what Jackson family members are saying publicly -- especially Randy Jackson's claim he has no interest in money -- I'm hearing there is a lot of behind-the-scenes wrangling and maneuvering going on. Given that Katherine Jackson's 40 percent share in her son's estate only lasts during her lifetime, there is pressure from her surviving children to establish trusts and other financial channels to funnel big bucks to her less-than-flush offspring while she is still around.

As it now stands, once Michael's mother passes on, her huge interest in the estate goes directly to the King of Pop's three children -- on top of the 40 percent share they already will have inherited.

So you can bet that Katherine Jackson's own kids are all praying she lives a very long life -- many years beyond the 79 she already has spent on this planet."

Will there greed ever end? I hope they are not able to talk her into this. I wonder if the Administrtors have a say in this or the childrens' guardian.,CST-FTR-zp14.article

1805 days ago


Well said, ma'am.

1805 days ago


27. Dr murry will not be charged because he is innocent.Its all michael jacksons fault that he cannot pay his child support because mj didnt pay his bills.Dr murry tried in vane too help michael jackson but found he was turned away at every chance by michael becasuse michael felt he himself was a bad seed and needed to destroy himself.michael jackson knew that he had mental problems and abused drugs and drank jesus juice so he made the doctor give him too many drugs..doc murry is the real hero here people.its not his fault..

Posted at 2:20PM on Oct 14th 2009 by gregory fairman

Please use spell check... And then, do your homework... Dr. Murray (that's the correct spelling) has debt from WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY before he "worked" for MJ... And you are right, MJ didn't pay his bills... AEG did.

But thanks to people like you the tabloit and gossip business is still flourishing.... Yikes!

1805 days ago


Don't you all know they signed with Satin himself

Who´s Satin, Fatty ho ho? I´d like to sign with him too.

1805 days ago


i know this is off topic i just found it to be interesting and how easy this drug problem has come for so many that they dont even know what they are getting, the body guard for anna n smith testified today that howard would go into the bathroom and melt down valuim and inject her with it because it worked faster.. AND NOW THE PIECE OF S--- LAWYER HKS SAYS HE IS NOT GUILTY.........TALK ABOUT AN ENABLER...MY POINT I WANTED TO MAKE IS THAT WE NEED ANSWERS TO WHAT HAPPENED TO MICHAEL AND WHO PLAYED A BIG PART OF THIS CRIME RIGHT ALONG WITH MURRAY....THERE HAS TO BE MUCH MORE !!! WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL...sue from tampa

1805 days ago


This is the Lady, Rebbie Jackson who was the real homemaker and Caregiver to Michael and Janet. She was the one at home while Joe and Kate set about marketing/"pimping out" building the careers of the Jackson 5.

"OK! *April 10th 98 issue* (Interview by Paul Reaney)

Rebbie Jackson often feels like the forgotten sister of the Jackson clan. But if it wasn't for her, headline-makers Michael and Janet would not have had a babysitter when mother Katherine and father Joe were busy striking deals with record companies - starting what was to become a family showbusiness phenomenon.
And if it wasn't for level-headed Rebbie (pronounced 'Reebie'), the famous clan from Gary, Indiana, would not have stuck so firmly together in the face of family feuds, controversial plastic surgery reports and even allegations of Michael's child abuse. 'Bad press comes with the territory,' she concedes. 'It is something all Jacksons are born into and learn to live with. As the eldest, I probably have had more experience"

1805 days ago
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