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Soulja Boy Exposes the Family Jewels

10/14/2009 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In what may be considered one of the dumbest displays of wealth of all time, Soulja Boy just showed the entire planet that he keeps tens of thousands of dollars in an unprotected shoe box in his apartment.

Oh yeah -- did we mention he was just robbed back in December?

Soulja Boy: Click to watch
SB just posted the arrogant rant on his Twitter page, in response to the story we ran yesterday -- that the rapper's landlord accused him of owing nearly $10,000 in unpaid bills.

So, feeling the need to prove his worth, Soulja whipped out a cache of cheesy-but-expensive jewelry and wads upon wads of $100 bills while one of his friends gave the following play-by-play: "wow .... wow ... wow ... wow."

Hopefully, SB takes a few of those unprotected bills and invests in a bodyguard.


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He's the reason ABORTION is legal.I guess his Mother(or Auntie) did not get the memo

1832 days ago

whats up Doctors    

I sad it before and I'll say it again, I doesn't matter if your black or white,an actor or entertainer,They feel they are better than everyone else and don't pay their bills,DeAndre has that part down. So you can put in the same boat with Randy and Evi Quaid. The only difference is the Quaids have grown up,Where DeAndre has not.You will never see the Quaids show there money or possessions.You can put basically all entertainers and actors in the same boat,Look at Ed McMahon before he passed,his mansion was getting forclosed on until The Donald bailed him out, he was on The tonight show ,what 30 years and could'nt or would'nt pay his house off, I just don't unstrstand it, i guess the money goes on the lifesyle,social staus, and throwing partys,keeping that image up.

1832 days ago


"N" this "N" that, what a douch. that what he should really be saying yeah douch bag of a friend of mine. GET A LIFE "SOLJA GAY!!!" You only have money because douch bags just like you like do those gay dances that you make up in the club.
P.S. if your one of the people doing these dances, you should listen to the voices in your head and JUMP OFF A BRIDGE. I'm just sayin!!!

1832 days ago


Another young talented black man giving young talent a bad name.
Kayne West, Chris Brown, JayZ are really doing a good job with that.
There are so many talented men that are being judged by the actions of these idiots.

1832 days ago


Wow - that is really disgusting. First off, pay off bills douche bag & quit being a typical rapper gone wild in your complex. You give the good rappers a bad name. Second, you feel the need to show pictures of piles of cash laying around like toilet paper & all I can think about is all the people in this country who have lost their jobs, their homes. Then I think, that will be YOU someday. Be smart & appreciative with your money while you have it. Why not take a little of that & help a homeless family or a animal shelter? Dumbass. You're an embarrassment.

1832 days ago


What a useless piece of s***. People wonder why blacks are all lumped and stereotyped into what they are, in THIS day and age. It's not racism, and it's not bigotry. It's what THEY PORTRAY TO THE WORLD THEMSELVES! The black community should stop crying about whitey and look upon thier own for creating what people think about them.

People like SB flaunt what they don't actually have with gaudy jewelry, expensive cars, and stacks of cash. Young people suck this up through the MEDIA and LYRICS. The younger generation thinks that this is the way to be, and emulate these f*****s.....with the appalling language, no morals, lack of education, and immaturity . It goes around and around.

I have to drive through the projects and all I see are expensive cars parked in front. All surrounding are abandoned houses and buildings, garbage on the streets, and hoards of people hanging out on street corners. But because these idiots live for free in funded housing and have the government pay their utilities and food, I guess they can afford that brand new BMW sitting outside their apartment. I guess the reason SB doesn't pay the bills, is because he probably grew up in that situation thinking everything should be a handout to long as the money you DO have is spent on material items to flash in everyone's faces.

1832 days ago


Its Nice to see someone making money as the rest are suffering trying to get jobs and taking care Of family. Amazing how artist complain about stealing songs when they get all that 100s Bills, Yes its there work but you still get all the money?. Music is noticed by radio, getting your record out, and even free songs to get air time and make money. Celebrities' that have so much money either spend it foolish or don't know what to with it. Charities Out there could use some.. for a good cause

Celebrities have lifes too there just like people.. getting notice for doing good things or stepping up

1832 days ago


Has anyone considered he has that money because he DOESN'T pay his bills? A one hit wonder can only have a lot of money for so long, it's happened over and over and over.

Apparently this ignorant fool also has never heard of gaining interest on investments, another reason he deserves to be broke. And you can bet the IRS saw this video too.

Chapter 11, here he comes.

1832 days ago


this is the typical way that these people react when their business is made public-I GOT MONEY. look at me,look at me. see he has to wear that gawdy crap so he will be noticed,maybe, in a crowd dressed just alike. you are a TALENTLESS wanna be!! dont by the "c-rap" he makes and he will fade away. one down several more to go. you readers can agree that i dont like him,and i'm black.

1832 days ago


What a loser. He is asking for someone to rob him. When he gets older he will learn.

1832 days ago

This is sad    

Rick1909, You make good points. I do believe you may be right. And White.... are you the "wow" idiot friend from the video? So sad. What a waste.

1832 days ago


He needs to be called "Little-Boy". I've never liked him, his music, his attitude, NOTHING!!! So if you have ALL that cash then pay your RENT!! And there's nothing worse than a "Show-Off" if all that you've shown is really yours. The next time you are robbed, don't file a complaint, try to kick yourself in the Azz and your so-called homies, who definitely do not have your back. Cause if they did they'd tell you how STUPID you seem. GROW UP!!!

1832 days ago


This is in response to "Foo Foo". Please don't make it seem like Blacks are the ONLY ones getting government assistance. Caucasian people are also getting monies from the government and are not USING the monies as they are intended to be used. They may not buy cars, but they are certainly buying other things. Maybe you should try to find a different route to drive so you don't have to drive "through" the projects since it annoys you so much. I don't know where you live or come from, but where I live it is not a one sided thing. Blacks & Whites are abusing the system.

1832 days ago


Response to #133 Michelle -I do know whites are abusing the system just as well. No doubt. But my POINT on this topic was that the types of people like SB who are FLAUNTING the extravagant material goods in your face--just as I see driving through the projects--makes a BIG IMPACT on what and how people will form stereotypes. You can't tell me that I'm wrong in this fact. The video says it all.

1832 days ago


A future headline will be his home forclosure or murder...

1832 days ago
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