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Usher 911 Call -- 'My Car Has Been Keyed'

10/14/2009 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Usher was cool, calm and collected when he called 911 back in September -- accusing his "ex wife" Tameka Raymond of vandalizing his truck.

Usher 911 Call

During the call, Usher explains to the operator that he had called cops the night before to file "a complaint because of potential domestic violence between me and my ex wife."

He then tells the operator that when he woke up the following morning, a person who was fixing a flat tire on his truck noticed that it had been keyed up on the side. During the call, Usher never directly accuses Tameka -- but insinuates that the scratch occurred as a result of the incident the night before.

As TMZ first reported, cops investigated the situation, but determined there wasn't enough evidence to make an arrest.


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I dont blame Usher at all. His ex is shady like that!

1835 days ago


I know Usher is very happy that he has signed those Papers. Too bad it was done after he fathered a second child with Tameka. Now, he will have to deal with this type of drama until Tameka matures which at this point is never. If she is doing childish things like keying a car, then she deserves to be by herself and Usher deserves much better. Happy Birthday Usher!! You already gave yourself the perfect gift - a divorce from Tameka Foster.

1835 days ago


He called 911 for a scratch on his truck. Nice. Does he know what a real emergency is? He should have call the non-emergency line. Maybe his ex should have scratched "moron" on the truck!!

1835 days ago


911? I understand that his car is prob worth more than my house, but since when is keying someone's car an emergency?? Don't get me wrong, I love Usher, but 911? Really?

1835 days ago


Come on people!!!!

Keying someone's vehicle is so high school.
If true and lasting revenge is what you really seek, you don't key a vehicle.

Be an adult about it, and just simply step up your game, and blow their heads off. LOL......ARTOFWAR

1835 days ago


Usher you Douche Bag!!!!

1835 days ago


Calling 911 because someone keyed your car? There are NON EMERGENCY POLICE LINES for that! It's calls like these that clog up the 911 lines and people with real emergencies can't get through and this has led to deaths before. 911 is for emergencies.

1835 days ago



1835 days ago


Vandalism is a crime. Usher's car being keyed was an emergency to him. He did right by calling the police. The police can then determine the threat level and act accordingly. In this case, this would have been a low priority call. Usher was violated and at the time called the one number he knew to call. I am not mad at him for doing so.

1835 days ago


I agree with comment #5.

1835 days ago

amie Class of 98 at North High    

Calling 911 cuz someone keyed his car how stupid.Do we need to take Usher back to elementary school and teach him when its appopriate to call 911.I used to love usher but he has turned itno such a d-bag.

1835 days ago


Usher's next single is entitled - She Keyed My Car.

1835 days ago

Joe Jackson is illiterate    

Why wasn't he arrested for making a stupid call, just like they arrested the guy who called 911 when he didn't get the correct order from MacDonalds.

Leave Tameka alone Usher. You got your 'nice time.' Your fans been harrassing the woman because she is dark-skinned, if she were light skinned everyone would think she was great and would be fighting on her behalf. Well I am fighting on her behalf. I hope she gets a good divorce lawyer and gets half of your present and future income! d*mn you!take

1835 days ago


Real Talk here - First of all, Usher and Tameka will always have to deal with each other because of their children. Second, Usher's fans gave him alot of grief about Tameka because they could see the drama a mile away not because of her complexion. Lastly, calling the police because you received wrong due treatment at a fast food establishment is stupid. Calling the police because your vehicle was keyed is just right. Usher has not done anything wrong but marry someone who is now giving him H-E double hockey sticks in return for his hand of marriage, and look at what that has given him.

1835 days ago


Why is he calling 911 about a keyed car? This is irresponsible, frivolous and selfish. There are people with real life threatening emergencies who need 911.

Why isn't the operator informing him 911 is for emergencies? If he weren't a celebrity, she'd probably be ripping into him.

1835 days ago
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