Worldwide Pants' Sex Policy -- Yes Means Yes

10/14/2009 1:57 AM PDT
TMZ has obtained the sexual harassment policy statement for David Letterman's production company, Worldwide Pants -- and what's NOT in the document is more interesting than what is.

David Letterman

Nothing in the document prohibits an employee from gettin' down with the host. In fact, the document -- which we're told was first distributed approximately five years ago -- does not prohibit sexual liaisons in the office, provided they're not "unsolicited and unwelcome."

The policy does make it clear it's inappropriate for a supervisor to offer a promotion, salary increase or any other type of bonus in exchange for "providing any form of sexual favor to or dating a supervisor."

If Letterman were held to CBS policies, he would have been required to notify a member of the CBS brass and declare his affair. But Letterman is not a CBS employee so that rule doesn't apply.

So ... as long as Letterman didn't reward his office "partners" with perks ... WWP would have no issues with him.