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Worldwide Pants' Sex Policy -- Yes Means Yes

10/14/2009 1:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the sexual harassment policy statement for David Letterman's production company, Worldwide Pants -- and what's NOT in the document is more interesting than what is.

David Letterman

Nothing in the document prohibits an employee from gettin' down with the host. In fact, the document -- which we're told was first distributed approximately five years ago -- does not prohibit sexual liaisons in the office, provided they're not "unsolicited and unwelcome."

The policy does make it clear it's inappropriate for a supervisor to offer a promotion, salary increase or any other type of bonus in exchange for "providing any form of sexual favor to or dating a supervisor."

If Letterman were held to CBS policies, he would have been required to notify a member of the CBS brass and declare his affair. But Letterman is not a CBS employee so that rule doesn't apply.

So ... as long as Letterman didn't reward his office "partners" with perks ... WWP would have no issues with him.


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Oh brother! Now this does sound bad. Stephanie was getting
and awful lot of on-air time and Aftra checks.

1834 days ago

Kandel Eaton    

I think you may want to check out Dave's moral turpitude clause with CBS. I think he caued a hostile workplace when he fired Birkit. I think she is owed the million bucks baby...CBS has big deep pockets...they should just fire that stupid bastard. Who the hell writes a check and then calls the police for extortion???! He broke up committed partners...and you can't tell me other things aren't going on here...He epitomizes male chauvinist pig all over the place. I thought it was just Republicans. Apparently it is in to hide in plain site...

1834 days ago


do y'all need a proofreader? cuz i could use the extra income - u suck at grammar

1834 days ago

o rly    

Simone has a three way sex scandal with balls and Kooky.

1834 days ago


i'm with jj
"distributed approximately five ago"

1834 days ago


I see Michael Jackson is now back at the top of "hot searches" - an issue that was somehow debated in recent days. I guess it will be a sad day for many when it all truly dies down, like a memory of greatness dying down ...m

1834 days ago


Nice Dave, real nice---you being the CEO and chief bottle washer of all things WorldWide Pants, you think you're quite the man here huh? Federal Employment Laws wont let you slide so will be great to see how many others start coming forward when the Class Action Sexual Harrassment Suit is filed. Oh the details that will come out as it makes it way to pre trial and actual trial...

We'll soon find out what this CAD is made of...after they get done with him even Indiana wont want him or allow him to claim it as his home state.

Stay locked up in your CT mansion or MT ranch..He's a miserable, bitter old recluse who probably actually detests women and might even be bi sexual given the rage he has felt towards them.

Its great...great payback.

1834 days ago

David Letterman is a slimebag. Boycott him!

1834 days ago


So... um... why did Dave have his contract at Worldwide Pants, his company, allow such legal sexual liasons between employees? Was Dave protecting himself from a future lawsuit because he intended on future dalliances with his underlings -- under his desk? I used to think Dave was cool. But his crude attempts at humor over his slanted side of the story, and how "scared he felt," fall flat and just make him look creepier. There is much more to the story. Dave could have easily written a 2 million check and had it all go away -- but I think this is a battle of wills amongst two rivals for Hollie Hester's affection. But Dave could offer more air time to Hollie so he got more booty time with his intern. Can't wait to see this on Court TV! Go get 'em Nancy Grace!

1834 days ago


And with all the sexual harassment stuff going on, Richard Gere can get away with his own self-humiliating masturbation adventures...again:

1834 days ago


What do you mean, boycott him? Why wouldn't you just not watch him because he is almost as funny as Bill "bitter old man" Mahr. If you are still watching either of these mental midgets you should check into the closest state facility. They are NO LONGER FUNNY!!!!! if they ever were.

1834 days ago

Mary Worth    

David Letterman is a natural redhead. Guess time turned his hair gray.
Never found him funny. Maybe it was the smirk. But he seemed to change for the better after his heart scares.

Then this thing comes to be.
Oh well, at least he's younger than we think? Ha!

Btw, I'm so grateful he had the spine to call down the Bush administration with the war crimes it was responsible for committing.

We all make mistakes. The rich make them more famously!

1834 days ago


Does TMZ have a problem with hetro sex? yo thats how you f@gs got here!

1834 days ago


This phony contract is just one more bit of proof of the twisted logic that liberal democrats in their dealings with the rest of us. While they push legislation prohibiting most of our free will and action, THEY CONTINUE with their immoral life style molesting the rest of humanity.

1834 days ago


You people are idiots. This is an EXTORTION case only. Not one --- I repeat not one lady has indicated they had any issue with him or that he harassed them. So get off his case -- there was only CONSENSUAL relationships here and there was not anyone fired. Interns come and go in this business and Stefanie was jut like all the others - no rewards were given her, no money, and no harassment at all. THis is a case of extortion - all this other stuff is noise - so shut up

1834 days ago
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