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Cops: Terminator Star's Victim Was 17 Years Old

10/15/2009 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Thomas DekkerTMZ has obtained the police report from Thomas Dekker's DUI bust in North Hollywood late last night -- which states the actor hit a 17-year-old kid who was trying to ride his bike past a freeway on-ramp.

According to the report, CHP officers who arrived to the scene claim they observed "a collision involving a silver Toyota Matrix and a bicycle blocking the #2 lane on the on-ramp."

The report explains that the victim was "ejected" from his bike and fell onto the street. Cops say he was eventually transported to a nearby hospital for minor injuries.

Cops then suspected that Dekker had been drinking and arrested him for "DUI resulting in an injury to a party involved in a traffic collision."

Dekker was arrested and transported to Van Nuys jail where he was released early this morning on $100,000 bail.


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Michelle we go again a nother Hollywood Actor who Has almost killed a person because they were under the influnence of something.. I hope he will take sometime to see to it that the Child he could have killed is alright.. but thats not even the worse part he will get some kind of probation or a slap on the wrist and then in a year or two he will pay a little money to make is seem like it never happend.. and not because he's hollywood a slap on the wrist is considerd hard time for them.. when will they realize they just because u make a movie or a stupid TV show u are not above the Law... Im so sick of the special treatment they get it needs to stop..

1803 days ago


What whiskey? I'm a minor. I didn't drink no stinkin whiskey.

1803 days ago

J dub    

I wonder if he spent all the money he made from the new Nightmare on Elm Street just to get out of jail. That $100,000 bail seems a little steep for someone that isn't charged with murder or some other high crime.

1803 days ago


This kid is lucky he didnt die. Generally these drunk driver situations work out like this: The sober people all get killed and the drunk walks away with a few scratches.

I hope he goes to jail for a loooong time.

1803 days ago


What is it with the actors that play John Connor? Eddie Furlong has been a drug addict for years and years. Christian Bale is a world class a-hole. And now Thomas Dekker hits someone while driving drunk. I wonder what skeletons Nick Stahl has in his closet!

1803 days ago


#4 I have been involved in the legal/insurance profession here for over 30 years. If we look at a "regular" non-high profile case involving a DUI with injury the bail fees are the "least" of his problems. A DUI is not only a very educational experience dealing with the legal system and the State, but also the lawyers involved in the process. To lawyers it is a gift that keeps on giving. In California, a DUI with ANY TYPE of injury is a Felony, and warrants bail of at least $100,000.00. If he had a decent bondsman that means it is going to cost him $10,000.00 just on bail fees to get out of jail last evening. Add in Attorney fees for a typical felony DUI is about $35000.00, suspended license/re-instate fee, DUI school fees and these cost just keep adding up. Plus most of the "State Approved Schools" are normally owned by many of the lawyers who drafted the States DUI laws and have since been "termed out of office". Cost of the schools average another $1000.00, Court fees (about $1500.00), increae in insurance premiums x 3 years minium($4500.00),SR22 filing fees by a "specialty insurance carrier"(more money-forget State Farm/AAA) any diversion/probation fee cost, loss of income due to mandatory classes, and that "last drink" of the night will have cost him well in excess of $100,000.00 when everything is said and done with. In California it remains of your record for "10 years".

1803 days ago

Carter Forster - London, Ontario, Canada    

I hear he's a poofer boy in real life. ;-) Maybe offer this 17yo a BJ and all of a suddenly, it aaaaaaall goes away. As Harvey Levin's TMZ site says: "I'm just sayin'..."

1803 days ago


Sad! i like his show though! i always watch it while im drinking my chrome soda!

1803 days ago


He was trying to run over a mexican bicyclist. Let him go.

1803 days ago


No.7. Please take your crap back to West Virginia or the Ozarks. Anyone who writes like you did dosen't have a computer, black or white. They probably couldn't spell the word. So everyone on this or any other site knows that you are a white man doing one heck of a poor imitation of a Black person. Question: Do you think you'll ever grow up and become a mature, thinking man before you die, or have you just given up on trying to be human? You are the prime example of the kind of person who gives the United States a bad name. Do us all a favor and just go away. Please......just go away.

1803 days ago

Rudy M Alapag Jr    

another Hollywood actor. but 1 of my best Terminator/Nightmare On Elm Street actor/celebrity. D-driving U-under I-influence. i remember that sometime ago. i hope he'll be bailed out, whether he'll resume acting or have some leave time.when i read about what happened to him on the i was shocked to death.i hope he'll be alright.hang in there Tom and there's a saying: NO FATE BUT WHAT WE MAKE FOR OURSELVES.i'm opened to news of his arrest and his bail.hope to hear about him going about his job or something. i'll be praying for ya.

1803 days ago


The victim IS 17, not WAS 17. The victim isn't dead.

1803 days ago


what kid of an idiot crosses a freeway on-ramp during the night? this bicyclist=idiot

1781 days ago

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