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Balloon Boy Investigation

10/16/2009 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the Larimer County Sheriff's Department will conduct an investigation into the getaway balloon caper. We're told they have not decided if it's a criminal investigation -- presumably filing a false report.

After a meeting today, Sheriff's officials tell us they will conduct interviews with the family beginning tomorrow, including the boy.

A Sheriff's official told us they will not interview the family today because "their physical and emotional state as of this morning is not well."

Thing is ... they've been doing TV nonstop. We're just sayin' ...

Story developing ...


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The drugged the kid today so he wouldn't blab any more?

1834 days ago


If this was my kid, he would get a good coupe of wallops in the rear (no, I'm not a child beater)
My young granddaughter used to hide when she was youunger. One day with her mother in Macy's she dissappeared. Security was called, all exits were closed and salespeople plus customers wew all looking for her. My daughter-in-law was frantic,
By the time the police arrived, my granddaughter came out from a rack of dresses where she had been hiding, laughing......but not for long!!

1834 days ago


HOAX!!! The parents are media whores. They were on "Wife Swap" twice and were on The Weather Channel and CNN ireports several times. The dad is a UFO looney. Since when is it legal to have a tinfoil UFO in the backyard that can fly 10,000 feet and disrupt the Denver Airport. Put both of the parents in jail for filing false reports, costing law enforcement and rescue $$$$$, and for costs to the Denver Airport. Send mail-order bride back to Phillippines.

1834 days ago


If they weren't intending to launch the ballon why was it filled with expensive helium gas - in the backyard of the home?

1834 days ago


I guess the Sheriff's office are the only ones concerned that this little boy was sick today. I hate seeing the investigation be put off, because it gives the parents time to tell the children what to say when they are questioned.

I hope that they take that little boy in a area away from his parents when they ask him questions.

1834 days ago


This was CLEARLY a stunt. The family should be charged with filing a fake report and financially charged for the cost of the investigation etc. The kid clearly said he did it for the show and he was instructed by the parents ahead of time this was for the show. End of story. Continuing to report ont hese idiots only feeds them what they want. Attention. Another reality disaster in the making. It's disgusting.

1834 days ago

M Murphy    

I think they should be made to pay all costs. Let's set an example that if your going to pull a prank your going to pay all costs. Not to mention these creeks are using their child.

1834 days ago


I hope that they take that little boy in a area away from his parents when they ask him questions.

Posted at 12:09PM on Oct 16th 2009 by Bren

i do too bren! but can they get a lawyer and not let the kid answer any questions?? poor kids, i feel sorry for them, their father seems angry and crazy too. thanks for posting the 911 call TMZ! i thought it was weird that he never came back to talk to the 911 operator. thanks for posting the video too! seeing the father get angry like that makes me think he values that stupid balloon (or as they called it a "ufo") more than his family. it makes me mad if he knew the kid couldnt get in there but then said he was in there to the airports and media. the only good thing that could come out of this is an investigation into whether the kids are okay.

1834 days ago


There are several key things pointing to it being a complete fabrication by the parents. I guarantee they will be seeking much more time in the limelight. It pisses me off. Americans should be pissed off too. How many manhours did they waste yesterday? Pathetic.

1834 days ago


the father is a criminal and a FRAUD!!

how DARE he have his kid LIE for him. What a narcissist!

1834 days ago


if it turns out that they actually thought that the boy was in it after it took off then someone should report them to Child Protective Services for neglect and endangering the child

on the Today Show the dad said that maybe he yelled too much at the child-scared him and he hid

then what is the father screaming at the child to sent him into that much of a panic to stay hidden for so long in fear?

If that was the case then then CPS needs to check for child abuse

either way this family now deserves to be investigated
anyone agree?

1834 days ago


Yah seriously, how thick headed is this? Hummm so what's the next step since they'll probably have the same explanation? Oh right, let it slide. Oh well, at least the family will be a laughing stock for this.

Next sham, lock the kids in the trunk during the interview.


1834 days ago

They were in it for the money    

I bet after all is said and done, the nitwit father tries to sue the Sheriff's Dept. for destroying his prototype UFO flying saucer. and he'll claim he didn't want to call 911 they forced him to do this.

1834 days ago


12. Leave the family alone!!! I enjoyed watching them on tv.
Posted at 11:50AM on Oct 16th 2009 by laura bell lou

Then they should be allowed to get away with anything they want, right? Since you ENJOYED WATCHING THEM ON TV that's all the defense they need? With reasoning like that, we wonder why this country is in trouble.

1834 days ago


Tom is soo right. Why was the balloon filled with helium if they had not planned to launch it?

1834 days ago
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