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Katherine Jackson -- This Isn't It

10/16/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Katherine Jackson Something is going on with the Jackson family ... multiple sources are telling us the family has been invited with open arms to attend the premiere of "This Is It" ... but Katherine Jackson and other family members insist they have been snubbed.

Here's what we know -- 60 tickets for the Michael Jackson movie have been offered to the family, yet Katherine insists no one ever called them about getting seats. Several sources tell us they believe the ticket offer was made to certain members of the family but the offer was never relayed to Katherine.

Fact is ... Katherine doesn't want to see the movie. She tells TMZ as far as she's concerned it's not a real movie because there is no acting -- just rehearsal footage.

But we're also told Jackson's three kids have been telling Katherine they want to see it ... bad.

Joe Jackson insists "This Is It" is mostly body doubles and "the media is going to tear this movie apart."

Sources say Sony not only offered the Jackson family seats to the premiere, but also offered a private screening.

Is it possible one of Katherine's sons is hoarding info? Just a theory ...


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Insanity On Blackberry 1.0    

Insanity Says: Here is the address.

1842 days ago


378. Hi Deb

How is Henry?
I have been thinking of you both and
including you in my prayers.

Hi Kaz,

First I want to thank you and everyone who has been praying for Henry; it means more to me than I can express. As of this morning he is still the same, no change. He is receiving good medical care, and his family (there are TONS of them which is a good thing) are all at the hospital taking turns seeing him. I decided to take a day off because every time I go in I am taking someone's turn. I plan on going up there tomorrow in between breaks at work.

The doctors have said to be patient, that just because he is in a coma does not mean he is dying. His vital signs are good, he is stable, we are just waiting for him to wake up to see what residual damage there may be. He had a stroke in 2002 and had to learn to walk and talk and all that again; I am hoping it is not that bad this time but if it is we will deal with it at that time.

Thank you so much for your concern! I really, really appreciate it.


1842 days ago

Joe Jackson is illiterate    

If Randy jackson is posting here, it goes to show that he has a lot of time on his hands, maybe the garage where he was working shut down. As much as I like Randy and feel sorry for him because his wife moved on to Jermaine, and now his children have cousins that are also their half sisters/brothers; I feel he really loved MJ but Randy, the fans loved him MORE! Joe Jackson is the pimp-looking, greedy azz, illiterate who caused Michael's death, and now want to take credit for Michael's achievement. Joe, if you made Michael great, why didn't you do the same for Marlon and Jermaine etc? Jermaine wanted it bad. BOYCOTT JOE's $3000.00 showing in Las Vegas of "This is It" at the Palms, I think, at which he is going to give himself an award for being a child abuser I guess!!

1842 days ago


384. 378. Hi Deb

How is Henry?
I have been thinking of you both and
including you in my prayers.

Hey Deb I was praying last night that your old man would died..

1842 days ago


Janalal4 - Hope you see this! I checked on the cable/dish thing to see if anything had changed since last summer. Turns out we DO have Dish available in our area, but not cable. We are fairly close to a large city so I don't understand the cable not being available, but we are in an unincorporated part of the county and that means we are ALWAYS behind on everything. Believe it or not I was on dial-up until a couple of years ago when the phone company FINALLY got DSL to us. I don't really live in "the sticks" but it is a forested area and there aren't many of us out here, so maybe the cable company thinks it's not worth their time and money. I dunno. Just thought I'd let you know because I had told you the other day none of them are available and since found out differently. But I am not getting the dish; a lot of people I know who have it say when it's cloudy or rainy or snowy they lose reception. I will just wait until cable gets out here. TTYL

1842 days ago


Hey Deb I was praying last night that your old man would died..

Posted at 7:20PM on Oct 16th 2009 by ha ha ha

I *was* getting angry when I read these over the past few days, but no more. Your posts about this subject show what an evil, repulsive, degenerate, hateful little imbecile you really are. If you don't understand what I just said get out a dictionary; I am sure they are big words to you and beyond your comprehension.

1842 days ago


if you were jordan chandler and you lied about being molested would you come out and admit it? i would have been alot more convinced that it happened if he appeared at he 2005 trial .he is an adult .absolutely no reason he could not have testified against the man that supposedly did such a terrible thing to him.other than you might be under oath and cross examined..that is just my opinon.both sides can be argued and nobody mind is ever going to be changed .no, iam am not a rabid fan .when he settled in the nineties i really thought he did it but after i researched it myself instead of relying on the main stream media i changed my mind.whatever its too late now for all of the players .there reputations are all sealed

1842 days ago


Vote For Michael To Sweep The Board At The American Music Awards / Boycott Shmuley's Book / Let's Get Organized Wed, 10/14/2009 - 13:24 — Dazzlerillusio Okay, so we all know 'This Is It ' is an old track, and we know the brothers are on it in order to earn performance royalties. And yes, it's upsetting to think that what Michael considered an acceptable standard before a song should be publicly presented has clearly not been adhered to; but as far as musical legacies go, I don't think Michael Jackson's is in any danger. His catalogue, hits and musical ascendancy are peerless. His music transcends race, language and generations, more than that - it is, like Michael - immortal. There is nothing left for him prove. I say this to remind some of the fans who have posted on here ( and who I know in reality are only saying negative things because they are grieving so hard and wanted this release to be amazing ); - that the real battle is not with Sony, who, like any commercial company are naturally seeking to maximize their yield and profit.

It is important that we, as fans, remember Michael Jackson's estate ( which directly benefits his children) will receive 80% of the monies and profit share earned from ticket sales of the movie, the album, opus, posters, exhibitions and so on. The estate is by no means in the clear yet solvency-wise as there are a high number of debt claims and suits that have been made against the estate that need to be honoured. We must keep in mind the bigger picture. We, the worldwide fan community need to be organized, clear-thinking and ready to send any release of Michael's to the top of the billboard ( and any other ) chart to make sure Michael stays heard, recognized and relevant. Save your anger and your energy for those who deserve it. You know who they are. The real battle lies in making sure that those who hurt and adandoned, slandered and ultimately contributed to the degradation and erosion of Michael's joy and spirit while he lived; do not now profit from his death. I am of course talking about Rabbi Shmuley, Ian Halpern, Nancy Grace, Diane Dimond, Gloria Allred, Martin Bashir and Tom Sneddon. Redirect your rage and your anger away from Sony who are simply doing what all record giants do, and instead let us join together and boycott Shmuley's book. There is no need to buy it, it is available for download on this very site.
The fight for Michael continues. Here is how you can help:

1: You can write a letter AND an email to Congresswoman's Lee's office in support of Resolution 600 - the proposal that seeks to have Michael honoured as a global humanitarian and musical legend:

The email address at Lee's office is:
( Congresswoman Lee's point of contact in her office. )

Postal address is: F.A.O Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee
Washington Office
2160 Rayburn Building
Washington D.C 20515

2: Email Spike Lee who is championing Michael on his site:

3: Lobby Mary A Fischer to write a new expose of her findings about the non-validity and lies behind the 1993 allegations Michael faced at: info@

4: Lobby Thomas Mesereau to add his considerable legal expertise to the worldwide movement for vindication of Michael's name re the 1993 allegations by emailing him at:

All communication with the above must be spell-checked, articulate and professionally set out, in order for it to be taken seriously. Simply state that you wish to be involved in the growing worldwide movement for Vindication of Michael's name as regards the allegations he faced during his life, and you also wish to add your name to the lobby for the passing of Resolution 600. These people need to know there is a worldwide groundswell of public opinion out there that supports the work they are already doing. These are the places where we should be applying our energy and our justified outrage, not Sony.


" We, the worldwide fan community who love, respect and honour Michael Jackson are united in our defiance of Shmuley's act of betrayal. We do not support this book in any way. It is a total violation of Michael's right to privacy and we believe the publication of the content of these tapes to be a breach of the trust Michael placed in Shmuley. We, the worldwide fan community will not join Shmuley in his betrayal and we will not help him profit from his deception of Michael. Not only will we not buy the book, we also send a clear message to all others who seek to attack the truth, beauty and integrity of Michael's memory. This statement is a declaration of our intent. We, as a community will not support or tolerate any such attacks, but will actively protect Michael's legacy and rights - not only for Michael and his children who survive him, but for all of us who choose to honour what Michael achieved, endured and gave here.

1842 days ago


Posted at 7:26PM on Oct 16th 2009 by nan norris

I totally agree, Nan. When the Jordan Chandler thing was made public, my first reaction was "no way Michael would do that." Then, when news of the settlement came out I was like "noooooooooooooooooo Michael nooooooo!" I spent a few years trying to not think about it; I didn't listen to Michael's music and I was extremely disappointed in him. When the Arvizo family came out with their accusations it was another case of "Noooooooooooooooo!" That is, until I did some research as you did and came to believe Michael was innocent of every allegation.

So, like the haters, I spent several years thinking Michael did it. Until I found out for myself. I wish all the haters would do their homework instead of blindly spewing what the media feeds them, but they won't, they're too lazy and too afraid to admit to themselves or anyone else that they are wrong.

I am so glad I did my homework, because it brought Michael back to me. I just wish I hadn't lost all those years and I cannot IMAGINE the hell Michael went through. I really think the trial was the last straw and he wouldn't have made it much longer anyway. It killed him.

1842 days ago


God!! Even Oprah is trying to capitalize on MJ's death!!! Will this ever end??!!

1842 days ago


392. God!! Even Oprah is trying to capitalize on MJ's death!!! Will this ever end??!!

Posted at 7:33PM on Oct 16th 2009 by :(

OK I have to know, what did she do NOW? I used to like Oprah but that was a looooooooong time ago. Maybe we need to start an email campaign that will bring her website down to show her our displeasure, not to mention our strength of numbers?

1842 days ago


Miss.Jackson has suffer a painful lost of her late son Michael Jackson. Then she has too raised her grand children which no one else wants to help her raised. Then the media saying all this nasty bad things about her son. So only Michael Jackson true fans, and friends knows what Miss. Jackson is going though. Micheal Jackson didn't want his kids in the spot light and either dose his mom. People would do anything just too make a dollar.

1842 days ago


The dr. Murray drives with MD sticker on car without' registration, never paying child support, Jermaine never Pay child support and lived in luxury {he's now investing Gold in India} Hollywood Doctors killing rich and famous' from before Elvis, up-to after Michael.

Pharmacies selling pills without any patient names, Pharmaceutical distribution company's selling illegal Steroids to kill Chris Benoit, Woman and child to later illegally sell Propofol to kill Michael Jackson {illegally meaning against the law and with Malice intent} still making money' today.

The 2002's Will's ink had to be washed off the Judges hands {Joe Jackson thumb's-up picture, was a' we burned most recent Will, reasoning} Michael's Sneddon pictures {he sued for their return} are in former DA's safety deposit box, the Joe Jackson Autopsy report's bottom two lines quoted the L.A. Coroner with distinction' and never denied.

Court testimony' Sony off-shored Branca money to Bankrupt Michael and Nanny Grace was planted to spy against Michael' and was always the spy' children's danger can only be addressed by Michael's friend Mesereau with 1997 Will or no Will.

Figure 5,000 drug deaths' for each Superstars drug death.
Figure 1,000 drug addicts in jail for using, not selling drugs, for every Superstar that high dollar Attorneys have Judge's excuse from even paying damages.
The friends of Michael, Superstar friends are silent.

AEG will make over 200 Million on "this is it" movie, AEG will get 100% profit from "this is it" DVD, "this is it" movie will be re-released in 3D in 2010, Michael's film library is immense, their will be a movie for no less than' every Mr. Michael Jackson Album' likely in 3D.

Posted at 10:17AM on Oct 16th 2009 by Guitar

Read more:

Aren't u the same f&*k that keeps saying Michaeal had is man-parts dismembered by Joe? Aren't u the same person who keeps writing in the "Katherine can challenge the Estate" blog and keeps getting shot down with your f*&ked up theories that change every other day. Ur theories are sh*&ter than this person, so don't go posting all ur bulls*&t either cause the only one believing u is urself.

At least this person makes a comment and sticks with. Change ur name from Guitar to bulls*&t, it suits u better!

1842 days ago


hating someone else makes small minded people feel better about themselves ,very insecure...and i am not talking about people who dislike michael jackson,disagree about drug use or any of the other crap opinions can and should differ............i am talking about the people who would call mother theresa a pervert with a foot fetish because she washed the feet of the poor.cant you find any goodness in someone else?cant you find any goodness in yourself?my God get a kitten or something to melt your cold heart

1842 days ago

Miss U MJ    

Good evening all!

1842 days ago
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