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Katherine Jackson -- This Isn't It

10/16/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Katherine Jackson Something is going on with the Jackson family ... multiple sources are telling us the family has been invited with open arms to attend the premiere of "This Is It" ... but Katherine Jackson and other family members insist they have been snubbed.

Here's what we know -- 60 tickets for the Michael Jackson movie have been offered to the family, yet Katherine insists no one ever called them about getting seats. Several sources tell us they believe the ticket offer was made to certain members of the family but the offer was never relayed to Katherine.

Fact is ... Katherine doesn't want to see the movie. She tells TMZ as far as she's concerned it's not a real movie because there is no acting -- just rehearsal footage.

But we're also told Jackson's three kids have been telling Katherine they want to see it ... bad.

Joe Jackson insists "This Is It" is mostly body doubles and "the media is going to tear this movie apart."

Sources say Sony not only offered the Jackson family seats to the premiere, but also offered a private screening.

Is it possible one of Katherine's sons is hoarding info? Just a theory ...


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1833 days ago


Kenny Ortega appeared on Oprah to promote the film. I would hardly call that as trying to capitalize on Michaels death.

Deb, sending out many prayers for Henry.

1833 days ago


For those of you that believe a 'not guilty' verdict is the same thing as innocent, why are you making it such a mission to clear Michael's name, in your mind it is already cleared.

As for the others that believe that 'where's there's smoke there's fire,' you won't change their minds

If you do succeed in getting Oprah to do a show on Michael, you had better be prepared for what you might hear, there's good reason that Oprah is the most successful TV personality ever.

1833 days ago

Miss U MJ    

Hi Deb, My prayers continue for Henry. Glad there is alot of family there with you to encourage him, they can still hear you speaking and it is important to talk to him. I hope he comes to soon. Miracles happen! Hugs sent your way, keep positive.

Justice for Michael

1833 days ago


What do you have to say about this Deb??? You people keep talking about all this humanitarian work MJ did. But what about abandoning his animals. what do you have to say about this it's all over the internet and it was on tv when it happen.

Posted at 8:24PM on Oct 16th 2009 by hypocrites

I am not privy to the facts pertaining to this so I cannot comment. I do believe though that Michael would have someone in charge of paying his bills and didn't follow through. That is a proven fact. How it regards the animals I don't know and won't pretend to.

1833 days ago


Oprah said that she had not been to a regular movie theater for many, many years, but she will be there to watch Michael's movie.

Oprah said an armed guard came along to escort the movie clips to her, Michael's children are going to be very proud of their dad.

1833 days ago


I watched Oprah today and she praised Michael, she was teary eyed and said she will be at the movie on Oct. 28th, and that she has not been to a theater in years. She said his death was a big loss. She looked sincere, but several weeks ago, when her show re aired her 93 interview of Michael, she didn't seem that upset at all. I think she is now reacting to the fan's criticism. Kenny Ortega seemed like he really cared about Michael. They had been friends for 25 years. Remember MJ had friends like Miko who also did not step in. I think it's unfair to just blame people like Ortega. Miko said on LKL that he was at rehearsals too. In hindsight, we would all do things differently in our lives. I'm sure Ortega, friends and family all wish they had handled things differently.
Off topic. To ha ha ha. To attack a poster, not for her opinion, but on a personal level like you did tonight, proves that you are nothing but a piece of sh*t. Why is it that the good ones always die and the heartless ones always live to pollute our world with hate? Deb, you don't know me, but I hope for your friend's speedy recovery. My mother had a stroke many years ago and I know how difficult it can be for both the victim and the family. Hang in there and ignore the ignorant.

1833 days ago


Thank you to those praying for Henry. I draw immense strength from you whether you know it or not. Sometimes when I am at the hospital the thought of you folks praying crosses my mind and it gives me hope. I will keep you posted.


1833 days ago

Miss U MJ    

Hi Kaz, good evening!

1833 days ago


Posted at 8:54PM on Oct 16th 2009 by sarahp

152. Jury Decision Based Entirely On Evidence
(Media's Declarations of Innocence Inaccurate)

Juries never find defendants innocent. They cannot. Not only is it
not their job, it is not within their power. They can only find them "not guilty."

Posted at 7:56PM on Oct 15th 2009 by dumbazz fans

1833 days ago


425. Kenny Ortega appeared on Oprah to promote the film. I would hardly call that as trying to capitalize on Michaels death.

Deb, sending out many prayers for Henry.

Posted at 8:46PM on Oct 16th 2009 by MiMi

Thank you MiMi. It's nice to hear that the show was positive. I keep hearing how AEG is going to make all this money off the movie, but didn't they sell the rights to Sony? And won't Michael's family benefit in some fashion from the movie? I have heard some outrageous opinions about this and it only makes sense that his family should benefit. And I am not one to stick up for the Jacksons, believe me. His kids, his mom - yeah.

1833 days ago


Deb stop with your self pity sh*t
Who gives a F*CK about Henry
F*CK Henry this is about MJ not your cripple

1833 days ago

Vanessa Kaye    

Now whether any of you believe this or not... that was in deed a body double who made the announcent of the london tour. And this same person does make an appearance in the film. So, I know Joe can i say this nicely...he is not worthy of being truthful or honest. But I do belive that was a double at the announcement. And I do believe that he is in the film. THat was just a confirmation for myself. Whether or not Michael Jackson is alive is NOW debatable but really friggin unlikely unfortunately =-(

1833 days ago


Well I'm sure we all heard what La Toya said about the movie the other day. I guess she doesn't get it either - these are rehearsals, not the finished product. Of course Michael wouldn't be in full blown performance mode, that's why they are called rehearsals.

And once again the family can't even come to the same decision if they had been invited or not - they all practically live under one roof! What is wrong with this family? I thought my family was disfunctional!

Oh Michael, God bless you. If the kids want to see it, let them! This is their father for petes sake!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe - stop it! It wouldn't matter what Michael did the media would tear it apart. This movie is for his fans and I will be there (3 times!)so I can give my support to Michael - to his estate. Whether it goes into other peoples pockets, I don't care. The most important thing to me is that I support MIchael and if it means that someone else profits a little bit, then so be it.

The Jackson family needs to come together over Michael, right now!

Love you Michael!!!!!!

1833 days ago

Miss U MJ    

I feel Oprah did Michael some justice tonight on her show, despite what alot of us saw in her recap of her'93 interview with him. I believe that she inspired alot of her anti-MJ viewers to see him in a different light. She seemed sincere tonight though, could it be because of all the flack she received from fans of MJ? I don't know? I don't think she would risk losing some of her fan base by seeming so taken by MJ's talent and so inspired that she will go to a movie theater for the first time in a long time to see it.
She did say how big a loss this is. Lets just wait to see if she ever brings up anything negative in the future. I don't normally watch her, but wanted to see MJ :`(

1833 days ago
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