Balloon Landing Turns Crop to Crap

10/17/2009 9:20 AM PDT

Balloon Landing Turns Crop to Crap

The infamously boy-less balloon caused even more trouble than we thought on Thursday -- because its landing also wreaked havoc on a valuable wheat crop desperately needed by a local family.

TMZ spoke with Doug and Joanna Abbott who told us their 300-acre wheat crop was destroyed mostly by emergency vehicles racing across their field to chase the balloon -- which also caused its fair share of damage.

The couple tells TMZ: "It does make you wonder what kind of attention the family was after by using this little boy."

Sadly, we're told the field only produces a crop of wheat once every two years, which means the couple will have to wait two more years to see the full fruit of their labors ... all because of some giant empty publicity stunt balloon.

We asked if the couple would be considering their legal options -- but they wouldn't say.