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Debbie Rowe -- TV Lies Worth $490k

10/17/2009 10:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie RoweDebbie Rowe, the mother of Michael Jackson's kids, has figured out exactly what the penalty is for allegedly lying about her on TV -- $490,000.

Rowe is asking a judge to issue a default judgment on her behalf in her defamation lawsuit against Rebecca White.

Rowe claims White was lying when she gave a television interview claiming she had an email from Debbie Rowe that said, "Do I want the kids? Hell no. Does it look good for me to ask for them? Absolutely."

Rowe filed the original lawsuit in July. A hearing on Rowe's petition to issue a default judgment against White is scheduled for November.


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85. People actually believe all this nonsense that is being published. It is amazing how media can turn a first rate person into something ugly.

The former Mrs. Debbie Rowe Jackson is a saint as far as I'm concerned.

Posted at 8:04PM on Oct 17th 2009 by tone

Me, too. Everyone here that knows me can tell you I NEVER EVER say anything bad about Debbie. She and Michael had an agreement, and rather than thinking of her as heartless that she "abandoned" her children, I believe her when she says she had them as a "gift" to him and that she didn't abandon them because "they were with their father, where they should be." I doubt many of us could be as selfless. And for those who don't know, she DOES have visitation with the kids as part of her and Katherine's agreement. She just doesn't make a big media show of it; those are her kids, not her horses!

1779 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Good for Debbie! I support her. I can't imagine for a moment what it must be like to not come from celebrity, marry the most famous man on the Earth, have his children and then be in the position she's in now--most of the planet against her. She's listened to such negativity said about her and no one out there supporting her.

Well, again, I support her. Hugs and love to you Debbie.

1779 days ago

a fan    

1779 days ago


Don't forget Debbie was there when Klein got Michael started on a lot of those prescription drugs. Debbie is an angel? I don't think so!! Michael cut her off completely!!! I support Michael not Debbie Rowe. He had his reasons!!

1779 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

From Spain Mj went into a Doctor,s office

1779 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

What is he doing in there.Deb you animal.PETA now what,put them all to sleep.

1779 days ago


Paris knows of what she speaks




1779 days ago


If the media is reporting lies about Debbie than she should certainly sue, maybe it will send a message to the media to thoroughly check their source of information before reporting
inaccurate information.
Remember this partially lead to MJ'S death ALL THE FALSE INFORMATION THAT WAS REPORTED ABOUT HIM!!!

1778 days ago


Has anyone ever looked at why Michael married such "tough" women? He seemed like a gentle person, yet he picked two women who looked, and acted, like they'd just as soon kill you as talk to you. One acts like an old bar-fly and the other one always looks like she smells something bad.

1778 days ago


Posted at 1:39AM on Oct 18th 2009 by Denese
Has anyone ever looked at why Michael married such "tough" women? He seemed like a gentle person, yet he picked two women who looked, and acted, like they'd just as soon kill you as talk to you. One acts like an old bar-fly and the other one always looks like she smells something bad.
We can only speculate, but...

I'm assuming Debbie was chosen for contractual convenience (MJ's desire for kids of his own overshadowed the butch wife, plus she was known in advance). I doubt these two were getting it on in any way, shape or form.

I'm assuming Lisa was chosen for headlines (make a bigger headline than the allegations - given the Elvis connection and all).

He could pick up better-looking women ANYWHERE and I'm feeling a bit cynical about it all, but I guess it's possible he could have loved one or both of these women, too. I just think he can't easily trust people and knew what he wanted and how to get it, and knows all too well the pain a bad marriage can cause, so he always wanted control of the kids and of any relationship (?) he was in.

1778 days ago


I would like to ask Rowe if the lapd has questioned her about giving Michael prescribed drugs.Did she tell MICHAEL that the drugs he was taking was safe.MICHAEL did not include Rowe in his will why?She gave him prescribed drugs a way back.I hope MRS Jackson never lets Rowe near these kids.MJJ.FAN

1778 days ago


to 88, I feel sorry for Debbie too , so much sorry ,so bad end of story for each one in this family,my love to you Debbie

1778 days ago


she's so disgusting. she looks like she's just wallowing in self-hatred. she shouldn't be allowed near those kids until they are adults and they truly want to know her. there must be a reason she was out and those kids shouldn't have to carry the weight of that mess-no matter how sad it makes her. like most of the women in these MJ headlines--made your choices--the price is nobody's to pay but your own. plenty of kids don't know their birth mothers and many of them are better off for it. not to mention NOT wanting to see this cow in the media while she attempts future money making interviews.

1778 days ago


deb is white trash.her mother gave her away.(bio)paris gonna give her kids away!jus like her trashie mother the apple dont fall far from the tree.or is it like calling the kettle white.give the bitch back her white trash kids to raise!whore!

1778 days ago
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