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Britney's Back in Black

10/19/2009 1:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Showing off her bikini body and her Kabbalah string, Britney Spears soaked her conservatorship bones in the Mexican sun with agent/boyfriend/minder Jason Trawick this weekend.


The 27-year-old mother of two has the #1 song in the country and curves to go with it.


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Hahahahahaha You guys are all funny as hell. She looks fine. She is not ready to do a magazine shoot but so what. She is very doable. I'm picky and I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers.

1746 days ago


Jason.... what a guy. Slithers his way into a rich chick.
Now he is living the life.

I guess I'm jealous really. Way to go Jason. Treat her nice.

1794 days ago


Ummm, she looks a wee bit pregnant to me.....

1794 days ago

o rly    

SIMONE (all of them) could only wish to look that decent.

1794 days ago

Justice !    

Way to go Britt! She looks great and is doing well ! I am so happy to see this talented and beautiful young lady happy :-)

She def does "not" look preg!

1794 days ago

doc murry    

damn she is sooo hot........did she have a breast reduction,,it looks like it,,please mommy dont take my fun-pillows away....if she was my mom i would never leave home and i would pray to god himself that she would breast feed me till i was 50

1794 days ago

Marketing $ociologist    

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? Remember all those hot videos of her? Looks like the eve of the 21st Century's second decade (or having children) has not been kind to Britney Spears' appearance. Her and Lindsay Lohan should hang out together - over the hill skanks on parade. Makes Paris Hilton look fabulous.

1794 days ago


She seriously looks pregnant.

1794 days ago


I still think it's crazy that Britney has to live under a Taliban conservator ship. She had a couple of melt downs. OK, so she needed some help but my god. She has been stripped of all her civil rights. This poor woman has no access to an attorney. She is not allowed to make any decisions on how her money will be invested or spent. She can't even be allowed to use the phone without monitoring.However she is perfectly capable of working and being successful.This is a really scary precedent.In the future stars who don't behave the way people think they should behave, especially their parents can get a court order to take away all their legal rights, civil rights, citizenship rights and virtually control every single aspect of their lives. That is just too scary.It's wrong. If you are stripped of the right to have an attorney then you are so F@#$ed! If I was Britney, after the conservatorship was over I would move to Europe and apply for citizenship. I would disown my parents and make it perfectly clear that there would be no forgiveness for this atrocity they have forced upon her. I would slam them publicly. I would never give them one dime.If we all new how Britney really feels we would be shocked. She cant even say anything about it for fear she will never be out of this Taliban prison her good for nothing parents put her in.What kind of parent pimps out their child? I pray Britney gets her freedom soon. When she does she needs to RUN!

1794 days ago


She's not pregnant, it's a late night Taco Bell hangunder.

1794 days ago


Ok, with all her money and what not why does her weave look like something you see on Tuesday afternoon at the strip club? She looks ratty as hell. And she does not need to make ANY decisions about her life, she was 12 minutes away from being the next Anna Nicole. It's a wonder she gets to keep her kids...

1794 days ago


I'm from Louisiana and very happy to see Brit back on top again. Keep up the great work Brit and family.

1794 days ago


Poor thing stays in a zombie like state!

1794 days ago


TMZ, I am not impressed with her "curves". I agree with others that she looks like she is in early pregnancy. Hope not as that will really trigger her mental issues. Hormone changes of pregnancy can be hard on the body and the mind.

Also, look at her face. Gone is the pretty and sweet looking girl of the past. Here she just looks tough and angry.

Originally I was against the plan for her father to govern her life and her money but as she became sicker and more erratci I came to believe that if not controlled she would eventually be a street person living under a bridge underpass.

1794 days ago


Are you people crazy? She looks terrible.

1794 days ago
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