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DMX Goes Ballistic at Charity Concert

10/19/2009 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He was late ... to a very important date ... and when he arrived, DMX went nuclear on security guards who wouldn't allow him perform at a charity event this weekend.

DMX: Click to watch
The rapper got into a screaming match with security when he arrived to a Colorado Springs concert nearly 90 minutes after security was told he was scheduled to perform. In the video, both sides can be seen going off on each other.

X, his bodyguards and fans eventually got into a shoving match with security in front of the stage, while the crowd -- who had already been told he wasn't going to show -- chanted "DMX! DMX!"

He eventually got on stage -- but the sound system was reportedly turned off so he couldn't perform.

Only DMX could turn a charity event into a melee.


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Carolyn A-B    

TMZ, your last sentence gave you away.
From the sound of it, DMX tried to fulfill a scheduled appearance and met interference when he tried to perform. He was late, but he wasn't a no-show.
Don't put this all on his shoulders. Just whose melee was this?

1793 days ago


Down Hill....sad.

1793 days ago


Why does he always have to start some sh*t? The crowd obviously wanted him to perform, why didn't his people just speak to the promoters of the event. I'm sure they would rather have had him perform than just turn him away. But this ignorant MF has to get all violent. Riots are not a solution. Some folks never learn.

1793 days ago

London not England    


WHO THE F@#K is he anyway......Wasn't this JIGGA relevant in the 90's and THAT'S IT?!?!?!?!?!
He spends more time in front of a Judge than in concert.....I don't even remember what he sang(rapped)...?!?!?!?!??!

Somebody should bust him in his chops, or when he's in JAIL, make him drop the SOAP!~!~!
That would calm him down a bit!!!!
I get sick of BAMMAS...we have an African American President for God's sakes.....PULL YO PANTS UP BLACK MEN AND STOP "ACTIN" S-T-U-P-I-D.!!!!!!!

1793 days ago


He lived down the street from me in Cave Creek Az....the guy is a nutcase

1793 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Nice going D, way to reinforce all the racist stereotypes that rappers are just selfish sociopathic thugs.
Try to grow up and act like an adult - resorting to violence when you don't get your way is what toddlers do.
If not, one day you will get your ticket punched permanently.

1793 days ago


Enough with this Jackaxx he thinks he's above the law again send his azz bk to Arizona Prison Please!!!!!!!!

1793 days ago


Thats messed up, DMX is notorious for being late. If he were a complete sell out like Jay Z or Puff Daddy I am sure they would have let him in. Unfortunately for X he is the only real great rapper left of his time. The rest have sold out and do songs like "Sexual Seduction". KEEP IT REAL X KEEP IT REAL !

1793 days ago

Larry Hagman    

A GIANT self-absorbed douche!
Oh I'm so important I'll show up as late as I want and they'll just have to let me in.
MASSIVE douche!

1793 days ago

pink floyd    

he misses his prison bitch boyfriend.

1793 days ago

Zonny VanRant    

I agree with Kevin on: pullin your pants up. But it's not all black people that walk around like that. DMX is a loser and always will be and has nothing to do with his pants. Other than that, Kevin you're a racist... go put yur hood back on doofus.

1793 days ago


He was late 90 minutes... that's one and one-half hours for you chronologically disabled.

He can go back to jail.

1793 days ago


I happen to think DMX is a very talented rapper. Thats why it sucks when I see crap like this. 90 minutes late does not fall in the average "fashionably late" category. The worst part is that X's people are actually escalating the situation by pushing/getting in the face of the security guards. I mean if you really wanted to have him perform, how about you have his a** there ON TIME!

1793 days ago

London not England    

#15 -Yo Greasy Granny

Now what would make YOU think I'm a racist??? No KKK hoods here.

This is coming from a black man....

1793 days ago


im a dmx fan and i know he came late for this, but come on seriously?!?? you can't let dmx perform when everyone is chanting his name??? Also it was for charity and everyone wanted to see dmx. It wasnt like it was a local band or something... cmon people and enough about the racism

1793 days ago
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