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Maria Shriver -- Embarrassed, Line One

10/19/2009 1:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The cell phone abusing First Lady of California appeared on "Today" this morning -- where the whole crew wasted no time bustin' her chops over that whole talking-while-driving thing.

Maria Shriver: Click to watch
When asked about the handsfree debacle, Maria Shriver said "Of all the things I've done in my life, this has gotten the most attention."

Here we thought it was marrying Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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o rly    

Another celeb that's getting away with it and garners some publicity in the process.

1830 days ago


She is really starting to look hideous in her old age.

1830 days ago


I despise people who think they are above the law. Donating an old cell phone is hardly enough.

1830 days ago


She is such a fake and Ann Curry is even worse for being afraid of her. I thought she was through with TV because she was tired of hearing about Anna Nicole Smith.

1830 days ago

whats up Doctors    

She is still a bitch! :-{

1830 days ago


...just the fact that she said this is the most attention she has gotten for anything she done in life, tells me she is down playing the cell phone thing still. Besides, WHAT is she has done beside wrote a kids book, and be in a polictical family? I dumb kids book I might add.

YOU BROKE THE LAW, a law none the less that your husband signed on! Hello. Stop defending yourself and start eating crow!

You are not above the law Ms.

1830 days ago


That little clip was a brilliantly orchestrated piece of damage control. Of course the "journalists" felt obliged to address the topic; however neither side seemed willing to play hardball, instead just laughing it off.

1830 days ago


Like all LIBERALS.....ABOVE THE LAW. And just think, now she can use marijuana in Califrisco.....said Obama....with his new marijuana proclamation.
Of course as a LIBERAL, she will be able to easily get the medical permission to smoke pot.

1830 days ago


Her uncle got away with murder so what more would you expect from her? The Kennedy's feel they are above the law. Grandpa Kennedy was screwing Gloria Swanson out in Hollywood while Rose was dealing with the kids.

1830 days ago

Fairly Clear    

Here's the problem "of all the things I've done in my life" Maria you can break in anytime and explain that statement for clarification just what have you ever done? Are you talking about things you've not been caught doing or all your great lifetime accomplishments? So self absorbed and entirely out of touch.

1830 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

can someone PLEASE tell Ms. Maria to bring down that hair a notch! all you see when she's on tv is HAIR!! also, a woman that age needs a more age-appropriate style. not something you'd see on a 25 year old.

1830 days ago


Maria Shriver is what happens when Skeletor knocks up a Kennedy.

1830 days ago


She thinks this is real funny. I wonder if all the poor folks who were fined for this thought it was funny. I wonder if the victims of car accidents resulting from cell phone use while driving think it's so funny. People are so fed up with self important celebrities, politicians and wealthy people thinking the laws do not apply to them. I wonder if Mary Jo's family thought it was funny when Ted swam away and left her to drown, couldn't even be bothered to notify authorities until after a good nights slumber. the Kennedy's think they are entitled. I'm just sick of it.

1830 days ago


Yet she doent admit she broke the law.....stupid woman!

1830 days ago


Yes, she thinks it's really humorous but it isn't, Mrs. Ugly. As a stellar driver in the State of California, my auto insurance premium just increased approximately $75 per year due to the non-insured and people continuing to talk and text on cell phones while driving. She hasn't once taken responsibility for her actions (with the exception of saying she gave an "old" phone to Verizon Wireless on behalf of shelter women). What she needs to do is create a made-for-television ad (pay for it to air out of her riches) for her own children, other teenagers, and the ignorant and narcissistic others who talk and text while driving on the streets and highways in So Cal and Nor Cal.

1830 days ago
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