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Heene Family Disturbance -- The 911 Call

10/20/2009 12:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made to the Colorado home of Richard Heene back in February 2009 -- when cops went to check out a "family disturbance" situation.

Richard Heene

After receiving a hang up call from the home, Larimer Sheriffs Department called back -- and someone can be heard taking a deep breath and saying "I couldn't even talk after that."

The cop who rolled to the home filed the following report: "I was dispatched to a 911 hang up. Upon arrival I heard a man yelling at another person.

I made contact with RICHARD at the front door. I also spoke with MAYUMI inside the residence. MAYUMI had a mark on her cheek and broken blood vessels in her left eye.

Evidence photos taken. Both advised "nothing happened". MAYUMI advised that her eye was like that because "I had a problem with my contact.


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They were in it for the money    

Who cares! Nothing was done about it, so who cares! We need to put this whole Heene stroy to rest.

1800 days ago

excretive producer    

'Family disturbance' is the understatement of the year. Jiffy Pop anyone?

1800 days ago


This is NOTHING!! 9-11 is calling the Heene family. The person who said "I couldn't even talk after that" is ANOTHER operator who is talking to the operator calling the Heene family.

My guess is the Heeneys called 9-11 and this audio only shows the 911 dispacter calling back the family.

1800 days ago


Tht is the 911 dispatch talking....Isn't it?

1800 days ago


He's a nut job! Why is he even getting any air time? No body really cares! Just look at the number of comments!

W E D O N 'T C A R E!

1800 days ago

Don't understand the confusion    

What you're hearing is the 911 operators calling them back, presumably after the hang-up call that someone made from the house. You heard the operators talking, not someone from the house. It isn't possible for the 911 tape to record the person dialing from the house, so I think it's pretty clear who said what you heard.

1800 days ago


Wait. What? I hear the bit about "I couldn't even talk after that", but then I hear ringing ... and ringing ... and I'm wondering why it's taking 911 so long to answer, and then I hear Richard Heene's answering machin pick up.

How exactly is this the call FROM the Heen's house TO 911??

1800 days ago


Cops are selling all their Heene data to the highest bidders?

1800 days ago


what a woo woo head

1800 days ago


Well he got his wish, he's getting all sorts of media attention now and everyone is getting to see all his dirty laundry, what a loser.

1800 days ago


This guy has to be the biggest nut job yet....they need to take those kids out of that house.

1800 days ago


Im not surprised he abuses his wife. He seem's like the type that needs to be in control look at the way he treated the women on wife swap & his wife seems like she needs a visa so she deals with it she cant even speak english.."Go get my sown" wtf i cant stand her either she is a krazy bitch

1800 days ago


Wow, not only a nut and a child abuser, but a wife beater too. He is starting to give Jon Gosselin real competition as douchebag of the year.

1800 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Dang-- this Heene Jiffy Pop crap is taking people away from focusing on The Aristocrats of Reality TV. Here's a math problem--can you check to see if the answer is correct? Need to turn it in to the professor.

Jon & Kate
Plus 8
Minus Jon
Plus New GF
Minus The Nanny
Plus PA Judge
Minus NY Attorney
Plus TLC
Minus Jon under contract
Plus Ed Hardy
Plus NBC's Today Show
Minus Money in the Bank
Plus Crying kids
Equals Does anyone who care?

1800 days ago


I have seen him get physical with her before. He is an angry abusive man. She is terrified to say anything against him. She fears for her life and the life of her kids!

1800 days ago
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