Heene Family Disturbance -- The 911 Call

10/20/2009 12:22 PM PDT

Heene Family Disturbance -- The 911 Call

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made to the Colorado home of Richard Heene back in February 2009 -- when cops went to check out a "family disturbance" situation.

After receiving a hang up call from the home, Larimer Sheriffs Department called back -- and someone can be heard taking a deep breath and saying "I couldn't even talk after that."

The cop who rolled to the home filed the following report: "I was dispatched to a 911 hang up. Upon arrival I heard a man yelling at another person.

I made contact with RICHARD at the front door. I also spoke with MAYUMI inside the residence. MAYUMI had a mark on her cheek and broken blood vessels in her left eye.

Evidence photos taken. Both advised "nothing happened". MAYUMI advised that her eye was like that because "I had a problem with my contact.