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TMZ's Sexy Halloween Contest -- WINNER!

10/20/2009 4:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The tribe has spoken -- and the smooth curves of Satan's Style swept the competition in TMZ's Sexy Halloween Costume Contest!

This week's contest is Wack-O Jack-O-Lanterns! So email in your coolest pumpkin carving pictures for your chance at the weekly $250 prize and some great mystery prizes!

**CLICK HERE for contest rules and regulations!**


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i actually started crying reading some of these comments they are pretty sick i kinda wish tmz would go away the attention they attract is so know something reading these comments makes me feel iam in middle school or high school where all the scary kids that play pranks and spit on you and throw things at you are all lined up waiting for another laugh the inner demons inside of you animals along with tmz staff for allowing these harmful comments should be ashamed of yourself i dont think god is pleased with your inner self i doubt you are either as if your perfect yourself no one on these boards are perfect so what if she is 3000lb who are you to butt in and take someones joy away? may god seriously have mercy on all of your souls

1798 days ago


Bravo to the winner! She's doesn't have that typical Slutoween look and obviously has confidence.

I'd also like to point out to the poster "Lisa" who commented that size 0's were "all woman". Sorry, size 0's are all NOTHING. Don't get caught in a strong wind! lol

1798 days ago


thats just obscene! there is nothing sexy or attractive about morbid obesity, NOTHING!!! it is deadly unhealthy and nothing to be proud of. i am not saying anyone should look like a skinny model, that is unhealthy too, but this is not the way to live. its a way to die young or be plagued with health problems all your life.

1798 days ago


There are a lot of stupid, judgmental, narrow-minded people on this site, but that's nothing new. If you can't see the beauty of this woman: outer beauty as well as the beauty of being self-confident, then there is something wrong with YOU!

I voted for her and I'm sure a lot of others did too. That's why she won! Not everyone loves a size 0 or a size 2, quite frankly I wonder what people see in women that thin. I'm not saying that this woman is an ideal size for women, but I don't see anything "obscene" or "gross" about her.

I think she has a beautiful face and I am inspired by her self-confidence. There are a lot of women much smaller than her that don't have the confidence she does. I sincerely hope that she is confident enough to not let the narrow-minded people on this site sway her!

I'm proud of her and wish I could be as confident as she is. So while I sit at home every night feeling lonely even though I'm not overweight, I'll bet she's going out (yes, with men) because she is confident and has an inner beauty that shines through! I'll bet she has an amazing sex life. Boy do I envy her!

1798 days ago


WTH happened!
Did she eat all the other contestants!

1797 days ago


Don't you need a license to keep one of those at home?

1797 days ago

Bobo Frog    


1797 days ago

Bobo Frog    

What would you do oooh oooh for a Klondike bar?

1797 days ago


thats just wrong

1797 days ago


Julia, congrats! I won the little lingerie contest. When my daughter read all the mean comments, she got mad. I told her that these type of people who make these comments have no life, and only live to say mean things and are probably lacking in their own life. Ignore them all! You're awesome!

1797 days ago

TMZ Fan    

I love this picture! She is obviously having fun, and (we hope) was working with a loving partner to create the photo. Thanks, TMZ voters, for selecting a true winner. There were lots of beautiful, sexy women who entered the contest -- but Julia is just cool.

1797 days ago


Ahh, good for you TMZ! This lady has got some guts now; not to mention a great smile! I'll take a 'sense of humor' over 'sexy-overload' anyday! No, I'm not 'heavy'(5'7" & 125lb.), I'm just sick of livin' in a world of shallow f@ckers. GO TMZ!!

1797 days ago


Hi, I'm the fat 40 year old in the winning picture. Thanks for the nice comments and the not so nice ones too. I love TMZ! Thanks for choosing me as a finalist!

It's a shame it's so easy to throw stones at people anonymously on the internet. but freedom of speech is cool too.

I do have a great deal of self esteem. That's true, I wish more women did. Women are naturally inclined to put down other women based on only their own insecurities. I used to do that too, not proud to say. So I truly believe 60 to 70 percent of the haters are women.

Anyway, men everywhere actually think I'm sexy, haters can believe it or not. I do make my living as a webcam model, putting myself back thru engineering school. So hate away, but I still won the contest, and you didn't and neither did your idea of sexy. That's my good natured raspberry to you haters! love to everyone! jewel

1797 days ago


Nothing against big ladies, but really first thing in the morning makes me want to gag. To me, that is not sexy, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

1797 days ago


Crazypeople09! First of all if your mother is a Hooker mmm You would know best! Second of all my tits are natural! a friend sent in this picture and hey what the heck it made it to the final 5 it was for fun! Plus when i found out hey i even voted for the satan chick i think it was great that she is confident and feels sexy! So basically Crazypeople09 GO TO HELL! :) have a pleasant day!!!

1797 days ago
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