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911 Call in ESPN Analyst Case

10/21/2009 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the frantic 911 call made by the wife of ESPN analyst/former Mets general manager Steve Phillips, when she discovered her husband's 22-year-old ex-mistress in the family's driveway.

911 Call in ESPN Analyst Case

According to police, Marni Phillips returned to her Connecticut home on August 19 and discovered Brooke Hundley -- an ESPN production assistant who worked with her husband -- dropping off a letter in which she confessed to having an affair with Steve.

In the call, Marni tells the dispatcher "I have a crazy woman who is involved with my husband and she's come to my house to harm me and my children."

Marni later told police that Brooke freaked out when she saw Marni, and "got in her car, put it in reverse and smashed the rear end of her vehicle into the stone column ... cut across our grass, avoiding the driveway completely, driving erratically over rocks and mulch beds to maneuver her vehicle down our hill."

Phillips declined to press charges against Hundley -- but released a statement saying he was taking an "extended leave of absence."

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So, basically, the wife freaked and is blaming the girl for her husband's actions by blowing the whole thing of proportion.

1792 days ago

XOXO thanks for the laugh!    

Looks like Steve Phillips and Dave Letterman have the same taste in women. Plain Jane's who don't wear makeup.

1792 days ago


I love KOOKY!!!! kooky klown, accu kooky, kooky chef, you rock!!!!!

we have to give it to her, at least she has better taste for men than the interns who were playing with that old sac, who barely got some decent ratings after his scandal.

1792 days ago


I dont get it. He's a handsome guy, very sexy. She is fat and greasy. Id do him anytime, even the freaky stuff.

1792 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Hey,FIRST up,MEN,get a divorceand thenyou canbone anyonewith two legs,or inthiscase,twoormore legs!!

This girl looks like a dog. Well actually,dogmeat.
Dogs are cute. Ever seen a Pomeranian!
This girl looks like thrown up Alpo.
MEN, look at Fatal Attraction and then think about cheating.
It is easy; get a divorce and play around all until your
di ck gets arthritis.
Now,I am not a Gisele Bundgen look alike. I cannot lie. I don't run after married guys and I know I don't need to look for Tom Brady's of the world either. I should say "One up for the big girls or Plain Janes,but I can't"
I am not not nuts either. This girls is nut ugly. She must give great BJ's.

1792 days ago

Be London    

another white man having an affair. what a surprise.

1792 days ago

something smells    

no way, that girl is lying. she wishes she was his mistress. can you say fatal attraction??

1792 days ago


This has got to be a mistake......I'm sure you have the wrong photo. There is no way a nice looking guy would ever be interested in this girl. NO WAY!

1792 days ago


Found a pic of the wife. She is not ugly. http://www.oliverwillis.com/q/Marni-Phillips

1792 days ago


She looks like she could be his daughter. Gross! What on EARTH does this guy see in her??

1792 days ago


RE #60....Hilarious!!!!!

1792 days ago


Mr. Phillips sounds like a OLD PIG dating a YOUNG PIG

1792 days ago

blues fan    

Read her letter to the wife, and it's very obvious how this happened-- she's young, and she provides intrigue, excitement, and probably very hot sex as well. Another poster summed it up perfectly: it's not about how she looks, it's about how she makes him feel. Those really beautiful women, who put so much effort into their appearances, can be very boring and inhibited in bed -- too worried about how they look to just let go and have fun. This young girl is obviously not all hung up on that, and he finds that very refreshing about her, whether or not she lives up to some preconceived standard of beauty. She's still wrong for intruding on a marriage, however.

1792 days ago


He's a loser and she's a whore. Sorry - crazy whore. Sorry again - ugly crazy whore. Let this be a warning to all men out there - if this loser, David Letterman, Kobe Bryant, Elliot Spitzer, Bill Clinton, etc etc etc couldn't keep their mistresses under wraps, what make you think YOU will be able to??? There is a reason these crazy women have affairs with married men - THEY ARE CRAZY!!!!!

1792 days ago


Don't trust your man. I don't trust mine and he's a pretty good guy. I had this friend who looked like her cept' with more jello. Bitch got laid all the damn time. Like she was never turned down. Oh no it wasn't with just your average joes either. HAWT guys did her, sometimes 2-3 at a time! I am a very attractive woman and so my boyfriends were on the same scale. Like 2 of my HAWT boys hooked up with her. My husband even tried to before we were married...lol... She actually turned him down cause he was drunk!(I wasn't dating him at the time) Bitch got mad skillz so I can only assume.,,,,, That men will sleep with anything behind closed doors...lol..

1792 days ago
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