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Dolly Parton

Cover Me in Leather

10/22/2009 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There aren't many 63-year-olds who can pull off the head-to-toe leather Emma Peel look -- but last night outside Boa, Dolly Parton and her 40DD friends did just that.

Dolly Parton: Click to watch
Like parts of Dolly, no word on if the leather was faux.


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1804 days ago


She is a living doll and a class act! ...She comes from humble beginnings and never forgets it...Are you listening Lindsay Lohan? So sweet, smart, an talented!


1804 days ago


I was lucky enough to meet Dolly last year backstage at her concert in Dallas. She is THE nicest and sweetest person ever!! I LOVE YOU Dolly!

1804 days ago


What a sweetheart - she is the real deal. So nice and pleasant and willing to sign and take pictures with fans/paparazzi.
If only all the pains in the ass in hollywood were as nice as she is. Thanks for this video.

1804 days ago


THEE VOICE. After she is gone, the world will THEN ralize it has lost another MOZART. Such a HUGE star who lights up the world for so many people. She is VEERY comfortable with herself, and this is how she wants to look--young and vivacious. There are few haters on here---but she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. ALWAYS has to be a bad apples to TRY to turn someone who is so wonderful into nothing. Sorry you FEW morons, Dolly lives in the heart of MILLIONS and you can't EVER take that away.

1804 days ago


Love Dolly, she's wonderfully talented and beautiful on the inside....that said, I can't get over how perky those boobs are next to the saggy face. But my 30-year old hubby is gushing over how good she looks. I may never sleep with him again!! Ewww

1804 days ago


the real deal! she's not afraid to say what she's had done, refreshing. not like what's-her-nameDemi who is denying work done on her....way to go Dolly! you still got itl.

1803 days ago

love her!    

I love Dolly! She is awesome! One of the few celebs who makes it known that she isn't an angel and if there is something in the rumor mill at least shes still being talked about whether it's true or false. Dolly is the original cougar! She is adorable!!

1803 days ago


@TMZ Staff
".....outside Boa, Dolly Parton and her 40DD friends did just that."
"Like parts of Dolly, no word on if the leather was faux."

You're incorrect in the statement about the bra size.

- Dolly's measurements should read

34 D (or E) - 20 - 36

(when it is supposed to have a bra measurement included)


40 - 20 - 36

- bust line is 40 inches (fluctuates but 40 is a good avg.)
(when it's supposed to be the "pure" physical sizes)

[all of the above sizes are in inches]

The D or E cup size depends on the bra manufacturer, that is
to say if Dolly would wear bra's. She has admitted, on more
then one occasion, to prefer going without a bra though and
there are enough pictures in the net that show that she usually
is braless.

As far as the "faux" parts the most obvious parts, by her own admission, are "faux".

@ Siana Silver post# 19
"Get real, at 67, she should ..." Dolly is 63 years of age (DOB:Jan 19th 1946)

@ZippyT.Pinhead post# 28
"I bet those things hit the floor when she takes her bra off."

See above, Dolly rarely wears a bra. Quite obviously she's braless in the video.


Dolly, with the candy-floss hair and her bawdy, larger-than-life, knock-’em-out curves,
is still one of the greatest hotties of the world!

At age 63 now, as of Januari 19 th 2009, she still looks better than a lot of those
so-called supermodels. I’d say it’s way overdue that she showed those 34E’s
aka “The Best Boobs in the Bizz” to the world, so c’mon Dolly pose nude in the near
future and don’t wait until y’er 100-th birthday or at least have the pictures that
have been taken in the past published!!

1803 days ago


She is 63 (not 67). Given the way most people in the limelight treat the public, anyone watching this should respect the way she interacts with her fans - and the media. Regardless of what 'work' she's had done (which she readily admits) - she deserves a great deal of respect.

1803 days ago


Nice clip.

1802 days ago

lady p    

I love love Dolly..and stop hating. she is a beautiful woman.and for d record, MJ wasn't scary looking so stop hating

1802 days ago


I love Dolly! She's a total sweetheart and she definitely gives back to the community. She's genuine, which is hard to say about celebs these days. And don't hate on her. She looks great for 63. Don't be jealous because you know you won't look like that at her age.

1801 days ago


Who cares what she's 'had done?' What she has is a huge heart and soul.

1785 days ago


she is as sweet as she can be, at this footage above she gives autographs, takes a shots and stuff and she doesnt behave ike typical star these days, once she said that she have been dreaming about becoming a star as a child, and she will never be bitch about it, and pretending sth while people ask for photo or sth. This is amazing deal of class. I personally admire her for that. Even though she have had work done, a litt nip and tuck, she is beautiful, because of her personality:) LUV U DOL!

457 days ago
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