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Travolta Mistrial Moron -- Explain Yourself!!!

10/22/2009 5:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Bahamian buffoon who blew the whole John Travolta extortion trial is about to have his own day in court ... because the judge in the case wants him to explain himself in person.

Lawmaker Picewell Forbes has been summoned to appear before the judge, so he can explain why he blurted out that one of the extortion defendants was found not guilty ... before the jury had even made their decision.

Forbes' colossal screw-up was made at a convention for the Progressive Liberal Party last night -- in front of hundreds of people and multiple recording devices.

Forbes' attorney said the lawmaker was just repeating a rumor he hadn't actually verified himself -- which somehow makes him look even dumber than before.

The PLP has since apologized ... guess that didn't cut it.


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1825 days ago


Progressive Liberal Party...that says enough right there

1825 days ago


Congratulations to the judge. Job well done. :)

1825 days ago


Sorry Harriet this has nothing to do with the judge

1825 days ago


Bahamian buffoon... haha. Good one. Made me LOL

1825 days ago


Hello Harvey and Gang,
Just wondering why you all give Mariah and Nick such a tough time?
I think she married that producer guy -who was way way too old for her..and she was so very young. She never got the chance to just be a young girl. Can you only imagine what she went thru with that old man?? Give her a break and give Nick a break...
I am very happy that she found Nick - they seem so happy together..just please leave them alone. They are good together

1825 days ago

Sarah Palin supportor    

Nice first name! You can always tell who had morons for parents when the kid has no first name. Oh well, he could have been a Lastings or a Colton or a Cartley or some other stupid made-up name.

1825 days ago


when you pay off the jury, you generally know the outcome of the trial well before those pesky jury deliberations.

1825 days ago


The Bahamas went to hell when the Brits gave it back to the natives who have run it into the ground. What a joke. Stay away from there, its not safe!

1825 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Get him, Judge! The guy is a MORON!

1825 days ago


I hope they throw him in jail for prolonging closure for John Travolta,and his family.Way to go big mouth loser !

1825 days ago


Firstly, the American government and ppl are just as conrupt if not more. So what if its John Travolta, we do sympathize with him and his lost, but how many cases are there that are outstanding in the United States and how many cases on murder are declared mistrials?? Let's think about that...

@Frank Secondly who has more ignorant names than the United States, China, Asia, Japan and British, so let's watch our mouths when calling out people as well as their parents!!!

Lastly, if it is not your choice to visit the Bahamas than don't if you are willing to let a mistrial, change your opinion of your country than by all means stay away. We, the Bahamas did not kill or hurt John Travolta's son in any why, in fact we tried to save him so it is not death that the bahamian people are on trial for just remember that. This situation can happen anywhere and it is happening now with Letterman!

Justice was done and will continue to be done..

1825 days ago


What probably happened: Scientology OSA had the jury room bugged. They heard the not guilty verdict was coming down, so they staged the Forbes event to try to get a mistrial, hoping in the next trial the scientologists interests will be served.

What I don't understand is this: There was a not guilty verdict as it relates to Bridgewater, at least. Why would a jury leak interdict that verdict?

Something seems seriously rigged in this court case.

1825 days ago


Bahamian buffoon... thats the way it goes on all these island, they do not belive in anything but them self they are all a bunch of dumb ass....

1825 days ago


The Bahamian People are not on trial as Lilupset said. I am sick of people making a general assumptions about a country, state, and etc.

God Bless the Travolta Family.

1825 days ago
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