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Lil Wayne

Pleads Guilty

to Gun Charge

10/22/2009 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne has just pled guilty to attempted weapon possession in New York.

Wayne was busted on July 22, 2007 in NYC after police pulled over his tour bus because they allegedly smelled pot.

Cops say when an officer approached the bus, Wayne tossed a Louis Vuitton bag with a gun inside.

New York is known for having extremely tough gun laws -- Wayne is expecting to get 1-year behind bars.

Wayne's troubles are far from over.

The rapper still faces felony drug possession and weapons charges in Arizona ... after cops found 105 grams of marijuana, 29 grams of cocaine, 41 grams of ecstasy, various drug paraphernalia and a handgun on his tour bus during a traffic stop in Yuma County back in 2008.

Wayne pled not guilty to those charges -- his trial is set for March of 2010.


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hey #15 the answer to your question is an URBAN GIRILLA would breed with him. LOL

1829 days ago


well that sucks,,,,,oh yeah dont ask him whats in his cup..."its my cup, eff you"

1829 days ago


lil wayne is a great rapper and he will run the prison it will not run him.

1829 days ago


59. well that sucks,,,,,oh yeah dont ask him whats in his cup..."its my cup, eff you"

Posted at 2:50PM on Oct 22nd 2009 by Mr. L.A.

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LOL! I saw that on VH1 or whatever it was, 'Don't worry about what's in my cup. I may have a cup full of heroin. I'ts MY cup. FU"! That was funny. Not gonna be funny when they find him dead in his bed but what he said WAS funny.

1829 days ago

doc murry    

I'll bet my bottom dollar that you pansy racists don't have the stones to make your beliefs known in public, but you losers are real tough "guys" behind your keyboards. Still, I take solace in knowing that you do eventually have to leave work, go out in the real world where you are a cowardly, insignificant nobody that is likely made fun of and/or just made fun of by everyone else. Don't worry, I'm one of those who WILL point a finger and laugh IN YOUR FACE in real life because I know you won't do anything...except maybe threaten me on your blog. LOL!

ahhh are you mad because you gay boyfriend rapper is going to jail..well im sure you can go find some more freinds in the welfare line or the unemployment sound soooo tough im just soo afraid of you bwa ha ha bwa ha ha

1829 days ago

doc murry    

Ok let me drop some knowledge
Suicide rate ---- rapist---- domestic violence--- serial killers--- on death row---- kidnappers would you like me to continue or do you want to look it up the statistics yourself?
The typical Black man is a man with power that the white man is afraid of and when that power is in the hands of a black man the white man goes crazy USA 2009!!! The typical black man IQ is higher the the typical whit man, the typical black man you Tan to look like, you get penis implants to hit like, you marry their women to feel like… you wear the clothes that they design you light up your houses with their inventions. The typical Black man will not talk but will show you what he’s about. Say what you may through these cyber walls… but when you ready I have a few typical black men that you would love to meet. WATCH YOUR MOUTH SISSY

listen son,,the typical black man is either in jail or unemployed or breaking into a house to steal money to feed his crack habit..the typical black woman is sitting at home trying to take care of 5 kids by 5 different men all who pay no child support ...while my tax dollors go to support the kids because you men are not man enough to step up to the plate,,bwa ha ha bwa ha ha..truth hurts huh boy

1829 days ago


Lil' Wayne needs to leave 09 behind -

1829 days ago



Yay!! someone got the joke..hehe

1829 days ago


Posted at 3:35PM on Oct 22nd 2009 by get a job punk
ahhh are you mad because you gay boyfriend rapper is going to jail..well im sure you can go find some more freinds in the welfare line or the unemployment sound soooo tough im just soo afraid of you bwa ha ha bwa ha ha

Yes And That Is What You Were Doing On Election Day!!! Bwahahaha

Posted at 3:59PM on Oct 22nd 2009 by lulz
71. "The typical black man IQ is higher the the typical whit man"

don't make me lulz

YES I SAID IT…. AND Its funny that out of that WHOLE paragraph you pick an IQ to argue over LMAO… AND YES I’m making YOU.. Now if you want we can go back and forth... But when you come please come correct. AS I stated I don’t like his lyrics and or his way of living but you speak on that and stay away from the Race of a man I’m Black also which means you are talking to a nation not a person.

1829 days ago

doc murry    

are you smoking crack ?

1829 days ago


To All The Racists On This Thread:

I am a black woman and I in NO WAY support Lil Wayne or even know or care that much about him or his music. If he had a gun or drugs or whatever then he should go to jail. But what amazes me is that TMZ is generally dedicated to white celebrities and their fk'd up lives. The daily overdoses, arrests, spazz outs and disgusting sense of "entitlement" they ALL have. That said why don't you call your Lohans (DUI, drugs, hit and run), Quaids (thieves), DJ AM's (drug overdose), Shauna's (idiot), Winehouse's(no explanation needed), Kardashian's(family of gold digging whores)...the list goes on and on and on out for their race. Too hard looking in the mirror maybe?? Blacks and other minorities aren't the ones that put millions of dollars in this fool's pockets. Its your precious WHITE kids.

If you're going to call him out because you don't like his music...fine. If you're going to call him out because you don't like his behavior...fine. Don't use his race as an excuse to make yourself somehow feel "superior" when he isn't doing anything that your Hasselhoffs, Hogans, Hilton's, Richie's, Balloon Boys, Gosselins, Polanski's(some of you same self righteous fools support this child rapist), Locklears, Mischa Bartons, Gibsons, Sutherlands, Kid Rocks, Downeys, Limbaugh(pill poppin drug addict) EMINEM every WHITE KIDS favorite ...(well you get the point) haven't done already...

Take the mess to the KKK rally...its just a celeb gossip blog.

1829 days ago


I guess FUGLY pleaded guilty for no other reason than.....NO CHILD SUPPORT FOR A YEAR!

1829 days ago


Oh hell, you know, even if you disagree with Barak Obama you're a racist and take it to a KKK rally, so what the hell?? Redneck, cracker, trailer trash are all acceptable terms so what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

1829 days ago


Posted at 4:42PM on Oct 22nd 2009 by Wow...

HI 5ing.... WOW Well said..... Like a lady...

They seldom look at whom and what created them…. in their own backyards because their waiting on another Black man to be arrested and taking away to get the attention off themselves…
when you cant identify the problem you will never find the solution and centuries of hiding BS has all the washed up Americans lost.

Who pays Lil Wayne’s Bills YOU!!! Not me because my child will never listen to it… Who craves over his music YOU and that’s why his shows are sold out… WHO LOVES HIM? YOU that’s why he gets the number one spot when he goes on Televisions. I support his drive and all the other rappers that go back and forth for YOUR entertainment in Pimping YOU like YOU once pimped us BUTTTT YOU buy his music I don’t. Mooooo $$$ We don’t get down like that!!!

1829 days ago


This is as of 2005...but don't worry I'll find a more recent statistic for all the "not my child types..." Even when the statistics are changed and adjusted...guess what?? White still buy more hip hop and rap music...aaaahhh....interesting...

As it turns out, Bakari isn't the only person interested in this statistic. Back in May, the Wall St. Journal published a very similar article that examines the same issue except, in the case of author Carl Bialik, he discovers that going by what data-measuring services are out there (namely Mediamark Research Inc., and not SoundScan, who doesn't track racial information, despite assumptions otherwise), as it turns out, the percentage of rap buyers in 1996, 1999 and 2001 were indeed, white. However, Bialik goes on to say that when MRI changed their data collecting methods - asking people to self-identify by race instead of having the collectors make that determination (what do they use? A color wheel? Genealogy charts?), the number of white consumers actually slipped to 60%. (What I'd like to know is where did that other 10-15% go? To African Americans? Latinos and Asians? Other?) (BTW, there's some follow-up questions in a later Journal column that pertains to this one.)

1829 days ago
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