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Burglar Bunch to Lindsay: Watch This!

10/23/2009 12:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's stolen watch may have reappeared -- possibly on the arm of one of the people accused of taking it.

Lohan watch
As we've already told you we got the data from the computer Nick Prugo had used during the alleged spree of the Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch.

One of the images is a Google search for Lindsay Lohan/Blue Rolex. There's also a Google image search for Lindsay Lohan Rolex.

Police believe one of the celebrity targets was Lindsay Lohan. She had watches, among other items stolen from her home.

The image above is from the same computer, showing someone sporting a blue Rolex. One of Lindsay's reps says it well could be LiLo's watch.

If true, the Burglar Bunch is both bold and stupid for the photographic braggadocio.


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homie 1 kanobe    

Are you tired of the Pap's blocking your way to walk where you want to go? Are they blocking your car where you can't drive? Try my new "PDT",PAP'S DETERENT TECHNIQUE. The PDT is simply pull out your PEPPER SPRAY AND SIMPLY SPRAY THEM. It's guaranteed to make them get out of your way every time. Never worry again about those pesky lawsuits from running over their feet. Use the PDT and they will move every time, JUST PEPPER SPRAY, THEN WALK AWAY....

1826 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

You called it.... These people are definitely stupid. Now lets watch LA cops or jurors screw it up.

1826 days ago

Just Checking    

I LOVE TMZ!!!! You get the 411 on everything first xoxoxo

What would the LAPD do without you?!

Kinda makes me wonder what our tax dollars are going to.

Thanks for making my Friday


1826 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

#1, Take your medicine. #2. Um, that's called assault... Try it! Find out for yourself!

1826 days ago

What the Hell?    

Who Cares!
Don't these people have elaborate security systems-and live in gated communities?

1826 days ago


These girls need to learn from Khloe. Marry the money first and then steal it in the divorce. It's legal that way.

1826 days ago

Just Checking    

I just read all the stories posted in last 24 hours on the subject of this "crime ring". Looks like the girl in the photo wearing Lindsey's watch is none other than suspect Rachel Lee!!! I wonder why her bail was the lowest?..... I smell a rat....

1826 days ago


Awesome, show off a crappy, old, beatdown, probably fake Rolex. Good stuff you nabbed there.

1826 days ago


Anyone else think it looks like that Courtney Ames in the pic?

1826 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

That's the Rollie she bought for James Franco who refused it.

1826 days ago

homie 1 kanobe    

5. #1, Take your medicine. #2. Um, that's called assault... Try it! Find out for yourself!

Posted at 12:07PM on Oct 23rd 2009 by Some Faustkateer
And what do you call it when the PAP"S try to hold you hostage until you answer their questions?

1826 days ago


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1826 days ago


Just because someone's wearing a Blue Rolex doesn't necessarily mean it's Lindsay's.

1825 days ago


looks like the girl you identified as courtney ames

1820 days ago


Um ya That pic looks like Courtney Ames you can tell by the hair line and the crappy dye job.

Check out this pic. Doesn't this girl look like shes with the same watch?

The group probability liked to exchange the loot to keep it moving from house to house.

1817 days ago

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