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Baseball Analyst's Mistress -- Out at ESPN

10/26/2009 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: ESPN is now saying they fired Brooke -- but they haven't given an official cause for termination yet.

The ESPN production assistant who exposed a secret relationship with ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips is officially out of a job at the sports network.

Baseball Analyst's Mistress -- Out at ESPN

A rep from ESPN told the Associated Press that 22-year-old Brooke Hundley "doesn't work at ESPN anymore" --but it was unclear if she quit ... or if she got the chop.

Phillips was fired from his job last night, just a few days after he admitted to having the affair.

A rep for Phillips claims he's entering a treatment facility.

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Two losers. Not even news worthy. Slut & her man

1800 days ago


Geez man! If you are going to lose your wife, half your money, the house, retirement account, job, and self-respect, you should have at least dated someone who looked like she was worth it. But you may have a good defense here. I mean, after the judge sees her picture he might just let you plead insanity and let you keep some of you stuff.

1800 days ago



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Grapes may be dried in the sun or artificially, using hot air. The dark color of the dried fruit comes from the caramelization of natural sugars during the drying process. Drying reduces grapes to 25 percent of their original weight, while retaining almost all the nutritional value of the fresh fruit.

1800 days ago


If he was fired, she should be too.

1800 days ago


Of course he's entering a treatment facility. Isn't that what everyone who is publicly humiliated does. What he needs to get treatment for is his attraction to this girl. That might take a team of Harvard Psychologists to figure out.

1800 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Wonder what they used as reason for termination for him... and (maybe) her.

The comment about a treatment facility-- for what? Lying? Sex addiction? He's going to come out that he had a drug problem? Are either supposed to make us feel sorry for him?

Whenever a celebrity runs to a treatment facility after being busted for something, it is supposed to make the public feel sorry for them. If it worked, treatment facilities on the East Coast would be at full capacity-- with Republicans! LOL

1800 days ago


They have some sort of treatment for banging fuglys? I had a pretty rough night at the bar last night....I think I might need help too because the chick that woke up beside me was non too pretty!

1800 days ago


Tmz what/why exactly is it when a married man has an affair they entera treatment centre? for what his penis?

1800 days ago


Brooke has:
1.Officially lost her job in this bad economy
2.Is now known to the world as a psycho from that letter she wrote to the wife
3.Likely got "fired" from a fabulous company, ESPN. Yikes, guess that's off the resume now
4.Is officially known as an ugly mistress giving ugly women a chance to bang
5.Can be sued by his wife for breaking up their marriage

On the upside:
1.Brooke has given the ugly, chubby, hormone-lacking women a chance at becoming mistresses.
2.Brooke has shown that yes, you can sleep around to get around in the career world of ESPN. For awhile at least.
3.Brooke can get her next job from a horny dude. All she has to do is take the hormones to keep looking a little like a woman.

1800 days ago


Steve will land on his feet but man to put your family though this is awful. Typical story of a dude with a pecker problem. Man, have you seen Brooke?..I mean you're Steve Phillips, that is all you could pull?..Pretty lame but then again he has a history of this he did the same thing with the Mets when he was a GM.that broad is FUGLY.....

1800 days ago


All the put downs for this Brooke girl, but, how about the cheating snake in the grass? Whatever it was she had over the wife worked to get him to come on over!

Besides, the men on here act like if some random looking gal was about to give them some, they would turn her down based on her looks. Yeah....

Well, in my life expeirences, I have seen some ugly gals who were the other woman. Grow up people, men cheat with almost anything!
I know some pretty ladies who don't have a thought in their heads, who can't keep a man.

I wonder why? Because we all attract differnt people for different reasons.
Some of the most beauitful women may be real duds in bed, or they are as dumb as a bag of rocks. Men don't like that either. Maybe they can't keep a clean place, that is a turn-off, who knows?

Enough about HER looks, it makes you all sound like a bunch of super-models, and I KNOW that is not the case.

1800 days ago

who dat    

With a face like that, she better beg for a nal, then go A to M.

1800 days ago


Brooke is in the bottom 10% in the looks department in my opinion. I am a man and I wouldn't get anywhere close to her. She looks like a man. End of story. A man.

1800 days ago


Hey snaps.. NO one has to be a supermodel to look better then this ugly chick. The fact you are defending her means YOU must be just as FUGLY. Beuast may be in the eye of the beholder..but trust me..with this ugly girl there is NO BEAUTY to BEHOLD!

1800 days ago


Yuck. Who could defend the looks of this woman? Other homely fat chicks? This gal is fat, wide as a mack truck, has a crooked nose and I agree, looks like a man. Why would he waste an ESPN Career over someone who looked like that? He should have gone for a cute chick. Someone who would have been better to look at while he was banging.

1800 days ago
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