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Ex-Letterman Writer Claims Sexual Favoritism

10/27/2009 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David LettermanA former Letterman writer claims Dave's show was a "hostile, sexually charged atmosphere" -- and "sexual politics" played a role in why she eventually quit the job.

The woman making the claim is Nell Scovell, who spent roughly 5 months working for Dave back in 1990.

In an article for Vanity Fair, Scovell claims during her employment, she was well aware that Dave and other high-level male employees were having sexual relations with female staffers.

Scovell also claims those female staffers were "benefiting professionally from their personal relationships."

She adds, "Did that make me feel demeaned? Completely. Did I say anything at the time? Sadly, no."

But she's talkin' now.

In the article, Scovell claims she's not looking to take any legal action against Dave or the show -- and she never identifies any of the alleged staffer-bangers by name.


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Debbie O    

Who cares???? If this whas such a big deal then why did she wait almost 20 years to whine about it? Stop it already. I guess she needs her 15 minutes of fame.

1789 days ago


I think only those that no longer work for Dave would say anything..the rest want to keep their jobs so will keep their mouths shut and put up with whatever they have to for the money...sad but that is how things work I guess. Dave will run the place the way it works best for him and not worry about anyone else.

1789 days ago


Naturally, the story and complaints come rolling in from the women that did NOT get slept with. Why, well look at them and you can see why.

1789 days ago


I don't want to be a dude trying to get a job with him. That would suck.

1789 days ago

Just Me    

Do your research before you comment. Go to, and plug in Nell Scovell's name. She is an incredibly accomplished person in her own right. Most likely, she left after 5 months because she was uncomfortable with the atmosphere at work. She seems to have gone on to much better workplaces.

1789 days ago


My ex-husband did the same thing - he is a corporate big shot and treats the place like his own personal harem and dating service. His Company does not care because he makes Big Money for them and it's just a perk of his job.

He also destroyed his own 25-year marriage with two children with this behaviour, but nobody cared about that, either.

The atmosphere in that corporation was the same as the woman in the article described: sexually charged, secretive and very rewarding to the ones who played along. If you didn't support this kind of corporate culture, you were Not A Team Player and and you were jes' jellus because you must have been too ugly for the boss to hit on.

It's a selfish, sickening, and very destructive way to run a business. Think this mindset would carry over into the way they manage their money? Nah - look at how well Wall Street's been doing over the last couple of years. They're all fine upstanding examples of honesty and good values.

1789 days ago


I'm sure she's busy writing her autobiography, which will include only five monthe of her life. Better hurry and cash in before it's too late.

1789 days ago


Wow, looks like the Letterman shills are out in full force.

Letterman is a genuine dirtbag. If the guy needs to get his rocks off, he can go after someone whose job isn't dependent on him. It may be what gets him off. How disturbing. It's very disorienting when someone can seem so nice and genuine and turns out to be a huge slime

Good for her for daring to be the first to come out. There are probably others like her afraid to come out.

The only time that show was ever any good was when a female was head writer. Of course that female was Letterman's girlfriend. That's the only way to be employed with Letterman apparently.

The show sucks and has sucked for a long time. How embarrassing for Letterman fans to have been a fan of his. The sight of his face has become abhorrent.

1789 days ago


11. The time to talk was when it was happening. But I do understand how you felt. It's called being human to have those feeling that someone else was getting more simply because she opened her legs and dropped her panties. And you're right. This is why superiors should NEVER have sex or play around with a subordinant. It's not just the impropriety, but the appearance of impropriety that also causes the workplace to become hostile.
Posted at 1:29PM on Oct 27th 2009 by justsaying

Justsaying, you hit on the crux of the matter. It is against the law. If she had said something then, who would have believed her? Did she have the money to fight the pig's lawyers? She did the only thing she could at the time. She saw it was a hostile work environment & she quit. Now, she is just ATTESTING to the pig's modus operandi.

Read more:

1789 days ago


your calling out dave 18 years later? so he nails a few chicks at work... who cares. it happens eveywhere lady, even the oval office. plus if your not going to do anything about it why even bring it up? i think your full of crap and want some attention.

1789 days ago


Wow ! How long did it take some sleazy Lawyer to come up with this broad? I knew it was only a matter of time until some deadbeat would crawl out of the woodwork with a fairy tale!

She is too ugly to be demeaned...Amazing she lasted 5 months.

Get a Life, Girl....

1789 days ago

mickey lou    

Dave needs to go to rehab with Steve Phillips!

1789 days ago


So she quit after five months because she couldn't find anyone to sleep with?

1789 days ago

stalkers are scum    

Funny, the majority of comments pro Dave & his sex work parties are from women? Humm, I think not! lol Misogynist males all in favor of free yum yum from their employees & putting up the smokescreen by writing a female name. Sorry, boys, you are busted! lol

1789 days ago


So, once again the gap-toothed puffer fish is outed. Get him off the air and find someone who is actually.

1789 days ago
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