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Jacksons' Premiere Outfits -- This Is It

10/28/2009 2:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After one of their minions sent an email requesting outfits from various fashion companies, this is what Jermaine, Tito, Jackie and Marlon Jackson wore to last night's "This Is It" premiere.


While Tito, Jackie and Marlon kept it simple in basic suits and jackets, Jermaine opted for the latest from Liberace Big & Tall.


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Jermaine is just as weird as Michael was!!

1789 days ago


Tito and Jackie are ok but the others, especially Jermaine are vile parasites.

1789 days ago


Not interesting at all!!
When do we get an update about Dr.Murray and the investigation?
That's what we want!

1789 days ago


MJ was a loser junkie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1789 days ago


Looks like Jermaine got most of that A&E clothing allowance check. I think the brothers had to just go for something hanging in the closet.

1789 days ago


look at those 4 losers, desperate to get in the limelight even off their brothers death. how pathetic that family has become. the manson clan had more street cred then these douchebags

1789 days ago


The oily "I Love the 70s" Jermaine looks like he was trying to channel his dead brother with that jacket.

1789 days ago


Ya know, these boys have money, and putting out that letter requesting fashion for the premier is stupid. All these boys are doing is trying to get sympathy from the public, and milk Michael's death to their financial potential. Shame on the Jackson family - Michael is rolling over in his grave right now cuz of what these so called "brother" are doing in Michael's name, this is why Michael was NEVER that close to any of them, even Jermaine - the only family he was close with was his Mother, and Janet - everyone else Michael stayed away from cuz he knew what they were about - and now that Michael is dead, Michael has no say in what these brothers do - so they are milking Michaels death to their financial benefit. A-holes. SHAME

1789 days ago


I saw the film, its a great last chance to see him doing what he loves, performing and his creative process. It is amazing...brought tears to my eyes

I agree with the rest...Jermaine always have to be over the top as if he his trying to be like "michael" or immitate his look with identity of his own. That outfit is something michael would have worn...Its cool, to be inspired by your family but damn be your own person...I like how the other brothers look..Classy, Regular, human beings... and Yes, what is the damn story with the Investigation are these investigators not working!

1789 days ago


I thought that e-mail was bogus in the first place. Who gets dressed up to to go to the movies these days. You were jeans or something casual which is what most of the stars had on.

How much did TMZ pay for that bogus e-mail? You should get your money back!

1789 days ago


It's come to a time when everyone and their mama has a reality show...but guess what.. SO R THESE "OH NO OUR MONEY MAKER IS DEAD SO NOW WE CAN BE IN THE SPOTLIGHT" backup singers GETTING THEIR OWN REALITY SHOW. REALLY? I MEAN MICHEALS DEAD,UM... AND WE WANT TO KNO U GUYS BECAUSE..

1789 days ago


Are most of the Jackson 4 adult children living with Katherine?

Will T4 perform again, maybe a tribute song to their uncle MJ?

T4 have inherited the beautiful Jackson vocals. It would be great if they all performed again. What's Omar doing at the moment? Is it confirmed he will play MJ in the film next year???

Omar maybe a good dancer but he's rather on the short side to play MJ. If you know the answers please let me know.


1789 days ago


Jackie looks like Jermaine minus the Jheri curl. Hint, hint...

1789 days ago


I suppose A&E had the cameras rolling for the brothers entrance upon the red carpet last night to include footage of this for the reality show? Otherwise, why the need for comp'd cloths? Is there ANYTHING 'sacred & private' in the lives of this family or is there a buck to be made from EVERY appearance?

1789 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Leave it to Jermaine to go all out and try to become his brothers clone-Aint working! Hillarious to know for years, with the exception of those reunion concerts, we NEVER heard of the brothers until poor Michael died, now they, especially Jermaine, are all over the place trying to promote something that just isn't there! I don't see why they had to ask for clothing allowance. Celebrities do get freebies to promote designers clothing, but these brothers are NOT celebrities! They only got the gig for the reality show on a mistruth, saying Michael would show up and when he didn't, the producers shelved the reality show, until Michael died and the brothers realized they could be sued for contract breach. This reality show is just to keep the brothers from being sued, at the same time fulfilling a somewhat obligation to have Michael on the show.

I find it strange that when some of the family members go out for PR, some of the family says behind, like they are watching and controlling the older family members.

Good to see Mikko on tv. Yes indeedy, Blanket looks like him, another apple that doesn't fall from the tree.

1789 days ago
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