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Investigator: Docs Forced Drugs on Anna Nicole

10/29/2009 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich forced Anna Nicole Smith to take drugs that would knock her out for days ... this according to testimony today in the Anna Nicole case.

Khristine Erosevich: Click to watch
Department of Justice Investigator Danny Santiago claims Anna Nicole's former nanny, Nadine Alexie, told him she witnessed Stern and Dr. Eroshevich forcing drugs on Anna Nicole.

Santiago said the nanny claims Anna Nicole would wake up from the drug-induced slumber with feces and vomit in her bed.

We got Erosevich and her lawyer outside court -- where they called the nanny's stories "wild exaggerations."


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I think Howard should be charged with murder. He wanted Anna and Daniel gone so he could be in charge of her estate. He's still waiting for Anna's rich husband's family to fork over millions.

I really think Larry Birkhead was in on part of this. He was friends with Howard before he got Anna pregnant. Then they pretended to be enemies. Now, they're buddies and Larry backtracked in his testimony about Howard. He knows that Howard fed Anna drugs, just like it was candy.

A doctor gave me a Lortab once for pain and I felt loopy for several days. (never took another one) If my husband had a sinister plan against me, he could have given me more drugs and I wouldn't have known to resist.

I can picture Howard doping Anna up. No one can take as many drugs as Anna was given without expecting her to die. Howard was probably wondering what was taking her so long. He took her to Florida to finish the job. He wouldn't allow a doctor at the hotel to check her out. He new exactly what he was doing. He needs to go to prison for a long, long time.

1818 days ago



Why knock her out for Days ??


Posted at 4:24PM on Oct 29th 2009 by Extravagantly-Creative

Because she kept saying stern killed Daniel.
Because they were stealing her blind.

These are 2 possible reasons. You would have to ask them why, although I don't believe you would get the truth out of them.

1818 days ago


Howard Stern ought to be first in prison bending over like he really likes to do and maybe with Birkhead for he's the one who told us Stern was the pusher and now he's hiding .. they are friends who are keepging secrets and that's why Larry is shady for he's really a gay too. Anna Nicole only ran around with gay men and one old man she took for his money. It's obvious she was a lesbian and didn't look for straight men in her life. Howard and Larry and the other dark dude Kapor or whatever, all went to gay clubs together .. I think her probelm was in her sexual choice and these guys were all for show .. Howard with Larry were both our for her money

1818 days ago

Sad sad    

wtf dude. insane.

1818 days ago


Anna sweet? I watched her show too, and she treated her assistant like crap.

Posted at 5:06PM on Oct 29th 2009 by Huh?

Do you mean kimmie? Or stern? Well, they must have liked it because they stuck around didn't they? Where is kimmie these days?
I would like to ask her how loaded was Anna when she signed that bizarre will that cut Daniel out in the event of her death and left stern holding the bag of goodies.

1818 days ago


Poor Anna. What a mess.

1818 days ago


13. Anna, hope you are enjoying your angel wings - you EARNED them! Bless you!

Posted at 4:30PM on Oct 29th 2009 by Diane

Anna earned her angel wings? What are you smoking? Anna was disgusting; she slept with many men AND women, and on her show she was constantly talking about masturbating, how she had to get home to masturbate herself. She was a drug addict. She had a filthy mouth. She posed numerous times in the nude; she didn't respect herself enough to keep her clothes on. She was beautiful on the outside, yes, but filthy and dirty on the inside. (The Bible says "as a man thinks in his heart, so is he". She was FILTHY). It's no wonder Daniel ended up an addict, too, and overdosed. Anna was hardly an angel. No, I'd say Anna is burning in hell right now, wishing she had led her life differently. Because we only get one chance, and she blew it. I don't remember ever hearing Anna say she had repented of her lifestyle and given her life to God. That is the only way she would have made it, and she didn't do it to the best of my knowledge.

1818 days ago

Hawaii spring break    

Anna Nicole Smith wanted fame and money without hard work, education, talent. She had many PLASTIC operations in order to become a PLAYBOY PLAYMATE. She later on took painkillers for back pain and infection.

She was VULGAR HARLOT who humiliated her friends and family. She didn't love nor respected anybody in her life. She used and abused old Marshall aged 90.


According to Larry Birkhead's testimony at Bahamian Inquest, Anna gave Ecstasy and methadone to her son Daniel.

Anna's daughter will have a chance to have a normal childhood.

1818 days ago


#15 Leigh, I totally agree with everything you said. Larry and him have been in on this TOGETHER for quite sometime. Maybe things had to be changed up a bit but there is no doubt in my mind these two slime balls have had something brewing together for a long time. I also feel unfortunatly that it will be MANY years before it comes out. But it WILL come out.

1818 days ago


Notice the lawyer says the nanny "spins" and "exaggerates" the truth. He never says she lied, because he knows she is telling the truth, and I guess if he calls her a liar she can come back and file suit on him.

1818 days ago


Anna is with the Angels in a beautiful white gown flying around in Heaven. Even God and Jesus Christ must be in awe of her beauty and fabulousness.

1818 days ago

Jury Consultant    

24. And John O'Quinn is DEAD!

Posted at 5:47PM on Oct 29th 2009 by Miss Miss

Good riddance

1818 days ago


At what point are people imprisoned for giving drugs to a drug addict?

1818 days ago


26. Anna is with the Angels in a beautiful white gown flying around in Heaven. Even God and Jesus Christ must be in awe of her beauty and fabulousness.

Posted at 5:57PM on Oct 29th 2009 by PhillipP

Give me a break! Even if Anna was in heaven (which I doubt), the CREATOR does not worship the CREATION - it's the other way around dodo. But she's not there, she's screaming in hell alongside Michael Jackson.

1818 days ago
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