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Investigator: Docs Forced Drugs on Anna Nicole

10/29/2009 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich forced Anna Nicole Smith to take drugs that would knock her out for days ... this according to testimony today in the Anna Nicole case.

Khristine Erosevich: Click to watch
Department of Justice Investigator Danny Santiago claims Anna Nicole's former nanny, Nadine Alexie, told him she witnessed Stern and Dr. Eroshevich forcing drugs on Anna Nicole.

Santiago said the nanny claims Anna Nicole would wake up from the drug-induced slumber with feces and vomit in her bed.

We got Erosevich and her lawyer outside court -- where they called the nanny's stories "wild exaggerations."


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Posted at 5:20PM on Oct 29th 2009 by WTF

It's no wonder Daniel ended up an addict, too, and overdosed.

If that is what happened.
I have always wondered.

1818 days ago


Y'all have to read "A Question of Murder" book about Anna and Danny's deaths. It explains why this case is in the courtroom now. Justice for Anna and Daniel!

1818 days ago


29. 26. Anna is with the Angels in a beautiful white gown flying around in Heaven. Even God and Jesus Christ must be in awe of her beauty and fabulousness.

Posted at 5:57PM on Oct 29th 2009 by PhillipP

Give me a break! Even if Anna was in heaven (which I doubt), the CREATOR does not worship the CREATION - it's the other way around dodo. But she's not there, she's screaming in hell alongside Michael Jackson.
Posted at 6:15PM on Oct 29th 2009 by WTF
Hey WTF why don't you take your own advise and STFU..Anna HAd her demons just like the rest of everyone elses on earth.. who the Hell left you in charge of everyone and what they do? She was druged and when a drug attic is begging fed drugs all the time with out having to asking for them.. ya they are druging her and keeping her druged..Everybody has a reson for begging on this earth and wather it end positve or negative theres something to learn from that person..Larry and those Dr.Killed Anna..yes she was a drug attic but it's a sickness..wTF don't understand that? she might have been on drugs but she did a lot for pepole while she was alive..She had a foundation that worked with teen girls..If you ever watch her show you would know at how much she ment to these girls...she loved everyone she really was a harmless person who Dr's took advantege what she married a 80 yr old man..he loved her and broght him much joy during the time they had left...and her kids ment more to her than you will ever know but demons got the best of her..And for you to sit here and talk about Mj.. ur soo F..ken sick he had his problems as well but that dose not over shadow the good that he has done for society and the world.. he has impacted everyone. you should be a shamed of your self talking so bad about people you know noithing about? and all this trsh that's coming out of oyur mouth is going to land you in i would think twice before you judge someone else..

1818 days ago

Where's Swims    

Motive, method and means. Check, check, check.

Motive - money.
Method - drugs.
Means - dependancy.

If Stern gets out of this, the judge ain't listening. It is a circus your honor! Take a look at the clown tape. Geesh!

1818 days ago


To you Anna haters........Anna did what Anna did. You can't walk on water either bitches!!!! And you probably also have dirt under your nails too. Get over it.

As for Howie K. Stern.....throw that manipulating, drug-providing, slime-sucking, wanna-be into the pokey and throw away the key. And let him get butt raped while he's in there!!!

1818 days ago


Howard is an INCUBUS DEMON. he doped up Anna so he could have SEX with her while she was unconscious!!! she loved Larry B. Howard probably made her "VOMIT'! Eroskevich helped with the dope so she could get a piece of the "action." "Hang em High."

1818 days ago


Put Howie and the two docs away already. We all know what the bottom line is. Stop wasting money on their trial.

1818 days ago


It's obvious that Anna worshipers aren't Mensa material.

1818 days ago


It's no wonder Daniel ended up an addict, too, and overdosed.

If that is what happened.
I have always wondered.

Posted at 6:27PM on Oct 29th 2009 by astabasta

Daniel died of an overdose of prescription medications, including methadone which was not prescribed to him but to his mother. Google it.

1818 days ago


and all this trsh that's coming out of oyur mouth is going to land you in i would think twice before you judge someone else..

Posted at 7:35PM on Oct 29th 2009 by Michelle

Trash? Every word I said is true! Anna was a drug addict, Anna was a whore, Anna did this, Anna did that. Your defense of her is laughable. You are as bad as the MJ fans on another thread. And no, I won't be going to hell for the "trash" coming out of my mouth because AGAIN every word is true. If you are an Anna fan you ought to know these things about her. OR are you really that stupid?!

1818 days ago


yeeeeaaaahhhhh right. She was a drug addict - period. Because she died she is the victim? Im sorry for her daughter she died but she chose to be an addict even with 2 children. I think her drug addiction led to her sons addiction as well and we all know how that ended.

We need to stop blaming others for grown adults decisions to abuse drugs.

1817 days ago


I do not believe that for a second. This is about money and bring prosecuters a little bit of the spot light. She's gone, it's over and she can't tell her side. Let it go!

1817 days ago


Sorry for double posting.

1817 days ago
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