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Taylor Swift Embraces the Swastika

10/29/2009 1:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Swift's rep just put together this swift explanation for TMZ, "Taylor took pictures with about 100 people that night ... she doesn't know who this guy is and she didn't realize what was on his shirt."

What the heil was Taylor Swift thinking?

Taylor Swift Embraces the Swastika

During Katy Perry's birthday party in West Hollywood last weekend, 19-year-old Swift put her arm around a guy wearing a Nazi swastika -- a symbol of hate, murder and evil -- and smiled for a photograph.

There are rumblings that the "JH" on Swift's shirt stands for "Jew Hater" -- but it seems more likely it stands for Julianne Hough due to the fact that Hough had a "TS" painted on her outfit ... most likely for Taylor Swift.


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27. TMZ YOU MIGHT WANT TO RETHINK!!! Again, TMZ picks the most stupidest things to report. Its just a picture with no malice intended. The shirt should have said TMZ SUCKS!!!! I will bet you wouldnt have printed that. Who works at this company, a bunch of clowns???

Posted at 1:11PM on Oct 29th 2009 by Debi


Hopefully non of your family was killed by Nazi's, because an ignorant fool like you would be an embarassment. that is a Nazi sign no matter what you racist here say..its a symbol of hate and yes there may be other religions that use this sign, but the majority of people who use these signs are White Supremist...The KKK. So go get your racist brain checked. Figure you to be German....cause they say the Holocaust never happened. Pity a racist bitch like you us all a favor...get you racist self sterilized so that you can never bear any racist bratz!

1823 days ago


This is hilarious that ignorant people are bashing Taylor Swift. I normally dont read the comments, but I knew all of you kinds of people would bash her. No one ever says anything bad about Taylor, NOW that this has come up, everyone will have something to say. Dont you people have jobs? You all act like you know her personally, thats sad. You are all a bunch of nobodies. Dont you realize your opinions dont matter? And burning the CD, come on, how freakin ridiculous!!

1823 days ago


This pic should wake people up to all the hateful, satanic and Nazilike imagery in the media these days...almost every celeb wears a Nazi Iron Cross pendant, (commonly called the Gothic Cross) flashes the ROCK ON sign which actually is HAIL SATAN, all the media is tricking people and celebs to be antiSemitic, and antiChristian, and well, lets just say that todays American political landscape is fast becoming a new mirror for the infancy of Nazi Germany...policies being put into play, from Obamacare to new extremist rules to hate crime bills to everything else, are being designed to target Jews and Christians the same way Hitler did, only in a much more widespread and advanced way...face it people, this stuff is nothing all radiates outward from Disney as Walt Disney was an outspoken antiSemite and possibly a Nazi...and that tradition still is carried on in Disney and has radiated outward into all of pop culture... in fact very few people are allowed to become celebs unless they have antiSemitic/antiChristian beliefs...look it up online...

1823 days ago


Swastika is the most auspicious symbol in South Asia. Ignorant fool people always think it is related with Nazi.It looks like they
are playing holi. It is most common symbol if you go to India or Nepal,will some you fool cry over there saying it is symbol of hatred?

1823 days ago


Incidentally...if our opinions didnt matter Gina...there wouldnt be a comments section on this site...and usually people who accuse people who take issue with swastikas being paraded around like this was new Nazi America probably have the same kind of views as the Nazis did...and thus FAIL...

I don't hate Taylor Swift; I personally think she was set up by this swastika-wearing guy and some others too to create yet another hate blast against Jews...and to corrupt Taylor's image...however, for another side, view my previous comment

1823 days ago


Everyone knows the origins of that symbol. But everyone also knows that that's not what it has come to mean for the countless numbers that were oppressed and victimized under it. If you put it out there for any reason, you run the risk of offending and hurting many many people. The only way you would be so insensitive is if you don't really care about other people's feelings. So whoever put that on that shirt is one of these people. To continue to wear a shirt with that on it means that you also don't care. Whether Taylor actually realized what was on the shirt or not, we'll never know. But maybe now she'll know to be more careful and that the media juggernaut that made her a holy little angel after the Mtv awards will just as Swiftly turn on her and do what they did to Kanye that same night.

If you're going to accept the title of Little Miss Perfect, you better be ready to live up to it.

1823 days ago


I feel sorry for Taylor, she's a sweetheart and very decent with her fans. Jerks like this guy will cause fan friendly celebs like Taylor and others to not do pictures with fans. The hundreds of meet & greets with fans that celebs do are often done quickly, in dark and crowded areas. The celebs usually don't even really notice who there posing with. It is just one picture after the other, with camera flashes blinding their eyes.

1823 days ago


whats up with all the painted clothes? did they do that at the party? she probably didnt realize what he was wearing. or maybe she did realize it.

1823 days ago


She is a racist. But of course due to her being little Ms.Pearly White people are going to make excuses for her, had it had been a person of a different nationality it would have been all of the news. I must admit Kanye might have not been a douche for what he did to her.He must have known what she really is, a snotty little cruel witch with a B.

1823 days ago


What's with Julianne's right hip? She has wide hips, but the right side looks deformed or something.

1823 days ago


That is the guy from the MSTRKRFT video for the song Heartbreaker featuring John Legend =)

1823 days ago


72. Incidentally...if our opinions didnt matter Gina...there wouldnt be a comments section on this site...and usually people who accuse people who take issue with swastikas being paraded around like this was new Nazi America probably have the same kind of views as the Nazis did...and thus FAIL...

Read more:

Do you really think they put comment sections on sites like this because they want to know your opinion? Don't fool yourself. They don't care what anyone thinks. They use it as a measure to the worth of a story line. Why do you think they put so much MJ crap on here? Only to drive more people on for more worthless content.

1823 days ago


Why is no one stating the obvious? The guy in the picture is TOTALLY Jewish...probably just a joke. Sheesh.

Read a book people.

1823 days ago


TMZ really?? Leave this girl alone. YOu should really take it down. Its ridiculous that you would even go there

1823 days ago


So the guy took off his shirt, painted the swastika on it and then put the shirt back on himself?

1823 days ago
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