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Taylor Swift Embraces the Swastika

10/29/2009 1:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Swift's rep just put together this swift explanation for TMZ, "Taylor took pictures with about 100 people that night ... she doesn't know who this guy is and she didn't realize what was on his shirt."

What the heil was Taylor Swift thinking?

Taylor Swift Embraces the Swastika

During Katy Perry's birthday party in West Hollywood last weekend, 19-year-old Swift put her arm around a guy wearing a Nazi swastika -- a symbol of hate, murder and evil -- and smiled for a photograph.

There are rumblings that the "JH" on Swift's shirt stands for "Jew Hater" -- but it seems more likely it stands for Julianne Hough due to the fact that Hough had a "TS" painted on her outfit ... most likely for Taylor Swift.


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No name    

Whatever reason Taylor had for taking a picture with this guy (whether she was aware or not, or perhaps is too nice a person to say no to a fan wanting a picture)
must we bust out the foul vocabulary and assumptions?

Is Swift really a bitch or a skank?
Or is that just was society has taught us to call women these days.
Let's just reach into our bag of insults and pull out words deemed toward any woman, regardless of the fact she may NOT be a skank or a bitch.

I mean seriously.

1718 days ago


If you enlarge the photo and look at the space by their waists there are some pretty obvious signs of photoshopping. There's a red stip down his side and a bit of her hair looks added.

1718 days ago

Debbie O    

Oh, stop it already. Do you really think that she examines every article of clothing of each person she takes a picture with? This is ridiculous. Pick on someone else.

1718 days ago

Black Power    

I'm sure Taylor didn't examine everyone's shirt before she had her picture taken with them. Don't try to make her look like a racist. It's funny that out of the dozens of pictures that were taken of her that night, this is the only picture TMZ puts on this site to incite the racist theorists that are common on this site. But of course, that's what fuels Harvey and this site.

1718 days ago


OK WTF! LMAIO! thats a picture of MY COUSIN in a white polo shirt from facebook, or however it got online. But i know for a fact that is him and his hair, glasses, and SHIRT MARKINGS, and nazi symbol are all PHOTOSHOPPED!

1718 days ago


This reminds me of the photo snapped of Jame Foxx getting out of the water with a boogie board emblazoned with a swastika. I'm pretty sure we gave him a pass for that, so I see no reason to not give a pass to Taylor Swift.

1718 days ago


Taylor is one of the most kind and loving entertainers today. She and her mother Andrea are some of the finest people on the planet. They went out of their way to embrace some friends of mine who lost their child in a tragic accident. Why not report on that????

This is an unfortunate photo and it looks like a crazy party. That's all that it is---kids being crazy kids---nothing offensive. Prince Harry... now, that was offensive.

1718 days ago


1718 days ago


Who the F*ck is that hideous guy and how the hell is he getting in to a Katy Perry birthday party? WTF??

1718 days ago


Debi sucks, you are racist too, or maybe just hate germans to put us all in a category like that. Don't be a hypocrite. Well, I guess it's ok to do it to germans huh?

1718 days ago


Good for her!!!

1718 days ago


The guy is probably a TMZ photographer.

1718 days ago


Is this really news? She obviously made a mistake and didn't realize what she was posing next to. It's sad that you find it necessary to get people bent completely out of shape over it when she's a nice girl.

And I'm not even a fan, so that's about as unbiased as you can get.

1718 days ago


Aw come on, for crying out loud! Her explanation makes 100% perfect sense. When you go to a party, there is so much going on there is no way you can pay attention to every detail. I hate this kind of coverage. I really do. I wouldn't be a celebrity if my life depended on it because it's no kind of life with this kind of BS flying around all the time. The Jew Hater innuendo makes me sick to my stomach.

So here we go again. A nice, fresh face making her mark in entertainment and you just can't wait to unravel them. Michael Jackson knew exactly what he was talking about with tabloid trash.

1718 days ago


People that want to blame ALL germans, even ones that were born in the 70s or later, even earlier and after all this......(remember not every german liked the holocaust, get real) are ignorant and need to get their head out of their azz and realize they are just as biggoted. And yeah, I'm american but so what, It still bugs me cause i'm at least 1/4th german by blood. That reminds me, I hate the word caucasian, I'm white or European american or other (european and native american~by blood cause yeah I know I don't live on a reservation and I know it's a small amount so of course some will say if i'm not 100%, it disappeared, but had a few relatives that were ) . Caucasian is a pet peeve of mine but it doesn't make me angry or anything, just don't like the word.

1718 days ago
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