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Anna Nicole Mistakes Pregnancy for Gas

10/31/2009 9:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith was so whacked out of her mind in 2006 that she mistook the baby growing in her womb for a case of bad gas -- and it's all on a tape that was entered as evidence in court on Friday.

The video was shot by Howard K. Stern at a little girl's birthday party. Snippets of the video were released two years ago, but now the entire 50-minute tape is being used in the drug case against Stern and Anna's former doctors.

In this particular clip, Smith can't seem to comprehend the fact that she's pregnant -- consistently denying there's a baby in her belly ... despite the fact she's showing.

It just gets weirder from there -- check it out for yourself. Then sadly, at the end of the clip, the little girl looks straight into the camera and says, "She's having brain trouble."


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My heart goes out to her. Howard Stern was a f*cking sick man.

1783 days ago


That was very sad to watch. HKS is a sick individual to have been filming this with a little girl around.

1783 days ago

robyn githui    

No offense TMZ, i love you guys...but his is low even for you guys. She's dead and videos of her being used and abused for the whole world to see are just sick. People already thought she was crazy, and now you put this video up, shame on YOU HARVEY, shame on you! I can only imagine how your mother would respond to this HARVEY!

1783 days ago

Jury Consultant    

Why do you think that? Because brickhead says so?

stern is a vile excuse of a human being. She was not "acting" look at her eyes for cripes sake!

Posted at 11:19PM on Oct 30th 2009 by chalk outline

Give it up , your trash talking isn't working anymore we have just seen more of this video and without a doubt Anna wasn't drugged .

1783 days ago


Howard and Anna STOLE a WHOLE MANSION from this little girls daddy!!!!!

1783 days ago

Jury Consultant    

65. Howard and Anna STOLE a WHOLE MANSION from this little girls daddy!!!!!

Posted at 11:41PM on Oct 30th 2009 by MJN

So friggin what , and this kid's daddy robbed Anna's house so it makes them even !

1783 days ago


Willow, I think you used to be a sternie. Isn't that true? Forgive me if I'm wrong.

1783 days ago


Seriously how sick is it to show these videos? She was tortured by the media while alive. She got a reprieve but now the dogs are salivating again. Shame on you guys for posting this stuff. Just because you can get your hands on things like this, doesn't mean you ought to show them. Use some discretion.

1783 days ago


Wow TMZ, all things considered r/e Anna Nicole's death, was posting this video REALLY NECESSARY?? Personally, I find it extremely offensive, not to mention, disrespectful at a time when her legacy has become a bigger 'circus' than one she could have ever hoped to create while she was living.

1783 days ago


67. Willow, I think you used to be a sternie. Isn't that true? Forgive me if I'm wrong.

Posted at 11:47PM on Oct 30th 2009 by MJN

I don't know what the freak you're talking about, but most people know the real WillOTheWisp. I've been duped, because I have haters that want my name. It's okay, though! There will be just one WillOTheWisp, because I float like a butterfly, but I sting like a bee! Hee, Hee!

1783 days ago


Kardon, they did not steal EVERYTHING! Just the video that should ( I hope I hope I hope) put howie away for awhile! How do you compare stealing a million dollar mansion with stealing a few incriminating computers and a video??

1783 days ago


Because Sarah (#41) licensed DOCTORS were her drug dealers. Plain and simple.. they sold her drugs that they knew she didn't need in doses and numbers that they knew were deadly. What don't you people saying it's no ones fault but Anna's get?? These doctors cater to these rich/famous patients by supplying them with drugs when they don't need them, hiding record and using fake names to keep the pharmacies off track. These doctors and Howard were nothing but Anna's drug dealers and they felt that because they had the license to write the scripts they weren't as dirty as the jerk on the corner selling crack.. well they are wrong. What they did was illegal and they should be charged and jailed just like any other drug dealer... more so since they took an oath as doctors to 'do no harm'.

1783 days ago


Do we really need more evidence that pharmaceuticals are 1,000 times worse than anything you can score on the street?
In the U.S.,anyone with the money can walk into their drug mean DOCTOR's office and score any drug they want.
Any other country in the Western hemisphere procuring these kinds of drugs are very,very difficult---regardless of your wealth or celebrity.
These doctor feelgoods should be treated no differently than any other drug peddler.
This is really sad...pathetic.

1783 days ago


really sad and really low tmz just in case that you haven't notice there is still a little girl out there that is going to grow up and see this crap and think wow my mom really was out of control but more sad she didn't realize that she was having a baby ...soo sad hopefully she is resting in peace with her boy..........

1783 days ago


Howard Stern will regret filming her like that. This is what is going to put him in Jail. When the jury see's this they're going to convict him.

1783 days ago
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