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Roman Polanski Tries to Buy Himself Out of Jail

11/1/2009 8:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Roman PolanskiIn Monopoly, you can fork over a couple of hundred bucks to get yourself out of jail. Switzerland is apparently just like Monopoly.

Roman Polanski's French lawyer, Herve Temime, says he will be filing a new bail proposal on Monday and it will be a "very, very significant" cash amount. Swiss authorities shot down a different offer on Friday, but reportedly it did not involve cold, hard cash.

Temime wouldn't say how much Roman would lay on the table. We're guessing two giant sacks with dollar signs on the side should do the trick.


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Grenouille,J'aime la France but I didn't know they were supporting child prostitution now...

1794 days ago

Lenn K.    

Why don't all your Hollywood buddies get together and throw money in a pot and try to bribe the government of Switzerland. Remember it's like Whoopi Goldberg said, it's not really rape, rape.

1794 days ago


Don't let this rapist out, he needs to serve hard time for his crime and extra for the fact he's been living it up for all these years while his victim has been victimized over and over again!!!!

1794 days ago


I don't think Roman did anything wrong. Even a victim didn't press charge on him, why the hell do you guys care???? too much freedom, that's why people are out of controll. Most of you guys still teenagers and slept around like animals. Please!!! stopped acting so conceited.

Stopped being a hater,Roman is a good man.

1794 days ago

deborah vanhuysen    

wtf?he's offering more money?he DRUGGED,SODOMIZED,AND RAPED A 13YR OLD CHILD!!!!you know that when he was busted back in the day,his lawyers and their money pled down the case!!!it wasnt because they didnt have enough evidence!!!it was to save the courts the cost of a trial!!!they do it EVERYDAY!!!!!i personally have not watched any of this perverts movies since the incident happened,and i never will!!!i will also NEVER watch anything by anyone that supports this pervert!!!debra winger,candice bergen,etc.not stars,nor directors,no one!!!money talks!!!cut the profits and you are heard!!30yrs!!!if it was you or me ,we would still be rotting in prison!!his friends say that he has been punished by not getting to live here and because he was in germany during ww2!!!he has been living the high life all over europe and showing his movies everywhere including the u.s.a! I thought that under our laws a convicted felon wasnt allowed to make money,that it had to go to charity or something.guess that also doesnt apply to the pedophilic sodomite!!!he and his supporters make me sick!!!

1794 days ago


To add to the sad state of affairs, the little sh*t brags about what he did. He thinks raping a little girl is every man's secret dream, and that all grown-up men admire and envy him, although of course they won't say so.

Making love is about making someone else and yourself happy together. Polanski missed that little part - which is the essence of it all.

1794 days ago


72. HEY TMZ PLEAUSE CAN WE GET A REAL ANSWER…. WHY IS POLANSKIY AND HIS FAMILY THINK IT’S OK TO RAPE A 13 YR OLD GIRL... AND GET AWAY WITH UP UNTIL NOW... WHAT IS WRONG WITH HOLLYWOOD DEFENDING THIS SICK MAN? WHY DO THEY FEEL HE SHOULD NOT PAY FOR WHAT HE DID...? WHEN A FEW YEARS AGO THEY RIDICULED MICHAEL JACKSON FOR ALAGATIONS THAT HE WAS FOUND NOT GULITY ON... AND YET THEY WOULD NOT COME WITH IN A 1000 FEET OF HIM... AND NO ONE REALLY CAME TO HIS DEFENSE... HE WAS RAN OUT OF THIS HOUSE AND THE COUNTRY... AND YET PEOPLE SEEM TO THIINK THAT WHAT THIS DIRECTOR DID IS OK...HE RAPED A LITTLE GIRL HE (MOLESTED) THIS GIRL AND SEEMS AS THOUGHT HOLLYWOOD HAS DECIED HE’S INNONCET...YET TILL THIS DAY YOU STILL HAVE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT MICHAEL..IF POLANSKIY SHOULD HAVE HIS NAMED CLEARED SO SHOULD MICHAEL….WHAT DO U THINK TMZ? I think it's a double Standard...I thik we the American people should boycott everything conected to the people supporting him..with out us giving them there paychecks they just might see the light of day...they people supporting them I feel should be locked up in jail along with him..because they are just as sick if not sicker than this man....and I for one will not be giving him or his supportors any of my hard earned money...He should be given treatment to he can live long enough to make it back so we can stone him to death and throw him under the prsion.. FYI if he were just a regular old Joe he would have been in jail for life not 30yrs later...

Read more:

1794 days ago

Fred Farkel    


Everyone knows that wasn't RAPE rape.

I know that because Whoopi(sp?) told me so.


Forget this Polanski guy.

Go string up that Gloria Allred wannabee POS.

1794 days ago


A.B. on 2.34 p.m. Nov 1st. ROMAN POLANSKI admitted to raping a minor and fled the country. They let him on the run for 30 years! He kept making films, receiving awards, with the film industry supporting him. MICHAEL JACKSON was ACUITTED of child molestation on 14 counts. Proven innocent,he received almost no support, except from Liz Taylor.He stayed put and went through one humilation after another.After the trials he had to flee his country with his kids. His career was ruined by the tabloids and the public opinion. He needed prescription drugs to ease his PHYSICAL PAIN and INSOMNIA. While to make a comeback, HE WAS MURDERED by his doctor. But guess what? Roman Polanski is WHITE and MJ was BLACK.Need I say more?

1794 days ago

Don Heckers    

You people are so HATEFUL about Roman Polanski that i wonder how
you must feel and think about Osama Bin Laden.
I've read everything and i think you can't write anything that's
even worse than the things you wrote about Polanski.
The only movies i watch are Roman Polanski's movies , and i do
that for a principle reason.
And i couldn't care less about your opinion of me :
Opinions are like asses , everybody's got one !

1794 days ago


We must give this great man his freedom. He has given the world so much of himself through his art. This so called crime happened a long time ago and many know this was not rape rape. It was an experienced girl trying to get into the movies. Romain your supporters love you! Hang in there and we will support you and get you out of there. America is such an ugly country for what they are doing to you.

1794 days ago


Please go the web site and sign the free Romain

1794 days ago
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