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Brett Favre Got Extra Protection in Green Bay

11/2/2009 4:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brett Favre used to be the king of Green Bay -- before he signed with the Packers' arch rivals -- now the legendary quarterback is using extra security just to get around the bitter town he left.

TMZ has learned the Minnesota Vikings beefed up their security for Favre's super-hyped up return to Lambeau Field yesterday -- even providing a special team of private security officers "specifically assigned" to protect Brett.

We spoke with a Vikings spokesperson who told us, "I can confirm that we did have extra security in place throughout the trip, including at the hotel Saturday night and at the stadium yesterday.

Taking the necessary precautions to protect our players on any road trip is always a priority of the team, and this situation was no exception.

Translation: A lot of people don't like Brett in Green Bay -- the city he played in for 16 years.

The Vikes protected Favre on the field too -- Brett threw 4 TDs as the Vikes crushed the Pack 38-26.

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Brett is awesome! I would say it was half boos/half cheering when he entered Lambeau. I was a Packer fan and have been able to watch Brett as a Packer. However, Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson make me sick. They basically forced him into retirement. Ted wanted his pu$$ of a quarterback Aaron Rodgers to play. He wanted his own dynasty. My loyalties have shifted. Go Vikings!!!!!

1816 days ago


I'm born & raised EVERYTHING Packers & GB! I've been fortunate enough through my grandparents to be babysat as well as eat at some Packer great homes. I've also been fortunate enough in my adult hood to meet & talk with a few of the newer Packer greats including Favre.
Say what you want, but Favre HAS changed, & not for the better or nicer! Even after he pulled a lot of prima donna BS, we STILL loved him & welcomed him back home for talks giving him a fan fare. NO one in GB would have EVER thought once of Booing Favre, EVER, until HE opened his mouth 1st, dogging every last one of his fans! Than, & ONLY than did even his 90 yr old fans like my grandma have enough. Favre is one that bad mouthed ALL of us, & no one else accept Favre would ever have BACK STABBED ALL OF US by going to the Vikings & stepping on our field in that uniform...& we should STILL bow down & worship him??!!
FYI~MOST of the fans took the higher road than Favre did with us, & STILL stood & clapped for what he did DO for us.
Myself,? i CRYED! It hurt! it sucked! It took AWAY from everything good because of the way he spoke to us & about us...it was like HE never cared...everything he ever said or did meant nothing...all BS just like he said about us!
Go HOME FAVRE...oh yeah, you don't have one! YOU dumped all your family & friends here. Those new colors you wear will never bleed the Green & Gold!

1816 days ago


Mikey: what can I say, us WI people love our cheese.

Tamaraja: Remember it is just a game and the best team won again. If you read my initial post, with the "Brett Favre Saga", there is three sides to the story. Favre's, Packers and somewhere inbetween the truth.
For those who haven't lived in WI, I agree with Tamaraja that the "tracker watch" was getting old at the end of every season of not knowing whether Favre was coming back or not, but unless you were there for the truth behind the doors of what was really going on Tamaraja, I would keep your mouth shut and realize again, there is three sides to this story. But I'm sure for that last 16 years we did have him, you were a die hard Packer Fan cheering him on. How can you ignore that. That is being a hypocrite. The business side of sports behind close doors is messy these days. To say Ted Thompson and the Packer organization made no mistakes on how they handled this situation is pure ignorance. It is clear with me that both sides made some mistakes. In fact Favre has a commercial out about him being indecisive picking out a big screen TV. I laughed so hard when I first saw it because it is true. Even he recognizes now his indecisiveness wasn't the best thing. I haven't seen the Packer's man up, even a little bit.
Ted Thompson got rid of Walls(sp) and Riveria(sp)and now look at the protection that Rogers gets. Even the announcers Wayne Larraby(sp) and Bill Micheals said that was a big mistake on Thompson part. But according to you, Thompson has no fault here and is perfect. This is reality, look at it.
And why should you care about Favre what he is doing now. You obviously didn't appreciate him while he was here, he broke his ties and moved on to where he was wanted. It is now time for you Tamaraja to move on and not be such a sore loser and just look at it as a game.

1816 days ago


12 points is not a crushing defeat by any means by those that can count.

1816 days ago


It's funny how all of you that no NOTHING about the situation make these comments....how about the fact that the VIQUEENS would SUCK again without our beloved Brett...he's their only chance to get back to their glory days...just like he did for us...only now he's 40...good luck with that - HA! Secondly, we were not CRUSHED by any sense of the word...the media is the most at fault for all of this...the fact that TMZ is even reporting this should show all of you that when it's put out there, people will comment...we in WI would love to stop hearing about Brett, but all of you idiots make that nearly impossible....and remember 12 is greater than 4 :)

1816 days ago

Kooky Fan    

He and SULLY are my HEROES. SO good to see OLD GUYS who can still BRING IT!

1816 days ago


Sad situation BUT he proved to the Packers He still got it! they pushed him out the door to retirement, he said no i don't wanna retire, joined another team & showed them their mistake.

1816 days ago


I am from Wisconsin and I can’t believe that this state is so blind! Its not Brett they should be pissed at Its Ted Thompson! He’s the ASS!

1816 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I also heard that 43 fans were kicked out of the game and 13 arrests had been made.
I am a Viking fan, but would understand how hard it is to watch Brett wear the purple and gold.
But remember - blame the ownership, not Brett. He gave you guys 16 great years - we are lucky to have him for one.
It's a business people, and the Packer mgmt made the wrong business decision, you could have kept Brett.

1816 days ago

Candie Cane    

The Viking will alway suck!!! They will NEVER win the super bowl! Favre needs to grow up and become a man. Packers need to fire Homo Ted Thompson and that fat coach!!! All three need to go away!!!

1816 days ago


beautiful pic of michael jackson, i just love it, its just how i see him, his eyes, so serene looking, like liz taylor said he is like a prophet>>>>>>>>> he was beyond us,,,,,,,,,gorgeous, had to print this, had a hard time, would like to get hold of the photo of this pic, is that possible? i want to frame it and put it beside my bed, just love it..............

1816 days ago


I lol at packer fans. They're morons.

1816 days ago


Favre SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

1816 days ago



1816 days ago


I am from Wis and no sports fan, but I came to admire BF's talent and enjoyed watching him play. He did bring something to the fans, but they gave back too, big time. BF and his clan suffered many troubled times during BF's time here and the fans supported them financially and emotionally. The fans bought their merchandise, books and supported their causes, example, sending supplies to their home town after Katrina, cried when BF's Dad died and worried for Deanna she had cancer.
Yes, it is only "sports" and business is business, but the fans do beleive BF crossed the line by going to a big rival. If they expressed their disapointment by booing, so what!! Imagine if they were Raiders fans!.
Oh, hi Meg. So I am a dimwit. Please be careful because we dimwits are separated from you by a river, might be catching! BTW, how are those bridges holding up for you these days??

1815 days ago
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