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The Paris Chain Saw Massacre

11/2/2009 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This week at Circus Circus' Fright Dome in Las Vegas, three bloody, messed up looking freaks did what we all wish we could: Go after Paris Hilton with a chainsaw!

Paris Hilton: Click to watch
The virgin always survives in horror movies. Somehow Paris did too.


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FIRST !!!!!

1796 days ago


Sadly, out "wonky" eyed daughter Paris is a cocaine addled drunken sperm burping gutter slut.
Our entire family prayed she would commit suicide while incarcerated last year.
On behalf of the Hilton family, we apologize. Who knew "Nicky" would be the smart one, hard to believe.


Rick Hilton

1796 days ago


Not to be concerned Paris. Ricky loves you, he's just jealous.
Just like any other Twit that post negative of you.

1796 days ago


Sorry, this video didn't survive either. It's currently not available. Thanks a lot because i really wanted to see Paris Hilton get scared. It was the highlight of my day (not really). BUT STILL.

1796 days ago


Which is it Larry or Rick Hilton? Is there a Larry Hilton?
Oh well, whatever.
First off, typing in all caps is bad net etiquette.
Second: Posting as you did as a Hilton family member is all so bad etiquette.
There are Millions of people doing as Paris does only she seems to get the head lines doing so.
You fail to mention all the good charity work she does, though this never seems to makes the news.
So maybe you don't know about this part of her life. We all have skeletons in our closets do we not....
My view is this. God says; Judge not lest thee be judged. Tread w/ caution.

1795 days ago


I think it's so funny when all of the "good religious people" stick up for Paris haha.

1795 days ago


Please Harvey, is this really news worthy? A messed up skank on halloween is not worthy Harvey unless, she is fallind down, showing cavernous beaver, having sex with some random dude (not dudette) getting her face punched, running her car into the wall after snorting a line off of some guys penis, or best of all; getting arrested.

1795 days ago


Truthfully, I like Paris Hilton a lot better than that cold bitch Ivanka.

Paris is waysweeter and she really does earn her own millions without family help.

Plus, Paris did not have to turn herself into a Jew to get a rich man to love her.

1795 days ago


Paris does not have an addiction problem. You have her confused with that gross whore Lindsay LOhan.

1795 days ago


So what if Paris enjoys her life and has fun on Halloween - and every day of the year?

Being rich and loving life to the fullest is not a crime.

Get the sticks out of your asses, stupid Puritan killjoys.

1795 days ago


Note how most of the dirty thoughts originate in some posters' minds???
Good Christan folk LOL.
No one has a filthier imagination than sexually repressed "Christians" LOL.
They all wish they could be normal but alas,LOL, if it feels good forget it.

1795 days ago


Paris Hilton and her handsome boyfriend Doug are the cutest couple EVER!

1795 days ago


wtf Paris is practically a saint compared to what is going on with other people in Hollywood these days. But tabloids always gloss over that behavior while forever printing outright lies and half truths about Paris.

1795 days ago


Paris and her boyfriend Doug are supercute!!!! so of course the tabloids are trying to break them up or cause problems. But it looks like Doug is in it for the duration because he is a super good guy and really loves Paris.

1795 days ago

The Judge    

I used to love reading comments about Parisite because of the amount of people who see her for what she is and for the knuckleheads who say something to the effect of "you are just jealous."

Thank you for not letting me down.

For when so very few have so very much and are without any semblance of noblesse oblige, it is the Paris Hiltons who will be swinging from the light posts. Empires collapse and those who laugh while the workers cry swing, look into that "history" thing (granted, sometimes they have their self-absorbed heads cut off instead)...

1795 days ago
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