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Army Apologizes for

Seacrest Stalker

11/2/2009 4:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The U.S. Army is issuing an official apology to Ryan Seacrest -- after learning his alleged stalker is one of their own.

Seacrest Stalker
TMZ just spoke with Lt. Col. Nathan Banks, an Army spokesperson, who told us: "We apologize to Ryan Seacrest. Pending the outcome of the local investigation, the Army will decide what further action to take. We take all matters of our personnel seriously."

As TMZ first reported, Chidi Uzomah is currently a member of the U.S. Army reserves -- and is assigned to a special forces unit. Translation -- he's a very dangerous man.


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A Person    

2. This whole country is apology happy. What the f@ck does the army have to apologize for in the first place???

Posted at 3:11PM on Nov 2nd 2009 by What The H*ll?
I agree.

"Oh I'm sorry that my step-cousin in-law beat up my your lawyer."
They apologize for stuff that's not even their fault.

1783 days ago


I find it really shocking that the army has apologized for this, I didn't expect them to go that far. HTTP://BLOGGYBLOGDESIGNZ.BLOGSPOT.COM, HTTP://WHITNEYB99.BLOGSPOT.COM

1783 days ago

NJ Nailbunny    

That's freakin lovely. The army apologizes for some jerk who stalked Ryan Seacrest when they found out he was one of their own. When is the US Marine Corp gonna apologize for Nathan Gale murdering DimeBag Darrell?

1783 days ago


I think if someone stalks me or someone I love and ends up hurting them I will forget the poleeece and take care of them myself.

1783 days ago

Tyra Banks    

it's not the army's fault for god's sake. i just wish he had gotten closer to ryan. i think he's a douche.

1783 days ago


I've actually known two men who were in the US Special Forces, and, yes, they were, in a sense, "dangerous men". Both of them knew things, and had experienced things, that, in the appropriate situation, could have made them exceedingly dangerous if threatened (not provoked...these men were not psychotic, or killing machines). They were not braggarts, and did not like to discuss their past lives and training. Quiet men leading quiet lives.

Btb, #5, most people consider me a liberal (although most "liberals" cringe at my attitude toward "gun control", amongst other things). I read for amusement...and for the sometimes ludicrous and often hateful comments of my fellow humans. I don't read it to get bottom-line, serious information, although I do find TMZ to be more honest, and willing to admit errors, than most "celebrity news sites". I don't revile our armed forces. My father served in Korea, my husband's father in Vietnam. Neither had a wonderful experience, both came away scarred, and both raised families despite everything and made their way in the world. I have deep respect for the men and women who serve, and put their lives, and worse, on the line for me and mine. I don't think the Army need apologize for a stalkers predilections. They didn't make him what he is, and, as a Reservist, he's barely under their watch at all, and his "civilian" activities are not their fault, however aberrant they may be.

I don't like labels. Labeling is for ignorant people who just have to pigeon-hole people in order to deal with those who differ from themselves. It is a very foolish and often dangerous practice. Humans are extremely complex.

1783 days ago


Why should the military (any branch) have to apologize just because one of their members turns out to be a kook? What if the guy had been a school teacher? Should the superindendent of public schools have to issue an apology, too? I get that he has skills that could hurt someone more than the average but the military should not have to apologize for training someone years ago and now that guy/gal has gone off the deep end...

What if the guy was an expert in Kung Fu? Should a spokesperson for the Kung Fu Federation (I'm making that up) have to issue an apology? This is ridiculous!

1783 days ago


One point for clarification: This man has been honorably discharged and is not active so it especially makes the Army not culpable for this guy has become. I could ALMOST see them having to apologize say, if he went AWOL or something but that is not the case.

1783 days ago


Uh, the guy is a mental patient who somehow made it into the elite forces of the military. Don't you think they should be concerned that they didn't recognize his mental instability? Or maybe that is what makes the special forces so special.

1783 days ago


"Chidi Uzomah is currently a member of the U.S. Army reserves -- and is assigned to a special forces unit. Translation -- he's a very dangerous man"

huh? Is he dangerous because he is in a speical forces unit?
If the guy is a nut he is no less dangerouse if he worked at Taco Bell!

1782 days ago


On top of OLD KOOKY,
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I lost my poor meatball
When somebody sneezed.

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1782 days ago


Being assigned to a Special Forces unit and being Special Forces qualified are entirely two different things. This guys is assigned to a Civil Affairs unit which likely means his job is clerical, public affairs, etc. Of course, it's a better headline to scream out that he's "Special Forces!!!" OMG, everybody run!!! Being in the military doesn't make this guy dangerous. Being a whack job stalker is what makes him dangerous. That being the case, no one walking down the street in L.A. is safe.

1782 days ago


"As TMZ first reported, Chidi Uzomah is currently a member of the U.S. Army reserves -- and is assigned to a special forces unit. Translation -- he's a very dangerous man."

Let me clear something up for TMZ. There is no "Special Forces" in the reserves, so what are you talking about? and how does being assigned to a SF unit make you dangerous? finally, if he was SF he won't do what he did, please keep SF and SOF out of this non-sense.


1782 days ago



1782 days ago


This guy is a translator assigned to an SF unit - is not "SF trained" as a war fighter and is not a "Green Beret" as in he didn't earn it at Camp Mackall or similar SF Q-course sites.

BUT "Special Forces" makes for a great headline, so they run with it. Go figure. Remember people, even an elite unit like SF needs translators, secretaries and supply people...those aren't the ones that swim with the snakes in the swamps of the US just to get into SF, fall from perfectly good airplanes from above 10k feet (HALO), etc. They're just support personel. Important, to be sure, but no more dangerous than your average "guy next door" with a steak knife or hunting rifle.

1782 days ago
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