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Burglar Bunch Suspect -- Drugs, Guns and Ammo

11/3/2009 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Burglar Bunch SuspectThe Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch may have been far more dangerous than first thought -- cops say one of the suspected members had built a serious arsenal of hardcore drugs, guns and ammunition.

Cops recently executed a search warrant on the L.A. home of Johnny "Dangerous" Ajar -- and what they found caused authorities to charge the 27-year-old with 10 felonies including:

-- Six counts possession for sale of a controlled substance ... cocaine, oxycodone, psilocybin (aka mushrooms), Ecstasy, Clonazepam (an anxiety pill), Alprazolam (aka Xanax).

-- Three counts possession of a firearm by a felon for two Sig Sauer 9MM handguns and a Remington shotgun.

-- One count possession of ammunition.

As we first reported, Ajar was convicted of trying to sell 500 grams of cocaine back in 2002 -- and spent over a year-and-a-half in a Wyoming prison.

Now, authorities say he's on the run and considered armed and dangerous.


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To his mother and sister:

Stop calling what he's done (breaking the law over and over) a "mistake."

A "mistake" is parking in a handicapped spot, or forgetting to return a book to the library. A "mistake" is NOT selling drugs, buying guns and stealing from people.... (Just wanted to point that out there for ya - since you seem to be very confused).

At least we can all understand WHY this guy can't seem to decifer the difference between "mistake" and "highly illegal". He obviously wasn't taught the difference. To his family his obvious "mistake" was getting caught.

Don't worry about him, ladies. Once they find him he'll be "safe" from all his "mistakes" in jail for a looooooooooooooooooooooong time. You can sort it all out then.

1822 days ago

The Running Back    

Hey Moe, Hey Larry, I'm a douche bag.

1822 days ago



1822 days ago


One of his own group will end up turning him in. Contrary to popular belief there is no honor among thieves.

1822 days ago


#3 is right on track.

1822 days ago


'Send LAWYERS, guns, & money'!!

1822 days ago


I agree with #3. This was the drug dealer or "party favor" supplier to the stars and decided to rob them with his pals

1822 days ago

Ronald Raygun    

I bet this guy is a closet homo. In jail he'll find out for sure!

1822 days ago


Ok everyone I can't take all the BS anymore. Here is the real story from someone who knows Johnny life. I met him when he was about 15 the company I worked for us to buy flowers from his mothers flower shop in the valley. One day his mother called us to move her and we went out to do the job and her house was so filthy and gross with piles of dirty dishes and dirty clothes with no place to even walk. Naturally we explained to her that we could not put her belongings on to our equipment. She got mad and said it was all Johnnys fault and drove off with her other children and left him sitting on the curb. Of course he new nothing but how to work at flower shop. We hired him and he found a place to stay with one of our workers. Johnny was a very hard worker and very intelligent with lots of promise in his future. Times got hard and Johnny wanted nothing more than to be a part of a family. Unfortunately this lead to the wrong side of the law. Yes he served time and no he was not a narc or he wouldn't have gotten so much time. He got out and went back to college and worked three jobs to make ends meet. He wore a suit and tie to work everyday. He completed his five years probation with no vialations. He hang out with my family and my father is a minster. He has manners and is well spoken. Now the job market made a change and he fought hard to stay on the up and up, well we all know he slip back into old habits. These so called girls just recently meet Johnny and obviously prayed on him by becoming his girlfriend or should I say one of his girlfriend. Johnny like to be a ladies man what man doesnt. I know he has done wrong but when its all over you will see a lot of what has been said is far from truth. All in all I blame his mother for not raising a child properly. She should have done time for the way she raise them. I love my adopted son and always will even if hes not perfect. I can tell you for sure if he did the crime he will do the time and get himself back on track. By the way he has never owned a night club and anyone can be a club promter. He live his life on be street smart. And all of his true friends that are out there know what a true caring person he really is.

1822 days ago


ya notice how everyone in the bunch is butt-UGLY???? Call me shallow, but that right there is their motive..jealousy of the good-looking and successful. I mean Johnny "dangeroushaha" and nick prugo? future there for either of those retards. The chicks are all nameless, faceless sluts unhappy with their own lives and looking to leach off of those who are talented and successful, two things they will never be!
Kisses, Tori Spelling

1822 days ago

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