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DWI Chair Returns -- No Longer La-Z

11/3/2009 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After a quick tease and a minor legal battle, the infamous DWI chair has returned to the internet auction block -- completely stripped of any corporate affiliation ... but it still costs an arm and a leg.

Late last night, Dennis LeRoy's once infamous La-Z-Boy-Mobile was back on eBay -- only this time it's being described as a "racing chair."

Bids for the chair had reached over $43,000 yesterday when eBay was forced to yank it from the auction block -- all because the La-Z-Boy corporation complained of trademark infringement.

Now, the chair has a fresh start and a new bidding deadline -- so, if you thought you missed your chance ... take a big, deep sigh of relief.

Cops claim the proceeds for the auction will go to benefit local taxpayers in Proctor, Minnesota.


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larry bud melman    


1783 days ago

Hey Hey    

"Benefit" the local tax payers?? Really? In what way? First they bribe this old man out of getting a DUI if he allowed them to sell the chair for profit... Where in the law books is that type of arrangement legal?

1783 days ago


why didnt they just call it La-Z-Roy chair.

1783 days ago



You are retarded. If anyone watched the news (CNN for instance) they would know that the profits from this chair are going to be used to keep police on the force that would otherwise be terminated, because of the financial situation in that town. If you were unaware, our economy isn't doing so well. Is that not beneficial to the residents? Or would you ENJOY to have a criminal free for all or less protection where YOU live? I think not.

As for the legal aspect, lawyers and prosecutors make deals with the accused or convicted all the time. This is hardly a new is so commonly known it is used on t.v. shows. CSI, Law & Order e.t.c.

1783 days ago

A Person    

screw La-Z-Boy

1783 days ago


Unfortunately, the auction has yet to come anywhere near the $43,000 it was previously. The La-Z-Boy corporation are jerks, plain and simple. What exactly was wrong with the title of this auction and how would it have hurt the corporation in any way? If you put anything up for auction, then it is only common sense to add the brand. Example: I would put "Nintendo Game Boy", instead of "Handheld video game device". In the details I would include that it was used and any other helpful information. Isn't that how all auctions work?
I'd be really ticked off if this was my auction and La-Z-Boy blew my chance at all of this money that I could have had! I also don't understand why eBay pulled the whole auction, instead of simply editing the title? I'd be ticked at them too. The whole thing seems really unfair, especially since the profits were for a charitable-type purpose. The La-Z-Boy corporation should make up the difference.

1782 days ago

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